Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 57 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I am looking for a soul mate, somwone to share my hopes and dreams with, and hopefully help make their hopes and dreams become reality. I am an honest hardworking man that seeks an honest women. I have spent all my life in Montana until now, and I am looking to expand my horizons. There are many things I would like to see and do in the next few years, including a trip to the grand canyon and seeing the rest of Colorado. I enjoy the simple things in life and I am not too hard to please. But Ive also learned the hard way, if there is something you want to do or see, dont put it off. :-)

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I've led a full and active life, one I feel lucky to have had. Born and raised in Carmel, Caifornia, I have traveled extensively over the past 20 years. While I miss living in the Virgin Islands, I am enjoying Denver and, now that winter is here, the snow as well. I'm looking for someone I can confide in. someone who would like to confide in me. I am interested in an honest and forthright relationship where we can talk about our feelings and share both the good time as well as the bad, turning the bad into opportunities to grow. My favorite activity? I'll tell you later. ian satchell at g male of course no spaces and wrong kind of male, but I think you get it. Magnum would have got it!

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I'm a very active guy and some might have a hard time keeping up with me...but that's ok, I like to slow down for peace, quiet and champagne. I am hard working and I greatly enjoy my free time. I'm dedicated to having balance in life, enjoying life is important. So is healthy living and eating, exercise, yoga and meditation. My friends and family are important to me, as is laughing at life with all that it brings.
My cat of 18 lbs keeps me company and brings me gifts; this week he brought me one but all I found were the feathers in the living room--he's a mighty hunter .
I'm looking for an fun-loving, happy, honest woman who is secure in herself, is independent, yet likes the warmth of a relationship based on mutual respect, dignity, trust and having a lot of fun with someone special.
I want someone who likes to laugh and enjoys life with all its ups and downs.
It's important for a woman to take care of herself and exercise too. I would like someone who is spiritual and yet not necessarily religious, because that's how I tend to be.
I love to read, sometimes I write, and I'm involved politically. I want someone to share the good times and those that aren't so good. Are you out there?

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I am thoughtful, easy going, full of love and dedicated to that special someone. I'm from Powell Wyoming and lived in Hawai, Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana. Would like to share love and life with that special someone. My hobbie is to target shoot on weekends.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hello,
I'm a caring and giving person. I'm looking for the same thing in my mate. I can dress up or down, I don't drink anymore so my favorite thing to do is go to dinner and a show.. I love all outdoor activities. there is nothing better than to take a bike ride to the mountains in the autumn season. If you would love to meet for coffee, Send me a smile or an email we can go from there.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. I'm very easy to get along with, just expect the same! I'm more for the active and Healthy, I enjoy a Healthy Life style, but not a must. Must love animals and love to do anything at the last minute. If this is you, let's chat?

Date someone special from United States. I wake up in the morning ,have some coffee and think how to make it the best day possible. I follow current events to see how the changes will affect the future. Throughout the day , accomplishing what i can. When evening comes i look forward to the special time we will spend together !

Meet people from United States. I am very casual laid back and decent.I have e good sense of humor and love to laugh. I am looking for someone to accept me for who I am. I prefer a fairly active and healthy lifestyle. I do enjoy being outside very much and would like to travel quite a bit more than i have done so far. I do have some younger children and they absolutely come first.
I would like to find someone who first of all I enjoy being with and who enjoys me, I guess you call it chemistry, I seek an intellectual and emotional connection first and foremost. The physical will follow naturally if we connect that way first

Date men and women from United States. A Heart Of A Thoroughbred, Legs Of A Four Wheel Drive.
A Destination Collector Internationally And A Explorer Of Adventures Locally. I Like My Cooking And Constantly Seeking The Next Best Restaurant That Has Incredibly Good Food. Like To Hike And Run But Would Prefer To Bike -Have Two Mountain Bikes And One Speedster. Would Rather Take A Cruise Than Snooze In A Tent And Rinse Off In The Lake. To Me Roughing It Is A Motel 6. Mountains Are A Good Reason To Live In Colorado But Even When I Did Snow Ski Could Never Understand The Logic Of Strapping Twigs On The Bottom Of Your Feet And Flying Down The Mountain As Fast As You Can. Recreation?? Really?? In Freezing Weather. Personally Prefer The Feeling Of The Sun Like It Is 18 Inches From My Neck. Now Going Up One Side Of The Mountain And Down The Other Side On A Mountain Bike...Surely...A Lot More Sensible. The general consensus is innovative, motivated, considerate, intense, vigilante, engaging, curious and flawed ...or is that what I would like in another?

In Almost Anything, Would Like To To Share The Experience To Be Able To See Twice The Beauty.

Meet a man from United States. I know who I am and I know what I am looking for in a partner in life. I believe in manifesting my own destiny and I'm looking for someone to share it with who understands and shares what that means. I can be an exquisite gentleman, romantic, caring, sensual, giving and sharing life with my partner. Always an officer and a gentleman at heart. Oh, I have a mild wild side as well.

