Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 58 year old

Date a man from Colorado, United States. i think iam a good person that would like to have fun with a capanian that is a good person and is greatfull to be alive to share life with all its wonder life itself is great i lived thru cancer and a fall that left me some limatations but in all that i still can smile life can be fun in normal dialy living with the right person still have alot of love to give

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. When you meet me, I’m pretty sure you’re going to catch me with a big smile on my face and that’s because I’m a guy who loves his life and knows how to find the humor in any situation. I’m also someone who knows who and what’s most important, so I make sure that I never take anyone I care about for granted and do whatever is in my power to make sure they’re happy and always have a smile on their face.
At the center of my world are my amazing kids who make me more and more proud each day. I’m family-oriented and hope to find a partner who also has strong family bonds. As a partner, I believe I have a lot to offer my potential match. I’m fun, honest, considerate, trustworthy, compassionate, and ready to begin a beautiful friendship that can evolve into an unforgettable romance with the right person. I have a healthy curiosity of the world around me and am always trying new things or reading up on topics that spark my interest. My hope is to find someone who is interested in joining me in some adventures and who’s also open to sharing her passions with me—maybe we’ll find some things we like doing together!
When it comes to my ideal partner, I want to find someone who shares my core values, but is still their own person and can keep me on my toes. My match will connect with me on all levels. She’s someone who is intelligent, witty, caring, happy, and fun! She’ll share my sense of adventure and will be packed before I am when I suggest maybe taking a road trip for the day.
So, if you’re a vivacious woman who’s ready to see if we may hit it off, I’d like to hear from you. Send me an email and let’s see where it goes!

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I would like to meet someone who likes the out doors and a good ball game with a cold beer someone who like to take long vacation who loves to curl up and watch a good movie, who loves a good cook out and most of all someone who is will to have a good time.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hi and welcome. I'm a healthy 50 something with a curious personality. To begin with, I realize that I should add way more photos - some visiting exotic world destinations, a couple more dressed for a night on the town plus the occasional action shot would round out my portfolio handsomely....don't have any of these. Not for lack of traveling and I love painting the town, but it just seems like nobody was taking my picture at those moments! I'll work on it......meanwhile back to me -- I would say I'm inquisitive and somewhat technical, at least enough to paint by numbers yet I'll often color outside the lines. I'm adventurous and care free and have, what I would consider to be, traditional values. I like that women and men sometimes see things differently - which makes for good conversation. I have a thirst for knowledge and pay attention to details...for example, I might spend a crazy amount of time taking something apart to see how it works only to throw it away as I didn't need it anyhow! I prefer water to mountains but can swing both ways when it comes to city vs. country. I’ll take coffee over tea, Mountain Dew over Pepsi and can't ever remember saying "no" to ice cream or popcorn. I can easily respect your boundaries of personal space but say “yes” to Public Displays of Affection.
As for match making, I believe honest communication is sexy and seek the thrills of romance along with the comfortable feeling that comes from a soulmate. I certainly haven't been everywhere and done everything so new destinations/activities suit me just fine!
I hope to find a woman that's comfortable in her own skin, is optimistic about life, eager to laugh and readily admits a bit of intimacy is necessary (preferably with me).

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I am looking for someone who is outgoing,adventureous and not afraid to get her hands dirty.someone who will share my interests and i can share hers.No couch potatos please.someone who is in reasonable good shape.I love to go skiing,hiking,mtn. biking,golfing,bowling and horseback riding.I love to work in the yard gardening.I like to take road trips especialy on my motorcycle.I am pretty handy around the house i love fixing things when they break.I love being around family and friends they mean a lot to me.Fidelity is very high on my list i will not stand for someone who is not faithful.I enjoy sitting around a fire in the fireplace with a nice glass of wine.I don't play head games.You will find me to honest loyal and truthful.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. “Nothing fancy..,Nothing funny…No clever puns or witty remarks..just a simple introduction from someone that has some similar interests”…..OK, I don’t like that about..
“Ran across your profile and”… that’s lame…
“Don’t you hate the on-line dating scene”….BORING…
Well truth is I don’t know you anymore than you know me but every once in a while you do run across pictures and a profile that make you wonder ……..?
More details coming after I decide on this site....

Date a man from United States. I am active. I stay busy, and I have fun. I enjoy my work, and I like where I live. I enjoy reading, running, movies and dining. That said, I like exploring new interests and am open-minded about how I spend time.
I like other people and what I can learn from them. I am learning to travel for enjoyment and to broaden my knowledge and perspective.
I have three adult children, whom I love very much. They don't live near me. We are close and in touch.
The woman I am looking for is open and she communicates. She enjoys life. She sees the humor in this world. It's a plus if you like to talk about arts, culture and politics.

