Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 42 year old

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. hello ... welcome to, and thank you for visiting my profile ... before, do you remember when that certain someone first caught your attention ? do you remember exchanging telephone numbers and the pure excitement of receiving that first telephone call ? do you remember talking for the very first time and the smile that was on your face as the conversation revealed all of the likes and dislikes and personality traits and quirks of that person ? well, i really miss getting to know someone through conversations and first dates ... i certainly do not want to miss out on meeting the love of my life by making a decision based on a few still photographs and a few paragraphs worth of text ... SO, i have decided to put as less about myself as possible in my profile ... if you are reading this, i have either sent you a short message expressing my interest, or, i have met all of the criteria that you have specified in your filter, and you liked my face so you clicked on it ... regardless, if you are interested in getting to know me the old fashioned way, feel free to send me a quick message, and i look forward to that very first telephone conversation ... talk to you soon ?

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I'm looking forward to meeting someone new and what a great place to do it rather than a bar. I'll occasionally visit a bar but that's usually with friends and I'm to busy catching up with them.
Hopefully I'll find someone that can find the bright side of any situation and roll with it. Loves to laugh, have fun and doesn't take themselves to serious. I'm genuine and down to earth and embrace keeping my life uncluttered of emotional baggage, no dreams of keeping up with the Jones's and making my life as colorful and rich as possible. I love a new adventure to somewhere I've never been whether it's in the states or not.
I've realized over the years that I feel best when I'm active doing the things I love, like mountain biking, snowboarding, road tripping, playing music, climbing, backpacking and being around friends. I hope to find someone to share these adventures with. I'm looking for a partner, not a hook-up. I believe in chivalry, modesty and treating a woman like a woman. In all honesty, it's hard to give a laundry list of who would be an ideal fit for me. It has more to do with the whole person and the chemistry between them. For me there's only one motto to live by, treat people how you want to be treated. It's just that simple.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I am always moving and would like my partner to be able to keep up. If your day is not complete without a great workout, we could be on the same wavelength.
Beneath the hard exterior it would also be great if you had a soft spot you would share with me.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Actually, I have a good home and I wouldn't mind sharing it with Mrs. Right! :)
About me. I am a very easy going person and not much really bothers me. I have found that life is too short to sweat the small stuff! I am the type of person that If I become friends with you, you will have a loyal friend for a lifetime! All I ask for in return is that I receive the same courtesy which I give. (not an unreasonable request.) I am also a very giving person, If you need help with something and you ask me, I will do anything I can to accommodate you.
One little thing before we continue.. (Insert disclaimer here!) No but seriously, trust in each other is important. (After all, we might just be each others emergency contacts!) I would prefer it if we E-mail and IM on here for a bit before exchanging any personal information. I have found that it can take years to build trust and seconds to destroy it, so this is something that I take seriously. I won't exchange any information outside of this service until a certain level of trust has been achieved and I don't make any exceptions to this rule. Please don't take this personally, It protects us both and I advise others to follow this rule as well. If you are ok with it then please read on..:)
(I assume you have accepted the terms of service?) Haha! Good! Then let's continue! :)
I have a great career that I enjoy and don't mind going to work. I do work odd hours but I have a consistent schedule and I love what I do! I have my own home and I enjoy doing projects around the house in my free time. I also like getting out in the outdoors when I can, camping is one of my favorite things to do along with almost any other outdoor activity. I love being outside when the weather is nice and I'll still go out even if it isn't. I also like to take random trips just to get out of the house for a while, I like it when I can drive somewhere I have never been and find that my cell phone no longer works when I arrive!
(That's when you know you are truly away from it all!)
I have spent a bit of time traveling around on various road trips. I have seen almost half of the country, and I have seen a lot of interesting places. (Some I will return to and some never again!) In all of my travels though, I have never seen an ocean and I have never left the country. (To-do list items!)
The reason I am here? My ex and I split up two years ago but It was time for both of us. (We have both moved on and are fine with the decisions we have made.) We have known each other for fifteen years and we are still friends and we have gone our separate ways on good terms. We met online, so I will do this again. I would also like to meet new people outside of my circle of friends and workplace and I'm really not into the bar and nightclub scene, except for a casual drink with friends. Now it is my time for a fresh start. :)
Something else about me you may find interesting..
I am very old school when it comes to dating and I am very respectful. I believe in saying please and thank you, paying the bill if I ask you out, I hold doors open and I was brought up with the values that there are certain courtesies that a man is supposed to extend.
(The younger generation apparently didn't learn these courtesies as I don't see it practiced much anymore.)
As far as what I'm looking for in a relationship? Someone who has their own independence, Someone who respects my independence, Someone who will be there when I need them. Someone I can be there for when I am needed. Someone who can be a best friend for life. Someone who enjoys their life and wants to share it!
Thanks for reading! If you made it this far and read my whole profile, you might just be thinking to yourself.. "Hey, this one isn't bad actually.."
If that is the case then feel free to send me a wink or an Email! :)

