Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 33 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. So...I did a little personality test; it was not too far off and probably describes me better than I could...this is what it said about me:
You are popular, trustworthy and dependable. People like you for many reasons; among them you tend to be stable, loyal and caring and you have a wonderful knack for common sense.
You are a guardian. Your relationships with friends, kin and colleagues are important to you. So you spend time and energy developing and nurturing these social networks.
You are a good executive and manager. People almost instinctively feel you can supervise financial, business and social issues effectively. And because you are sensible, factual, affable and socially savvy, you can. You work hard. You like plans and schedules. You are detail oriented. You follow the rules. And you tend to respect customs and traditions.
You have an impetuous, spontaneous, fun loving side, however. You like novelty-with in limits. And you have a lot of interests. This impetuous spirit adds energy and freshness to your sensible temperament, catches your friends off guard and makes you both dependable and exciting.
relating to others
You admire people who are traditional, responsible, precise and orderly, yet spontaneous, socially savvy and affable. And you enjoy new and different ideas and experiences, as long as they are not dangerous or too "far out." Respectability and appropriateness are important to you. You build deep and enduring friendships.
love and relationships
As a Builder, you feel comfortable with a partner like yourself: someone who likes all sorts of social activities, someone with your sense of duty and tradition, and someone who is loyal, predictable and interested in family and community. You also admire people who are generally frugal-except when the appropriate adventure comes along. And you like a partner who has good manners, old-fashioned courtesy, unambiguous values and social grace. Nevertheless, you try new things and explore new ideas and you particularly like people who share your energy and curiosity. Now and then you "live it up."
This is what I wrote:
Me....I love to laugh, it is a necessity. I work hard for what I have but I also know how to enjoy it. I am always looking for an adventure and to experience new things, so im looking for someone that does the same. Sports are also a big part of my life whether its playing, coaching or just watchig. I am a pretty simple minded mans man goof that likes to be a smartass sometimes but still knows how to romance a woman.
I would like.... a woman that knows how to have fun but can still take care of them self. Someone that can enjoy me and not get overwhelmed with the fact that I am raising my daughter(just myself since I was 18).

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Hey. I recently moved to Colorado from Texas and really don't know anyone outside of work. I am hoping to meet someone here rather than dealing with the bar scene.
To be honest, I am really just looking to meet someone cool to hang out with, laugh with, and enjoy life with. I would describe myself as stable in my career and goal-oriented. My work is by no means glamorous - I am in the military.
Having similar interests is important so some things I enjoy are playing sports, traveling, watching movies, snowboarding, company of good people, and just having fun. Being fit is essential part of my career and important to me.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I am an independent, hardworking, self motivated individual looking for someone to share my love for life with. I own and run my own business so I work hard, so I can play hard! I think life is meant to be lived to the fullest and I always look forward to meeting new people and new having experiences. I think life is way more fun when you have someone to do it with!
I love my dog he is my little man so being a dog person is a must for me. I work hard to stay in shape and want to find someone that shares in that passion as well. Just because i own and run a gym, does no mean I eat perfect or ever think any one should.. i love to have pizza or wings and a beer.. I don't think you should eat like that every night.. ;)
I can't stand drama and am looking for someone that is open and honest. I think physical attraction is extremely important but a long lasting relationship takes much more than that if things will work out long term.
God is a big part of my life. My faith helps me to be who I am. I volunteer at my church and teach 4th5th graders Sunday school. Kids are amazing, they remind me how simple life can be and helps keep me grounded to what is important in life. (I am not a crazy Christian, some of you know what I am talking about, just wanted to add that because I have met people like that and know how and why Christians get a bad rap. oh and i am no where near perfect trust me)
I love everything outdoors, horseback riding, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, snowmobiling, hiking, playing with my dog, making beer, watching movies, sushi… if you want to know more just ask!

