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Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I work hard and I play harder. I'm a certified aircraft technician, and I want to go back to school for my mechanical engineering degree. It's very hard to make me mad, I definitely try to always see a positive in everything. I'm super loyal, and my friends would probly tell you that I'm smart. I have a super fast metabolism, so therefore I eat, a lot! It's so fast that the only way I can gain weight is by working out and building muscle, but hey I'm definitley not complaining! I love the outdoors. I'm like a freakin ball of energy, I always need to be doing something! I mountain bike, snowboard, skateboard and I'm always down to play some sports with friends. Anything outdoors I'm in. The more the merrier! I play guitar, and I love building cars. I wish I could be a racecar driver! Maybe someday, but until then autocross will do. I also enjoy goin to the pool, and definitely the hot tub! And I have no problem with staying in watching movies every now and again. Musically, i enjoy everything but dub step, county and jazz. Atmosphere, Coheed Cambria, Rise Against, 10 Years, Chevelle and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a few favorites. Wanna know more? Just ask!
I'm looking for someone that enjoys the outdoors and loves living life, an optimist. The girl I'm looking for is driven and has goals. She should bring out the best in me and I should bring out the best in her. I care about my health and being physically fit, so that's what I'm looking for. Only fair right? Basically, It would be awesome to have that special someone to share this amazing life with. Someone to travel with for sure. I like intelligent girls, honestly can't quite stand the ditzy ones. I don't mind a clingy girl, lots of the time it's nice. That's all I can think of. You just gotta be fit and fun!

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. im da man yes i am swag is me not yo punk bish let me noo if you wanna hook up ill give u my number and u can hit me up you want me that bad damn i need a girl that is smart funny and loves to have fun the very first date if u noo wat i mean

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Well Im into helping others and saving peoples lives hence why im trying to become an FDNY fire fighter. I have my issues im not perfect but who is? Im just looking for someone fun that will go out with me isnt afraid to be them self and is extremely beautiful. I want the real deal some one who will talk the talk and walk the walk. I dont expect perfection just honesty. Im a simple person with nothing to out of the ordinary. Just want someone to respect me and want to be with me. Just hang out even. Example" Hey lets go to the club" like someone that wants to do that :) Again im just a simple person trying to help others and one day when i become the fire fighter I want the ability to give a dad,mom, brother,sister, etc the chance to go home at night to see their family. Theres a saying this lady said who's husband was on rescue 1 for the FDNY and died on 9/11 she said " Your daddy is very special he tried saving alot of other daddys so they can go home and see their little girls". Thats what I want to do save lives.

Meet a guy from Colorado, United States. What do you want to know!? Well, I love sports,MMA, and hockey. I take both seriously and enjoy time at the gym. I love to cook, go on road trips, watch movies...ect. Pretty normal guy honestly. I'd love to talk, so if you're reading this, message me! :)

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. Im 19 145 pounds i have blue eyes and dirty blond hair im about 5 9 with one tatoo on my right arm my perfect match would be someone blond with green eyes 120-145 good smile and not a girly girl someone who isint afraid 2 get down and dirty

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. I don't really want to go full-on in detail here.
My name is Chas(e)
and I'm working to improve my life one step at a time.
I suppose I just want someone to tag-a-long with me. I know I'm a good guy, and I'm not like every other guy. (Even though all guys say that, mine's the truth.)
Gimme' a shot.

