Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 24 year old

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. If you understand what I'm referencing in my user name, we already have a lot in common.
I approach life with a sense of humor, with the conviction that no matter how bad things might get, it will at least become an interesting story to tell later on, something you can laugh at later. I'm generally a very laid back person but I have clear-defined goals that I'm pursuing in life. I have a passion for a good story (telling or hearing one) and good food, both of which I enjoy trying my hand at through writing and cooking. Though admittedly I enjoy quiet nights in and am about the furthest thing from a party animal, I love going out and exploring, traveling when I can, trying something new at every opportunity. Life's too short to just stick with "the usual". I enjoy reading, movies, games, hiking, bikes rides, good conversation, and long walks on the beach--not really. While I tend to be goofy, I know when it's time to straighten up and put on my serious pants.
In a woman I'm looking for someone that I can relax with, someone who likes to laugh, a partner in all things who can be a lover and a best friend. As with anyone, I think looks are important, but to me it ultimately means nothing if there isn't a brain to go along with that body.
If any of this interests you, send me an email, I would love to start chatting.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. Well let's see. I thought I would give this a shot and see what happens. I have a lot of different things I want to do with my life and hope to get them all done.
I am usually very calm and laid back, but can also be very motivated when I have to be. I am very adventurous and I am usually up for just about anything.
I would love to find a girl who likes to be active. Also someone who likes to just hang out and have a good conversation. Could that be you?

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. My names Reynaldo, former military just moved to Colorado a few months back, I love cooking and dancing and sometimes I do both at once! I have a two year old daughter whom is my whole world. I'm looking for someone smart,funny and isn't afraid of being themselves. Anymore you want to know just message me I'm an open book and try to be as honest as possible.

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. I am self employed I work for my families insurance company on line. I stay at home most of the time because my job is online. I do have my own car I do pay rent I rent my parents house. I listen to country music a lot I speak two languages German and English. I was in the German Army for a year. I do allot of yard work in my spare time. I even work on my own car by myself because I don’t trust anyone else to work on it. I am still going to school to earn my bachelors degree in Health Information Management since I already have an Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology I have no brothers or sisters I am an only child but I do have a lot of friends to hang out with and have fun.

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. ***I am cancelling my account. I have sent 49 emails on this site and exactly one person replied (and then only briefly). I have therefore concluded that I am either outrageously unattractive, incredibly boring, or this site just sucks.***
I like (and work in) football--though I never played it. I enjoy reading about history, astronomy, and paleontology (among much else). I love skiing. I've made videos for professors and for Marty Schottenheimer. I'm stubborn and sarcastic, but I really do mean well, honest :)
In some ways I'm an old-fashioned sort: I'm that guy who holds doors open for others and addresses superiors as "Sir" and "Ma'am", and on a date I'll open your car door and pay for your meal because I actually WANT to do so. I'm also very, very cuddly.
I'm also squeamish about bugs and I can swear like a sailor (occasionally inventing brand-new expletives on the spot). Oh, and like any guy, I almost always find farts funny (it's genetic, what can I say).
I'm looking for a girl who likes dinosaurs, bowl games, seeing movies (and sharing books), going out to dinner, traveling and who smiles with her eyes.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I just want to find a woman that I could live with; Ultimately, I am looking for a woman that I can trust and love unconditionally. I myself am a hard worker who wants to live with no regrets. I know when to be serious, but like to have a good time. I don't give up and like to face a challenge.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Oh hey, I'm Alex.
I am a critical care nurse at a big city hospital and I do research. It's hard work but I am passionate about it. I'm planning on attending grad school for my Master's in Public Health next fall. Still pondering medical school.
I have a short attention span, so I like to do a lot of different things to keep myself from going crazy - playing hockey, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, riding my bike all over, and like a thousand other things. But don't worry, I also know how to relax, shut up, and waste time. I suppose moderation is the key.
Socially, I'm pretty extroverted. I don't have a problem meeting new people or talking with them. But I can be kind of an idiot sometimes. I try not to put my foot in my mouth but it happens anyway However, I think that my friends would say I'm sincere and honest.
As for my type of woman, I don't think I'm that picky, but I'm sure everybody says that. I just want to meet someone who is open minded, kind, and who takes care of herself. Oh, and I would prefer a woman who is not insane.

Meet a guy from United States. Life is all about the little things.
I am a creative, witty and funny-type guy if I had to describe myself. Movie quotes are my second language. Definitely not cocky or self-centered. My friends would say I am constantly smiling or laughing. I agree because life is too short to waste time doing the opposite. I am definitely a goofy guy, I am serious when I need to, but I feel fortunate to be able to laugh things off. Music is a huge part of my life, I am constantly searching for new music and going to concerts. I enjoy hanging in on the couch for the night or heading out for dinner, movie, concert, some drinks or just to wander around. I love being outdoors in all seasons, I love the arts and museums. Big fan of BBQ's, hammocks, parks, lakes and really just trying anything I've never done before. I'm not a hardass, I'm not over-sensitive ... I'm just me. haha
I am a recent college grad, so I am still young and adventuresome, but I have my life together. I'm not an immature guy that is scared of commitment or is just looking to play the field. I'm a one woman kind of guy.
I was raised to be a gentleman. I open doors and I realize everybody has their own roots and story, so I am not judgmental.
Again, just looking to see the city and meet someone. I moved out here for a fresh start and I intend to make the best of it.
Life is short. The only reason for it that I can discerne is to enjoy it. Right?

Date people from United States. Hello, Hello. My name's Dondi and I'm in the process of trying to change myself. I'm a combination of shy and outgoing. I'm somewhat of an old-fashioned kind of guy. I will bring you flowers on a date, I still think going to the movies is a date and an interesting and colorful conversation is also kind of a date. I'm also pretty dense so, you have to be direct with me, and I wish I could read minds. I'm almost open to everything and I try to be adventurous once in a while.
The qualities that I'm searching for a significant other is well, I'm not sure myself. I do know that I would pamper that person, spoil her to my best of abilities and give her the respect that she deserves. I would like to see her qualities that are similar to mine.
I enjoy the simple things in life, like the sound of rain, good food and a funny movie. I would love to share these things with a person. So, I'm here trying out a dating website. This is one of the steps to change and better myself. I'm big on being active, I would rather play or do something than go out on a sit down date, but that doesn't mean I'm limited to just that. I'm also finishing my Bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science, and after that, maybe Physical Therapy school, but that's my end goal, nothing concrete so far. So how 'bout it can you give me a chance?

Meet men and women from United States. im a recently graduated massage therapist/(bodyworker)
looking to further my career in the field of complementary alterative medicine.I love to be around people and am good at being a good listner. I say what i mean too and always look for the best in people.I love life and i believe in the law of attraction.i love to laugh and have a good sense of hoping to attarct someone who is real and authentic with themselves and others

Date single boy from United States. I'm a weird guy. I get bored easily, and say whats on my mind. If I was a superhero I would be Batman.
I would like to find someone intelligent, with strong convictions and opinions, who shares my enthusiasm for humor, conversation, art, and music. The perfect girl for me would be chill enough to watch documentaries and re-runs of Arrested Development with me, and spontaneous enough to run away to another city, state, or country with me...even if just for the day.

Meet a boy from United States. About me:
I graduated college in 2010 and am now working in software.
I love to make people laugh. Hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing games, reading, sports, working out, biking, and doing anything dangerous too :)
My way of life is really simple, "hakuna matata".
My Match:
Ideally, I like someone who is kindhearted, someone who loves people and animals. Someone that can see beauty and joy in just about anything.
Message me if you want to know more about this geek.