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. Like everyone else I'm looking for someone that shares my interests. Relationships are just a friendship with an added romance. Relationships take work but when based off a strong friendship and good amount of common interests I know it can be something great. I'm not going to throw out a bunch of words to tell you what type of person I am because any man can say they're sweet, caring, and honest but the only way for you to know these are more than just words is to come meet me and see for yourself. I really enjoy camping and one of my favorite spots is up by Sheep Creek if you're familiar with this area. I love Mexican food. I like most music but the top of my list is country, heavy metal, and classic rock like AC/DC. I love classic muscle cars and Harleys. I love my dogs, they're like my children. I enjoy mainstream activities that most people do like watching movies. My favorite genre is action but I'll give a chick flick a chance too if it's something you want to watch because it's all about compromise. I'm not going to lie that I am a guy so I do like video games but you won't ever come second to a game. If you share any of these interests we might hit it off because after all love is just finding someone the same type of weird as you. Even if we don't hit it off the worst you come out with is a good real friend so lets get together and see what happens. Life is full of surprises.
Talk to you soon,

Date people from Colorado, United States. I can be outgoing and shy. I love to spend time with my friends and also value time alone. I love to laugh and keep my mind stimulated or otherwise I get bored. I love to try new things. A good conversation is important to me. Dining out and trying new places and atmospheres is fun. I'm looking for someone to share a good adventure, sports, camping, and anything we think would just be fun to check out. A hopeless romantic at heart, who I finally find should be my best friend, too.
I am also...
Loves Sports (playing & watching)
I'm not very photo friendly

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. I'm an easy going type, love to listen to others than to talk, like helping people to relise themselves and for them to help me as well and for us to share in our understandings and misunderstandings.

Date a soulmate from United States. A snapshot: I am a Colorado man. I love the outdoors; hiking, snowboarding, fishing, golf, I love it all. I was recently honorably discharged from the Navy after six years. I have salt water in my veins, but it is wonderful to be back in my home state, even if it is landlocked. I have traveled all over the world, from Hong Kong and Japan, throughout the Pacific, Central America, and Western Europe. I have road tripped across America from coast to coast. There are so many beautiful places in the world and I am glad that I have seen some of them. I have lived in Florida, Connecticut, and most recently San Diego, but Colorado is my home, born and raised. I am a huge fan of all Colorado sports teams, even the Rapids and the Mammoth, although I couldn’t tell you anything about either team.
A short Bio: I joined the Navy after spending my late teens and early twenties working for my family’s construction company. When I was in my mid-twenties I went back to school and finished my Associates with the intention of finishing a Bachelors’. After graduating I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, or what career I wanted to pursue. So, at 25 I sold everything I owned except my dog, a suitcase full of clothes, and a box of books and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. I spent several months working in Fort Lauderdale and North Miami (beautiful) until one day I saw a Navy Destroyer pulling into Fort Lauderdale. The next day I walked into the Navy recruiter’s office, and the rest is history. My Navy career took me to San Diego by way of Connecticut. I was stationed in San Diego for four and half years. I would recommend San Diego to anyone, but I cannot do the same for the Northeast. It wasn’t my style. I moved back to Denver at the beginning of the year, and I have been going to school ever since.
My Pros: My friends would describe me as laid back, smart, with a good sense of humor, and I am pretty easy on the eyes. I have never been married, and I do not have any children, i.e. I have very little emotional baggage. I own rental property in Fort Collins and I have several other investments. �Live in the moment, save for the future,’ is the way I look at money. I am debt free. I am currently going to the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Accounting. I have a wonderful family. My parents are still married. My entire family is laid back, and they are just good people.
The Cons: I am currently a student and not working, I look at this as a pro, but some would say that it isn’t. I know that Ladies like a man with a good job. That said I am going to school on the GI Bill which gives me a living stipend and pays for my entire education. The best way to look at this scenario is that your career would be the most important in our relationship, and you wouldn’t need to financially support your fella. I am losing my hair, not rapidly, but it is happening, it is noticeable, and I have to be honest about it. While in the Navy I made a conscious decision about relationships. I chose to not get into a serious relationship during the last six years for many reasons. This might sound odd, and I have to admit that it was, but the point is that it has been a while since I have had a steady girl. Again, this could be viewed as a pro, or a con. I personally view it as a pro.
My ideal woman: She knows who she is, and what she wants. Not everything, life needs to have a little mystery, but it is important to have a good sense of self. Friendly and talkative, she doesn’t need to be extremely outgoing, but it wouldn’t hurt. Has a sense of humor, even if she laughs at things that no one else thinks is funny, as long as she is willing to laugh. I am a man, so I would be lying if I said that looks didn’t matter. Shallow, maybe, honest, yes. That said beauty comes in many different forms. Busty or petite, blonde or brunette, short or tall, brown eyes or blue, none of that matters, as long as a girl takes care of herself, it’s all good.