Date people from Colorado, United States. So I'm 22 years in the military and currently deployed in the middle east. I'm the kind of person who's always moving, always busy and I guess I need to slow down and enjoy life a little more. I have a 10 yr old daughter, Vanessa that lives in Florida with her mom. I travel when I can to see her and she comes to Colorado regularly when I'm not deployed. It's great being a dad and knowing someone trusts you and looks up to you for guidance. It is the most rewarding thing in life. I would like to meet someone as friends and hopefully a deeper relationship can come from it.
p.s. My bike is worth more than my car so I hope you're up for a ride

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I'm open minded, driven, responsible, compassionate and enjoy having a good time regardless of what I'm doing or where I'm at. Life is too short not to make the most of every situation. I'm looking for someone who can inspire me to try new things (as I will for you) and welcomes the idea of a true romantic partnership. For me, a relationship is as much about giving as it is about receiving. Looking to meet someone like minded, who's doesn't sweat the small stuff and is not afraid of taking risks. (or who can roll with the punches) I'm also looking for someone who can ease into things and let things progress (or not) naturally. Given that I'm recently separated, I haven't posted a picture because I don't need the potential drama associated with being "spotted" on I'm trying to make a clean break from drama, not find it! Want to know more or a pic...just ask!
Oh...If you are easily offended or dislike sarcasm, I'm probably not the best match for you. I'm hilarious, but also am not afraid to say what's really on my mind!

Date men and women from United States. About me: Dont really like talking about myself..... Im very fun, love to laugh and can even laugh at myself at times. I can be spontanious alot of the time . I own my own company therefore I have the flexability to take off on a whim if i choose too. I moved to Colorado 2 1/2 yrs ago from back East (New York if you must know) . When I'm not working I enjoy out door concerts (80's) music at Red Rocks or the Pepsi Center or any other outdoor venue. I enjoy cooking hence being Italian I guess thats number 1 on the food chain. When Im not working I'm either on the ice playing hockey or out riding my motorcycle or just hanging with my bulldog and horses. I'm very loyal, I have a huge heart with alot to offer the right girl. Don't get to travel as much as I use too but wouldnt mind finding a partner who wants to make new memories.
About her: She has her head on straight, she likes to laugh and have fun, she enjoys outdoor concerts and travel. Hopefully she likes motorcycles and has one herself, and if she doesnt she likes to ride on the back holding on tight as we ride though the mountians. If she scuba dives thats a huge plus but its not a requirement. If she likes football on saturdays (college) or sundays (nfl) thats a plus. But beware if your goning to drag me to a Broncos game its only fair you travel to Pittsburg for a Steelers game...
If any of this sounds interesting please stop by and say hi don't be shy...
Good luck in your search.......

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am not sure exactly what I am looking for but I always figured I might be a catch. I was in a relationship for a very long time. My number one goal was to take care of my girl, and I worked at it everyday for years. I did not get it in return but learned how to take care of a woman very well. Emotionally, security, supportive, physically.
I hope to find someone who will appreciate these traits. Someone who is willing to give them in return.
I would guess this all starts with a "hello".
So I am here to say hello.
(and maybe get a few hellos myself)

Date someone special from United States. Last but not least, the most beautiful thing in the world…love. We were born from love, and we live to love. Love is the single greatest driving force in our lives. It is our purpose to love and to be loved. At the very core of every action, this is our greatest need. The invisible power of love is the greatest single thing we can give to one another. Love has the power to break down walls, unite countries, create hope and beautiful pieces of art and cinema, and totally change the world…one single person at a time.

