Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 32 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Funny, people tripping, MS degree. The opportunity to be registered on Good sexy person. Funny jokes. Fun. Love. Kids. Wife. Pets. House. Horses. Cows. Tractors. Pickup trucks. Long vaccations to foreign countries. Home cooked meals.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. hmmm, I figure i'll re-edit this part to make it more interesting...
Hi! this is still the hardest thing write about... let me do a list of my favorite things...
-Country Music
-A huge Italian food fan -...and I really really hate fruitcakes!! bleh!
-I work out a lot up to 5 days a week
-I volunteer at a place I love, wish they would hire me already (I do have a paying job)
-my nieces/family, I come from a huge family!
-Horror movies and comedy movies... sometimes unexpectedly I get dragged into a chic-flic.. :-O
-Friends... they are the reason why I sometimes I act like a kid!
-slapstick, witty humor is what I try to aim for...
-Coffee, gotta have my java
-My 100th attempt at quiting smoking.. it is very hard, I could quit for a couple weeks... then I get weak when I am around others who smoke... I know.. Shame on me!
Things I Hate!
-Fruitcake!! still bleh!
-Mean and stuck up people suck!
-really hot days in the summer and extreme freezing temps in the winter
-smoking... yes I will eventually quit, but it's still a hard thing to do!
...And that's all I can come up with for now... Later

Date people from Colorado, United States. I'm a laid back guy that likes to smile and have fun. I've learned to see the positive things in life and focus on those things. My friendships are one of the most valued things in my life. I'm looking for a fun, outgoing girl that is athletic, enjoys being social, but also loves laying low at home and relaxing for the evening. I don't really like writing a novel here, so send me a message and I'd love to tell you more!!

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. So, you may ask yourself who is this person and why should I read his profile? Well, I’ll tell you…
My name is Andy, and I’m 32 (even though every single person that meets me thinks I am like 25). I guess that’s cool, right? I have been in this great state my whole life, being born in Boulder and growing up in Longmont. I am a very humble man. I like to think of myself as a very confident person in everything I do in life but not to confident that I come off as a jerk. I would put everything on hold if a friend of mine needing help. Also, I am very passionate about standing up for what I believe and try not to let me walk all over me. I do care what people think of me as a person because I believe in being the best man I can be. I want people to say “hey, this person is really cool. I would most defiantly want to be around this person.” I do not do anything just for the attention but for respect of others.
I am very optimistic about my future. I am very hard working and dedicated. A while ago, I chose to come back to school at Metro State in Denver, majoring in psychology and with a minor in Biology. I soon hope to get into PT school to become a physical therapist. I really enjoy helping others more than anything else. Even though I discovered this little later on in my life, I’m thankfully that I found something I am very passionate about doing. I will do anything and everything I can in order to achieve this goal. With that said I am intelligent and can carry on a meaningful conversation about anything.
I am a really easy guy to get along with and a very laid back go-with-the-flow type of guy. I have a zest for life and everything it offers, so I have a great time with whomever I'm with at the time. I'll try anything at least once. I will do pretty much anything that is fun. Here are some things I enjoy doing in my free time:
I love exploring new places and traveling
Mountain biking (riding it wherever)
going out to restaurants
Going down to Lake Powell with the family and relaxing. It's awesome!
Playing cards (it's awesome)
Watching/playing. Football is the #1 sport I like.
My parents raised me to be a very honest and trustworthy man and very good morals and values to live by. I would expect someone who I am with to have the same qualities. I think it is extremely important in a relationship. I would say I am close to my family. I do love animals. I used to have a dog and miss having one. Also, I am pretty into all sorts of music except for rap. Oh, I almost forgot that I really sending time with my nephew -- playing with him like taking him to the park, and just have fun with him.
Everyone says I have a great sense of humor – even sarcastic at times. Some would say my smile would light up a room and is very contagious. I enjoy making people laugh. I like to be goofy at times even though I know when enough is enough. I would say my humor is along the lines of shows and movies like Family Guy, Simpsons, Superbad, and American Pie….stuff like that.
I would like to find a girl that has the same interests that I have. You do not have to have all the same, though. I’m not that picky. I know having mutual physical attraction is good in order for there to be chemistry between us. I would want someone that is sensible, affection, someone that doesn’t mind to just hang out and be spontaneous sometimes. Basically, I would like just to have a really great time together in anything that we do. Finally, I would love to find a girl that makes me want to be a better man just for being with her and near her.

