Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 38 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I've spent my last few years working on getting work and such where I want it. Made my sacrifices to the social interaction gods as well as gotten the party bug out of my system for quite a few years now....traded those for yoga, as well as reinvigorated my love of cycling to the point i'm probably riding the best I have in years. I don't really watch TV ever, but i do have one with an AppleTV to catch everything from current stuff (Family Guy, The Inbetweeners, Fringe, and Walking Dead) to old favorites when needed. When I do watch TV I prefer comedy's above all. My life can be too serious to carry that over into home. That said, I love documentaries too. When the TV is off I often read....books opened to the last page read adorn my home, plus I have a small que of books I'm reading on my Kindle App on my iPhone.
Overall I'm quite laid back day to day. I do have my business cap I throw on when needed and I'm no push over. And while I'm just a few points away from a Mensa membership, I am usually quite low key and spend more time being funny (and I am very funny) vs being all that serious. I'm loyal and help friends whenever possible....or even those I don't really know. We're put there to use our talents to help people, we don't always need to make a buck off each person we do. Can't help someone, well don't hurt them either.
Activity wise I love to bike, going on 4 years doing yoga, love to read, big fan of movies of all types (Cinemark to Kimbal's). I've studied in 2 different countries. Spent a summer living in the Netherlands. But I'm from small town MN so that part has never gone away. My favorite city is currently Chicago. I like finding cool new food places from exotic (Sri Lankan curry anyone?) to simple (I know where the best pizza and sandwiches are in 10 cities). Overall, a well educated, sincere guy who has a sweet bottle of wine on the top of the fridge as well as a few bottles of nice beer in the fridge.
Who I'm looking for? Income doesn't matter much, just that you have one and are responsible with what you have. Educated is a must, but college educated isn't necessarily a must. A must however is that you are, bike, lift weights, whatever you like to do to keep in decent shape. Don't need to be an Olympian or competitive, but if you spend more time watching TV than you do being active, we can be friends but we won't be a match. Also, good manners and getting along well with other people (even if you don't) are musts.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Right now I am looking for someone whom I can be a friend with and hang out, have some fun and see where it takes us. If it's not love hopefully I can find some great people too. I am gonna give this a try because between work and my son I do not have alot of time to go out looking for new people in my life but do not think that does not mean I will not make time in my life for the right if you think we may have some good times then lets chat!

Date people from Colorado, United States. I'm a funny, honest, intelligent, caring guy who has his act together. The time spent with people I care about is far more important to me than the activity. Simple stuff makes me happy - going for walks, good coffee, camping, etc...
If nice guys finish last, then I guess I'm doomed! I know some women like the dbag kind of guy, but I'm simply not that. I hope to find someone who is confident with who they are and what they want out of life and is comfortable exploring those things with me in an open and honest way.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I'm fairly easygoing but ambitious. I'm looking for someone that doesn't take herself to seriously, has a good sense of humor, likes the outdoors, good books, good movies and has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I'm a guy who is very comfortable in his career and life. In my free time you can find me at the lake on a boat with friends or at the golf course. Looking for someone that enjoys the same things and outdoors, animals, and has a sense of humor. If you can crack yourself up that's a big time plus. I'm usually the guy, my friends come for advice. How I got that position I don't know.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. ?? Is this easy or what?! Ok then- seeking someone that already knows who they are and what they want in life. that shouldn't be real hard to find should it? I know who I am and what I want. So that's half the puzzle

Date someone special from United States. I have great friends that are as close or closer than family. I'm active in the community and feel I do make a difference at the end of a day as a result. Love it.
Exploring the state and beyond is fun for me so a plus if it is for you. I'm very down to earth and fun loving. PBR and getting dirty is as much fun as studying new materials or coming up with my hair brain ideas/concepts to implement for work. In short, intelligent as you can find, but fun.
I can fix big things. I over see big things now. Think big thoughts. Create big laughs. But I still appreciate the little things in life, alas, still a simple MN guy at heart.
Who am I looking for? Someone who's kind heart, but not a push over. While most men may shun away from a strong personality, I embrace it. Someone who is active is preferred because I'm not one to sit around waiting for the world to happen. Not that my couch and I don't have our moments, but I like being active so it's a good quality for you too. Kindness towards others. Sense of humor. Overall, I'm open to meeting people just because you never really know who will click until you are face to face. Very least, always fun to meet new people. Maybe you'll have someone I should meet or I'll have someone you should meet.

Meet single man from United States. Looking for an itailian who loves to read and write books. Also is a teacher. I am hoping to find some one who loves to love, laugh, and share. I want to be comfortable being myself. If the day comes I hope to just have a happy and enjoyable life.