Meet men and women from United States. I once was walking down the steps at my university carrying a brief case and a saxophone, wearing a big, winter coat. As I glanced up this beautiful brunette was walking up the steps about to pass me by, and our eyes locked for quite a few seconds. I couldn’t for the life of me take my eyes off her. You guessed it. Right there before her lovely eyes I lost my footing, arms went flailing, saxophone and brief case were flung afar, coat flying, me tumbling and coming to rest on my back. I don’t think she even slowed as she passed, but did manage to say, “Nice” as she sauntered past me with a taunting sway in her hips.
I can be clever and wise (yes, I said "wise," above incident notwithstanding), thoughtful and sentimental. Funny -- usually, but I’m not always so great at telling stories and jokes, but you can count on it….I will make you laugh, and laugh often. I’m intuitive and perceptive, yet some things still manage to go right over my head. Oh yeah.
Infinitely practical and an idealistic dreamer too, I can be goofy or stubborn, but I'm not one to mark time on the planet because I don't know what I want. Sometimes, though, I am surprised by what the planet wants for me. I keep getting repeated opportunities to learn to trust instincts above evidence to the contrary and that people do indeed tell you about themselves --the trick is simply to listen.
I’m ten years removed from marriage and the cautious owner of a thing called “perspective.” I know exactly what my strengths are, since I had to cultivate them. I work on the weaknesses. I try.
I have enough material stuff and labels in my life; What I value most are experiences with the people I love, from action-packed adventures to quiet times at home. But... What am I like in a relationship?
I’ll grill you a gourmet dinner if you’ll just stand close and talk to me as you sip wine.
I’ll rub your temples if you have a headache, rub your neck and shoulders if they ache. I have ESP for knots that need attention.
I’ll call your boss bad names for not appreciating how brilliant you are (behind the scenes, unless you ARE the boss!)
I won’t even look over at you when I speed. That look on your face would cause me to get in a wreck.
I’ll nuzzle into you when you’re sitting on the couch or drifting off to sleep, and slide my hands slowly through your hair until you conk out.
I’ll take the jam jar you can’t open, tip it upside down, whack my palm hard against the bottom, and give it back to you. It will open with ease.
I’ll take as gospel your word on all matters pertaining to people’s motives. Smart women just have some kinda spider sense about that.
I’ll kiss your forehead if you think you have a fever. My lips are far more sensitive than my hands.
I’ll laugh broadly at your bad jokes and my face will flush at the dirty ones….especially if I like them.
I’ll act impressed when you display your dizzying intellect.
I'll be impressed when you give of yourself to someone, expecting nothing back.
I'll flirt with you, even after we've been together a long time. My eyes will gleam when you flirt back.
I’ll hold you when you want or need it, and kiss you when you do some barely noticeable thing that reminds me how precious you are.
I’ll be the one who knows what’s on your mind, simply by the expression on your face, and still relish learning about you right when I thought I had you all figured out.
You’ll discover that my love for my kids defies description. And if you got them secretly alone, they’d without a moments hesitation tell you they think I’m the best dad in the world.
I will be your romantic lead, equal partner, friend and confidante, protector, and everything from pool boy to super hero. And I’m seeking a potential equal partner, who is willing to serve others, a creative romantic, friend and confidante, femme fatale, girl next door, who can wear a tool belt well and also enjoy making men stand still as you walk by in a dress……..Is that too much?