Date a man from Colorado, United States. I am the very proud daddy of a 7 year old boy. I would describe myself as an honest person, genuine, hard working and easy to get along with. I am looking for that person who makes you feel like you are king of the world. That person that when you are together, nothing else matters.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I am 32 years old. I have a son that I am grateful for although he does not live with me right now. He is currently in Oklahoma with his mom and step-dad. I am looking for someone that wants to experience life with someone else. Whos not affraid to just jump in and see where they end up. We only live once, right? I am more attracted to someone that is not affraid to get a lil dirty and enjoys the outdoors like I do, we live in Colorado, there is so much to do and see here. I just want to find someone to share it with. I grew up in a small town in Arizona. Not so small that everyone knew everyone but almost. I think you can write whatever your perfect match is but until you get to know someone, you will never really know what it is. Everyone always has something to offer.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a single (obviously) 32 year old, white male. I used to work in finance (back in Boston and NYC) but moved to the Vail Valley in 2008. I absolutely love it here and would love to find that special person to share all this with.

Meet single man from United States. I am very dedicated to my job and spent an incredible amount of time working. I would love to be able to meet someone who i could have a relationship with however i almost never have a chance. If you want to know more just let me know.

Date people from United States. Born and raised in CO. I own a consulting aerospace engineering business. Working from home is great, but I also travel a fair amount which has been interesting. I have been working on a pilot's license for fun as well when I have time. As engineering pays the bills, I also love music. I equally enjoy composing, recording and performing. I have played guitar in bands since highschool and still play with some friends from college today. I also love hockey along with golf and tennis. I started hockey at 4 years old, played in college, and still play all these sports today for fun. Also the outdoors, fly fishing, sleeping in the mountains with no computers, TVs, or cell phone service is great. Well... im pretty busy and not a huge fan of the bars so much anymore; so here I am!

Meet someone special from United States. I really enjoy having a challenging and engaging conversation that is fun and interesting. I'm more on the side of a thinker than a doer. I'm also more of an indoor versus outdoor person. All that means is that if I go outside I like to go for a casual hike, a walk, or some kind of sporting event. I love traveling and have been to many states and several countries and have a list of many others that I wish to visit at one point or another.
That being said, I like to do things outside with others, it just isn't something I do on my own. I'm a geek in my interests both for reading and a high interest in technology (while I consider myself more normal I do relate to the characters of the show The Big Bang Theory). I love watching movies and there aren't many genres I don't like. I don't watch much in the way of tv shows. While I like watching sports in the form of group parties or going to a stadium game I'm not really into sports personally. I pride myself on my honesty, my loyalty, and trustworthiness. There is not much I wouldn't do for my friends if they needed me.
As for who I'm looking for it all depends. If you are just wanting to be friends then I really don't have any expectations other than respecting my Catholic faith. All the stuff mentioned above could be the complete opposite. So if you ski all winter and watch/play sports and run triathlons you are more than welcome to say hi. :-).

Date a man from United States. im not sure as to what i would want to put here, im more or less just checking this thing out for now. who knows. to keep it simple, my match has to have a sense of humor and be willing to get out and experience life, while still being able to enjoy the simple things like just hangin out

Meet men and women from United States. I'm a very laid back guy that is just looking for a new adventure, some good conversation and a new friend to enjoy this silly thing called life with. I love hiking, playing hockey, mountain biking, riding and racing motorcycles, a good movie and above all seeking out new experiences.