Meet single man from United States. I never know what to put in these kind boxes so here goes.... I am 32 years old and I am originally for the metro Detroit area. I loved my friends and family in Detroit and all across Michigan but I had to go explore somewhere else and that led me to Denver.
I have been here for a little over 6 years now and I have loved almost every minute! I love the summer in Denver. I go to Rockies games and concerts out at Red Rocks whenever I can. I also love golfing & disc golfing. I would like to do a few things this summerand that includes enjoying the mountains more than I have since I moved here. I learned to snowboard this winter and now I need to get some summer camping in.
I love going out and doing whatever sounds good that day, whether it’s to an art/histstory exhibit somewhere downtown, a Blues, Brews, & BBQ festival up in the mountains, or hanging out at home with close friends. My main interests are all kinds of music & movies, cooking, and sports especially hockey (yes I am a Red Wings fan in Denver). I do like to go out to the bar with friends every so often, but I really don't do that as much as I used to. For some reason or another it isn't as much fun as it used to be when I was in college.
I have worked in the bar/restaurant industry as a manager in some form or another since I was 19. I am currently a General Manager at a restaurant in Stapleton now. I have a BBA in Business Management from Western Michigan University and hope to have my own business someday very soon.
I am a gentleman that still believes in holding doors open for people (not just cute girls) and still try to treat others the way I want to be treated. My family and friends are very important to me and even though most of them are far away in Michigan and other places around the US, I still try to keep in contact with them as often as I can (thank god for facebook). I do have a dark sense of humor (South Park & Always Sunny in Philly are two of my favorite comedies) and I am a bit sarcastic sometimes.
I could go on and on but that should give you a tip of the iceberg that is Erik. I am looking for someone with similar interstes and different intersts as well. I always enjoy seeing and doing things I have not yet done............If you want to get to know more let me know.

Date men and women from United States. I am open to just about anything, I am not really looking for anything long term right now, but I am willing to have a good time...That can be as simple as sitting at a coffee shop or over a nice dinner...Surprise me... ;)

Meet a man from United States. I?m definitely what you would call an outdoors kind of man. Be it going on a walk with my dog or playing Frisbee in the park, I will try and be out of the house as much as possible. I wouldn?t, however, mind staying in for a night with a special someone for some good food and better conversation. I also enjoy volunteering now and again for some youth organizations. I?m not too sure how else to describe myself, but I am very friendly guy who doesn?t mind getting to know people.
I would love to meet an active and intelligent woman who has pride in her independence. Above all that, I would cherish a woman who can laugh with me at all the great things life brings. It also wouldn?t hurt if she would like to go on bike rides with me.
Like I said, I?m very friendly so don?t be shy and let?s get to know each other.


Meet someone special from United States. I've been in DC for a few years now and finished up my graduate studies since then. Now, I'm having more fun looking for good hobbies and taking more fun trips again. Hopefully, Thailand this year. :)
I'm a pretty mellow person that doesn't take life too seriously. I go to a gym of some kind most weeknights. Weekends I like to get outside or check out the local restaurants.