Meet single man from United States. So what is more important than the family and friends that you have in your life? Although it is easy to get pulled in a lot of different directions, there is simply nothing more important than the relationships that we have that define us. With that being said, finding the right person to share a beautiful life with is the most important thing to me!
I moved to Fort Collins in ’95 from California and most of my family has moved here since then. I originally moved here to be closer to great skiing, hiking and rivers. I have fallen in love with the fishing, rock climbing, river rafting, pottery, hiking, great people and everything else that this fun college town has to offer.
It is always hard to find the right balance between work and play as I am goal oriented and am looking for someone that is also driven and passionate about achieving goals. I’m not just referring to work but rather the fun stuff in life too like a project around the house such as planting a garden, learning a new hobby, taking cooking classes, etc…. I find it interesting that many of the profiles say, “I’m happy” as if to say that they are just as happy in or out of relationship. I’m happy too. I just think that sharing these experiences with someone that you really care about just makes them that much sweeter.
I am passionate about travelling so usually take several long vacations a year. I most recently went to Costa Rica and on a catamaran trip in the British Virgin Islands. There are so many amazing places that I have been to and can’t wait to plan my next adventure. I enjoy cooking a nice meal at home but also like to have a fun night on the town. I love a good concert or even going to the Denver Center of Performing Arts for a show. I enjoy going to Eagles games and enjoy sports but I’m not one of those guys who locks themselves indoors every Sunday during football season. I enjoy the simple things in life such as playing games and love cuddling on the couch watching movies.
I am looking for a woman who is strong willed, passionate, goal oriented, knows what she wants and how to express it. My ideal partner would be family oriented, a good communicator and be able to have a good relationship based on respect. I love to be silly and desire someone with a good sense of humor. I always like to be improving myself and hope to find someone who I can inspire as well as inspires and challenges me to be a better person.
So there ya are… Let’s see if there is some connection and attraction.

Date people from United States. I coach and play lacrosse - pretty much year-round. Lax is life! I like to golf too, but my game has been steadily deteriorating since college. I haven't been camping in 10 years. I haven't skied since Thanksgiving 1987. I'm not a big fan of winter or the mountains, but I am a huge fan of spring, summer and fall. I'd prefer a movie day on the couch or sitting under a palm tree on a beach over cycling or hiking (eww).
I'm a single dad and have great relationships with my sons (12 and 11). I get along exceedingly well with my ex-wife. My friends would describe me as funny and charming. I've been told that my appearance and exuberance are youthful for my age (yay, me). I'm looking for a fun, cool, drama-free, affectionate woman to spend time with. I'm affectionate and cuddly and I like holding hands! Natural chemistry with my sons is a must, but they are super-easy to get along with so that shouldn't be a problem. There has nary been a grocery store tantrum or restaurant meltdown as they've grown up. I take no credit for this - they're just awesome kids.
And sorry ladies, if you're looking for corporate, power-career, job title guy, I ain't him. It's well documented that I called in sick on the day God handed out work ethic. I support myself just fine, but I work to live - not live to work. I've never defined myself by what I do for a living as alot of men my age do.
I've been tested alot by life in recent years, and I've come through it more laid back and placing more emphasis on the people and things that I love. I live my life trying to soak in as much love, friendship and companionship as I can.
I'm all about exclusivity. Regardless of where we are on the relationship spectrum, whether it's just dating or head-over-heels in love, you'll have my undivided attention. I would like the same in return. I'm not a game-player and I don't want to be played with (hence the 30 years old and above requirement).
Oh, and I'm kind of a grammar and punctuation nerd. I don't LOL or OMG. If I get a text that just says "k" I'll scream! If you (not U) write in complete sentences and proofread your texts and emails before hitting the send button, then let's just skip all the preliminaries and get married now...
That's it for now. I'll probably add more to this diatribe as I become more acquainted and comfortable with how this all works. Cheers!

Meet a man from United States. I like a lady that can take care of herself or her family. I am a family man that will try anything for my family. I try hard to make others happy in life. I am sometimes anti-social and theres times I am very social. Thats what I would like in a Lady. One that is willing to try to help out. Instead of trying to get a free ride.