I have been many things in my life; First I am a conundrum; others include: a businessman, a legal consultant, an physician and surgeon, a professor of medicine, a marble and bronze sculptor, a fine art painter, an architect, a builder, and inventor, a gardener, a photographer, a jewelry designer and goldsmith, a connoisseur of fine wine and creator epicurean delights, a USMC Flight Surgeon, an extreme mountain, rock and ice climber, a skier and backpacker, a hiker and a biker, a spiritualist, a liberally minded fiscal conservative, a race car (autocross ) driver, a marksman and a gunsmith, a hunter and fisherman, ( I haven’t hunted in 30 years however ) a workout freak and a coach potato, a perfectionist and someone who can "let it go". This is not what I am, just some of what I've done in life. Nothing here is meant to be braggadocios, just info to better understand where I come from.
I am comfortable a tuxedo, a suit, shirt and tie, a polo shirt and khakis, cowboy boots, hat and jeans, or naked on a nude beach. I constantly evolve and find new challenges, enjoyment and gratitude in life.
I do not enjoy watching professional sports other than occasional hockey or soccer. I have played pretty much every sport at one time or another in my life. I try to avoid television, I enjoy various movies, documentaries, and education programs. I enjoy being on the beach and sailing in the Caribbean. I am from a small Michigan town raised with Midwest values and since moving to Colorado 27 years ago I have adopted a bit of the cowboy code of honor. Today my horse is my Touring Harley Davidson :-)
I am now in the process of changing my life and profession to one less stressful and less time consuming. One wherein I have time to travel and enjoy the fruits of my labors with a new life partner.
I am a sensual hedonist, who enjoys exploring and enjoying all of the human senses God has given me, and I enjoy bringing the same pleasures to my partner. I enjoy slow total being, sensual neotantric sexuality, passionate kissing and giving sensual massage
I love to see the evening sun glint through leaves, feel wet cool dew in the morning grass upon my feet, the sun upon my face, a cool summer eves breeze across my skin, hearing snow falling, watching the sunset and sunrise, damp skin touching one another’s in fresh cotton sheets. My ideal summer eves delight is a bottle of a mystical Bordeaux with a plate of fresh fruits and cheese’s, honest bread and dark chocolate. I am a creative cook and desire a woman who also enjoys cooking more than just a salad and boiled egg for dinner.
I am looking to share a life of happiness, appreciation, joy, sensuality, exploration, tolerance, gratitude and learning with the right woman.
She must be open minded, have a good set of personal values, honesty and integrity are paramount. She enjoys dressing well and appropriate be it the opera, beach, or jeans on a ranch. She is in physical and mental in shape, and has left her baggage well sorted and behind. She knows the past is but a memory and not the present She enjoys my quick wittiness and occasional sarcastic humor. She is comfortable in high heels or hiking boots and doesn’t mind some lip stick, mascara and eyeliner on occasion. She enjoys wearing clothing that accentuates and doesn't hide her body. She needs to feel confident and comfortable in her body and mind and doesn’t have any eating disorder or sexual hang-ups.
She has learned that life is what you make of it and that life doesn't make you.

Date a soulmate from United States. My work is in the sports industry. I love to cook, enjoy red wine and a night out or in with a great movie. Also,is there anything better than beer and a great pizza!I i enjoy traveling especially to beach towns. I have a soft heart for all animals and have a dog that i love to take on walks daily. I love to laugh and make others laugh! I enjoy skiing, softball, golf, hiking, etc. Outdoor stuff - you know. II enjoy playing sports more than watching them. Though when the Broncos are on I am all in. My profession is in sports so I keep myself in shape. I can be introverted and extroverted- I know - I don't get that either but it is true. I think I am a good, honest, hardworking person trying to meet someone. I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God. I don't play games. I truly enjoy open and sincere conversations. I am looking for someone who is honest and sincere. I guess everyone is looking for that! There are so many interesting people in this world and it is fun to hear their path in life.
I am definitely better at talking rather than writing my feelings to share with the world. Most everyone's profile says the 'right' things but we all know actions speak louder than words. Let my actions speak for me.

Meet single man from United States. I am just a normal guy that is looking for a companion, best friend and Lover.
I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Have been told I am funny and never a dull moment. Can be very spontaneous at times.
Fond of fine restaurants and good conversation over a glass of wine or staying at home and cooking a gourmet meal can be fun!
I try to make an extra effort and make the one I'm with feel comfortable and usually spoiled. Like to work hard and play hard.
Try to be flexible and open minded always open for a change as long as it is not one sided.
Not into the Bar scene or Game Players.
Please have a current picture. I don't care what you used to look like only what you look like now.
Will try anything once!!
Anyone up for a Zip Ride Adventure?