Date people from Colorado, United States. I am a 20 year old guy who's always been classified as the 'nice guy'. I do tend to be nice, and in general treat people with a lot of love(for just simply being a person). I go to the Colorado School of Mines, and am double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(with a minor as well), so I am well educated. On top of that, I do have a job as a software developer for a small firm that contracts for Fortune 500 companies, as well as I work as a journalist for an online news magazine(and get a lot of respect for it within the technology community as a whole). I have a lot of passions, ranging from reading, to talking with another person(I prefer to talk to people one on one, rather than in a group. It's not that I'm shy, I just prefer the personal-ness of one on one conversations), to watching movies or listening to music(not necessarily concerts, but give me a laptop with an internet connection, and I can be browsing bands all day on YouTube). I enjoy a very broad range of music, going from rap, to country, to metal, to punk, to classic rock, to modern rock, to screamo, to covers, to acoustic music, and others. It's a huge swath of music that I'm carving out, and it should give you a sense of how broad my tastes are. For movies, I enjoy both comedy and Sci-Fi the most. I am OK with Romantic Comedy, Horror, Thriller, and drama, but I'd prefer to watch a nice comedy. However, I am up for anything with Rifftrax laid over the top of the movie. Those guys are absolute geniuses. I weigh 160, and am 6'0", so I am a nice average build.
What I like in a girl is someone who is loyal, and sweet really. I'm very much a eye person, but I have yet to be able to describe exactly what I like in them. I really enjoy being asked questions, so if there's something that I'm going off on, feel free to ask and show interest in what I'm saying. If you don't understand, I am more than willing to help you try to understand. It helps show me that you're interested in me :). I have immense amounts of patience, so it is near impossible to wear it thin. I am much more of listener and a kind person than a talker though, so I'll probably spend a while just listening to you. Especially if you have a nice voice :D. I am OK with the girl not being the brightest tool in the shed, and I don't expect you to. I would like it if she did have a nice mind on her, but it's not a firm requirement.
I am not a subscriber. Email me with your email if you would like to chat.

Meet men and women from United States. My faith is important to me. If you arent than that is your choice, but I want you to respect my beliefs. I am grateful for my parents the hardwork they have put in, in order to give me the life that I grew up living. My best friends would describe me as genuine, true, and never wavering. My friends and family make me smile, they are my stability. I wouldn't say that I have accomplished a whole lot, but I hope to accomplish success and happiness someday very soon. I have goals and I am going to continually work to achieve them.
Honesty and communcation are important to me and once you get to know me you will understand why.
Long story short I'm someone who loves to have fun doing what I love to do, but also trying new things.
Im not a fan of making this long although i failed in keeping it short but if you want to know more you will have to ask

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a very easy going honest and straight forward person. I always have fun with whatever it is i am pursuing. Im sarcastic and love to make people laugh. Family is always first in my life. I enjoy doing anything outdoors camping, hunting and fishing are some passions of mine. I am always willing to try new things and meet new people. I love all kinds of music Rock, Country and Alternative are my favorites. I was a volunteer fire fighter and i am now flipping houses with my cousin and his wife. It takes a lot to make me mad unless you disrespect my friends or family and i dont like drama at all. Im new to colorado and looking for some friends and hopefully someone special to bring into my life.

Meet someone special from United States. First off my name is Alex. I currently Attend college full time as well as work part time. I love the outdoors and outdoor activities and I have a passion for traveling and exploring new places. Some of my favorite activities to do are Climb,Hike,Scuba Dive,Swim,Wakeboard. I also love to watch sports. I would like to meet a girl that has similar interests and likes to have fun and enjoy life.

Date a guy from United States. My name is Dylan im a young guy with a good job and big goals. I enjoy partying and having a good time. Not usually a guy who would needs the Internet to find people but with my new career I travel all over the country. 20 years old typical American guy just chasing that dollar. I drive a pick up an am a country boy working in the business side of the oil field. I'm big into sports and have been my whole life. I love to travel and have been all over the world always up for a new adventure.

Meet a boy from United States. Hello. I'm Nick. I am 20 years old living on Ft Carson, Colorado.
I am an outdoorsy guy. I love camping, running, and hiking. I also love to read, write, and draw. Some of my favorite authors are Michael Crichton and Dan Brown. I listens to all kinds of music, mainly rock and hip hop. I'm a bit of a shy guy in some situations, but I am all around outgoing. I love to make people laugh. If i make someone laugh, it makes my day (no matter how bad it was). I am sharp, but i love acting like a kid sometimes. I know its weird, but it keeps life interesting.
I am looking for a smart girl that has a good sense of humor. I dont discriminate. It is my belief that eveyone deserves a chance no matter how they look or act. If you want to know more, message me.