Date single man from United States. I am an artist at heart, first and foremost.
I am fortunate in that I love what I do every day- I design Jewelry. Have been doing that since I am 8. Gemstones and crystals amaze me and 24 karat gold is the most beautiful color there is. I teach and study Tai Chi; standing out on the ocean breakers with the waves crashing around you or up on my mountain with the wind ripping and me. I love being amazed by flora and the fauna. I am not a cowboy- but do love the outdoors and everything it both offers and brings. Looking to share a garden both flowers and vegetables with my partner. Sitting in front of a fire while its snowing sounds wonderful.
I am courageous; and seek challenges. I am an independent and daring thinker who likes to explore ideas or problems thoroughly. I focus easily and am persistent, systematic and competent in pursuing my interests and goals. I have a lot of energy, think quickly, make decisions easily, dislike unnecessary rules, and take a rational approach to people, issues and ideas. I am not conventional in most of my attitudes and values, and like spontaneous people. I can be an exciting, yet hard driving and exacting, friend, companion and lover. All I would love is to meet a woman that basically wants to share her life and lifes expectations and experiences with me. Best friend, confidant and lover. Communication,Trust and Honesty (with an occasional Lobster feast) is what I am looking for in a woman, and sweetly offer the same. What better way to start or end a day then in your life mates arms. All the rest truly does not matter. Walks with someone that loves to hold my hand is a must, sitting with me out on the porch with the chimes singing- more so, someone that wants to hold my hand and heart through life is imperative. I am looking for that partner to stand next to me with both of us preparing a meal for friends, someone that is happy searching antique shops or a street fair. the rest? we can sort that out.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm looking for an open-hearted gal to share in my "song" of connecting people with mountains. I combine my big heart, inquiring mind, and playful spirit in all that I do. My New Year's resolution is to do everything with love. I am good at being there for others - now I want to find someone who both will be there for me and who sees me. To really see me, you will need a deep connection to nature.
Friends say I'm gentle and kind. I’m healthy and strong, with no physical issues except seasonal and dairy allergies. People note my youthful looks, energy and endurance. I’m happy - "pain is inevitable but suffering is optional". Being positive is important to me - I try to live by “lumberjack rules”. In old lumber camps, if you complained about breakfast, you cooked it the next morning. The glass is rarely empty and a full glass has no room for growth anyway.
According to Helen Fisher, I'm a negotiator with an explorer wing - a passionate, affectionate, romantic, sensual person with lots of love to give. As a Myers-Briggs ENFP (champion), I recharge in groups where I can chair meetings or be a worker bee. I’m honest, friendly, and committed (or is that committable?). Emotional connections and availability are essential for me. Writing poetry and listening to music help me settle and center. I do have scars - I'm told that I need an emotionally generous partner.
Professionally, I am a creative scientist and teacher. I am financially secure, having retired from the tenured faculty to do research and consult part-time. While I love Fort Collins, opportunities abound the Boulder-Golden area too.
Spiritually, I am in awe of people and how we evolved. As a scientist, I scrutinize my beliefs - faith is not enough for me - I look for a "why" that makes sense.
I am inspired by nature, often while hiking, biking (touring and smelling the roses!), mtn climbing (not scary stuff), and skiing (backcountry XC especially). My sports are about playful dancing and flow – competition does not appeal to me. I apply collaborative ethics (NOLS "Expedition Behavior") to the no-drop bike rides and mtn outings I lead - no trip is a success unless everyone is happy. My favorite role is the sweep, making sure everyone is safe and happy.
While there are places and peaks I want to visit, I am no peak bagger - I take time to embrace a summit before joining it. For me, it is about the journey, the nap in the meadow, not the finish line. Sharing a brilliant sunset with my love, wrapped in a blanket, now that would be bliss.
My 30 year marriage ended 5 years ago. As a high endurance type, I put commitment before compatibility. Now, I celebrate our good years and her new successes. I am a fan of our sons (30, 32), their gals, and my new grandson - I visit their worlds as a friend. I would welcome adding teens to my family.
I take responsibility for my happiness - I do not need someone to complete me. But I do want to share my journey and be a compassionate witness for a partner who also works to be aware of her life's currents, who knows the difference between heart-centered love and fear-based attachment, and who can forgive - if you can't forgive, you can't dance.
I am looking for a long-term relationship with a strong, happy, well-integrated gal who I can support as we dream big and love fully. My sister Wendy says I need a gentle yet strong person who will bring out the sweetheart in me, and I respect her wisdom. I seek someone equally committed to awareness, simplicity, and reality. I hope for someone who can gleefully dance through the mountains or join me in a 60 mi bike ride.
I am building a future of compassionate service and playful adventure and would treasure a like-minded gal with whom I can gather strength and be truly at home.
P.S. Sorry for my profile's length - I believe in full disclosure and hope for the same from others. Honesty and trust are very important to me!

Date someone special from United States. Kind and carring man who likes the quiet life at home, but seeks adventure away from home. I love the Lord and love my Church.
I seek someone who understands family, commitment, loves herself and her life and is willing to share that life with me?

Meet people from United States. I'm an easy going person whos looking for friendship, a companion, hopefully leading to something more. I have a warm heart and I desire honesty to create trust first, allowing affection and passion and romance to flow freely from there. I have a strong sense of humor, love to laugh and not take life too seriously when you dont have to. I dont sweat the small things. Life happens, you might as well enjoy it! And it's so much more enjoyable sharing it with someone. I am comfortable in a suit as well as shorts and a tshirt, from going to the symphony to a rock concert. I love to ride my motorcycle, or my bicycle. I dont have a favorite restaurant in Paris, nor have I scaled the Pyramids in Egypt as I read so many of you have. But I love to travel whenever I can, and I've been around quite a bit. Romance and affection are important to me. That special glance at each other, knowing what it means without words. Or that unexpected touch or gentle kiss, sending butterflies to your stomach, feeling weak in the knees. Holding hands, only the two of you really knowing what it means to each other, how it feels in your hearts. Sharing exciting new adventures together, while enjoying the quiet times just as much. I would hope whoever replys to me would carry no past baggage or regrets or have lingering thoughts from the past that dims your view of the present. My social values are more in the Libertarian field, but my political values are conservative.For now, Ill wait to disclose more to those who might think as I do! Hope to share that simple touch or smile!