Date people from United States. First let me say that I am a complete newbie to a dating site and I have decided to try it out for two reasons. 1) I have a lot of girl pals who have found great relationships this way and swear by it, my boys may do it but none will talk about it (sad); and 2) I thought this would be a good way to weed through the “noise” and truly find someone I am compatible with in the majority of areas. I have never had a problem meeting girls or dating, but those always start off with one or two common interests (looks and the activity we met at). Then you get to know more and more about the person; and since I have never been married you can assume correctly how those all turned out ;) Some say I am picky, but I am not going to settle and I know what I want. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, maybe too much. So I can see the value in the whole screening and reading about the person beforehand. I do believe that fate can still play a hand via the internet, you and your soul mate could be at the same point in life when you turn here; the profile sticks out to each of you and you find yourself slightly dreaming “oh, this would be ideal. I hope he/she is still available!”. So now you know that I do believe in soul mates or at least I like the journey that believing in a soul mate can take you on. I have to admit a fact that has taken me a while to realize and I touched on earlier: I tend to see the best in someone and completely overlook the red flags. And maybe overlook is a nice way of saying what is more accurate, that I ignore the signs and push ahead because I’m a dreamer (believe the best in someone). Being a dreamer is what has propelled me in life and business but in relationships, I have had to learn the hard way and should have exercised caution to the red flags earlier. But, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and I live with zero regrets! Everything in my past has humbled me and taught me. I love the man God has shaped me to be. If you are looking for someone who will accept you for who you are and not judge you for your past than we are on the same page.
Ok, so we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff. If friends or family had only one word to describe me “Optimist” would be the winner, with “Laughter” a close second. I believe that you have to…better yet…you GET TO live life to the fullest, all out all the time! It is rare that you will find me down because I believe that road blocks or mishaps in life are opportunities for something great; so if my highs are up’s and my lows are up’s in transition then life is pretty good huh?! Although, the flip side to that coin is I am the one who gets the call at 4am when “life happens” and a friend is struggling to grasp why God would allow something to take place. Not a complaint by any means and I feel blessed to be able to see the good in life and the good that can come from every situation. Family is very important to me and I am blessed to have a lot of friends throughout the world. I do not have children of my own but my refrigerator is littered with pics and report cards from a million kids! I love children and any cause associated with them.
I enjoy almost every activity you can think of and I love doing anything active; if it gets my adrenaline flowing then I’m really hooked. I recently moved back to Denver, love trying new restaurants or just visiting my favorite ones. I think I have about hit the limit of how much I can type before boredom sets in….whoops, too late. Hahaha.
On one final serious note: I have tried to practice living my life as if the woman I end up with could rewind the tape and see everything prior to our meeting. I want that video to give her the peace of mind to know she has the right guy.
Oh, and I just realized that if it says below "no answer" that does not mean I did not enter an answer; I simply chose "no preference" - be who you are.

Meet men and women from United States. I grew up in Maine and moved here to ski, climb, hike, bike and sometimes go to school. Life took an unexpected turn 7 years ago after a skydiving accident. It took a few years, but im back on my feet. I never graduated from college, but i did make it 8 years with no degree. Its not that I couldn't finish, but other things came up like starting my own buisness and I had to make a choice.
Ive ended up as hybrid between redneck and artist. I love working with my hands but can rarely fix anything(not for lack of trying), my favorite food is pizza but sushi is a close second. I have a garden but it seems to die every summer... I own a chainsaw and know how to use it. I thought the twilight series was great, but i prefer woody allen movies. I wear carharts with button down shirts, my hair is rarely combed but i use product, my dog is furry, my stove is full of wood all winter, i hate doing laundry and dishes and id do them together if i had the right soap. My cat looks like a leopard and my shepherd looks like a wolf. My teeth are clean but the floor in my garage, not so much. My new truck is now an old truck and my dirt bike burns less gas then your prius and i think that is pretty cool. I read the New Yorker, recycle cans, pick up trash that is not my own and love rainy days.
If life is a box of chocolates then im really psyched because i love chocolate, especially if there is enough to fill a box.

Date a soulmate from United States. Okay...maybe not but a man can dream. I'm a Colorado native that loves the outdoors. Mountain biking is my passion but is not required to be a shared interest but bonus points if you do. I am a handy man to have around from broken things around the house to a massage after a hard day at work, but if you would prefer a night out your every wish is my command. I enjoy the occasional Disney movie and “Chick” flick but don’t tell anybody because it’s a closely guarded secret. I can be a little shy at first but I do warm up once I feel comfortable. I am the honest guy that is called on when someone needs a shoulder to cry on and a loyal and faithful friend in times of need.
I am looking for that special lady to connect with and become a partner in life, but am also up to find some new friends.Looking for someone who can be a 50/50 partner in life and love. But I am also up for finding some good friends while trying to find the special someone, so if interested in a good friend or maybe more let me know.
Perfect Match
Breathing, pinkish tint and full of oxygen, but this can be from the air or a tank!!! I am honestly not sure because I have yet to meet the one, could it be you?
Ideal Date
Any location where we can sit down and get to know each other, whether it is a library so we can whisper sweet nothings to each other or the loud action packed movie where we can text each other.

Meet a man from United States. Hi All!! Well... Here is some info about me... I am 5'11" tall, 180lbs, Black Hair, Brown Eyes and I am Asian/Hispanic/white from Southern Colorado. I am very outgoing and fun to be around. I enjoy being able to just socialize with people. I am not the greatest looking person... Kinda like a nerd. :) But I really do like to have fun. I am looking for someone to be fun and outgoing.. She has to appreciate me for who I am. Well.. That is about it... I am a funny Disney Nerd that is looking for someone to hang out with and just be. Hope to hear from ya!! And Remember to ALWAYS LAUGH!! LOL :0)