Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 45 year old

Date a man from Colorado, United States. Hi, thanks for looking at my profile. I love what I do for a living and I consider myself lucky to be from a big family. I have a variety of interests and I am always up for trying something new. I consider myself pretty easy going but when its time to make a decision, it gets done. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and love to have fun with good people and at good places. I am looking for a women who has similar interests, doesn't take herself to serious and is really open to having a relationship that starts with friendship first. I believe chemistry and attitude is key in any relationship. So if your interested in talking you know what to do.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. i am fun to be around so i am told and i am very laid back person just want to enjoy life and have fun in doing it i love to hike,ride motorcycles and go for walks love the mountains and seeing all the beauty they have to offer

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. i am easy going and like things to be simple. i have an open mind to most things. i like families that get along with each other and are easy to talk to. i am greatful for all the places i have seen and people i have meet around the world. i like sports which i have have played most of my life. i like to watch movies and half hour comdy shows. i would like to find someone the is easy going and open minded to most thinks. tell the truth and not lying is imported to me.

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. This is brief, since I'm not really sure what I'm looking for yet. I am in the middle of a Divorce and my soon-to-be Ex-wife has already moved on. I'm not in a hurry myself, however I don't see any harm in looking around so I know what to expect. I am also not averse to starting a relationship now if I found the right person.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. Busy executive looking for companionship for fun, laughs and travel. Enjoy sports, boating, movies and reading. Looking for someone that enjoys the same. Must be even tempered, employed and professional.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I am in construction mgt. and sometimes work long hours but thats o.k. because i like what i do. I have 3 great kids that are growing up very fast. they are older teenagers but are still a very important part of my life. i love being active but relaxing is also one my top fives. I am looking for someone that likes to have fun but knows when its time to be serious.

Date a man from United States. I. I enjoy all kinds of different activities. Any interested in some simple ( what ya what ya get).... let me know. I'm a pretty down to earth guy....pretty easy to get to know. minded...not to terribly hard on the eyes to look at.....and never judgemental of people. I actually enjoy those who are comfortable being just simply who they are. I do have a great sense of humor.... sometimes a bit quirky......sometimes a bit twisted...(so I've been told...always though with a smile.) And....I'm of the opinion that a little wit....can be great fun. i love kids. In fact, prefer them before most adults. They are such cool little sponges and most tend to be so eager to learn new things. things to kids and watchin a smile broaden across a childs face while it be thier first time fishing, or first time behind the wheel of a car.... kids are just pretty cool to me.
Ive poked around with match on and off. It can be a cool tool to open or widen social circles, or leave one wondering wtf. People can be say the very least. sometimes good....other times....ummm....not. Seems to be a fair amount of false advertizing. Not always what you what you get.And one or two crazies too. trick is....avoiding the latter.
Please.....any who feel interested in responding.....please just be who you are. I respect and appreciate honesty and the concepts of honor and itegrity. Also , reguardless of a persons shape. size or intellect.....amount of money in thier pocket, or social status or occupation.....we are all human, and ok. Not all though, seem to know it . but its ok people.....we werent meant to be perfect. many need reminder of that . Be who you truly are people......The best results ultimately start right there.....being the most beautiful thing there is....That!....if nothing else....will win a person dates....and ulyimate happiness.
So come and meet me. Im Erick. Lookin forward to it. If there is anything in particular any may want to ask or discover about me, and what makes me tick or whatever....that isnt in my profile ....all ya gotta do is click.

Meet single man from United States. I just want to meet the right woman. Someone who has the same drive as I do. Someone intelligent and with a heart of gold. A social butterfly. A woman to shows off with strong family values. A woman who knows how to treat a real man right. No games here. I'm an honest man looking for at least friendship. I have never had any luck with online thing and keep trying. The irony in this online thing is that I'm a computer expert in my normal everyday life. I just want to break away from my job and meet someone that will treat me like I want. As much as I would like to express myself in writing, I'm better at speaking. I hope to talk to to you soon.

Date a soulmate from United States. Most passionate about gaining new life experiences and having no regrets later in life. I wholeheartedly desire to find that special someone to make and share those wonderful life experiences with. Am constantly trying to learn new things; to keep stretching the comfort zone and because I tend to be curious by nature.
Abundantly awesome at laughing and providing merriment.......I absolutely crush at it. Pretty sure I have a championship belt lying around here somewhere.....and just a FYI, I frequently flout my fluency in sarcasm
I've enjoyed some diversity to date, from serving as a naval officer after college (Go Navy!) to working in some interesting positions before going back for a MBA. The somewhat cocky naval aviator of my 20's has been kicked to the curb by a more tranquil guy who is still trying to make a positive difference on our little blue marble. Currently working in the investment banking realm, primarily in the renewable energy sector, along with being a kick-a$$ part-time snowboard instructor for Vail. And after a bit of a hiatus, I'm putting my flight experience back to use, going for some additional quals and getting in some mountain time. Have you seen Colorado from the air? If you thought it was beautiful from the ground....just wait. That diversity, along with some extensive traveling (I've filled a couple passports) and unusual life experiences, created a somewhat unique individual. Or is it unique life experiences created an unusual individual? I'll leave that judgement to you......
Due to my family and military background, I am well versed in the meaning, and more importantly, the practice of chivalry. Definitely a glass is mostly full type, if you're not generally happy and laughing, well......please, with all sincerity, very quickly step away from the profile.
Pretty consistent with physical activity/fitness and eating right, but not overly so. This and a playful nature may be why people often peg me for someone much younger. I'm not a gym rat, but could easily sweep you off your feet.
Never married, and no kids. I'm very comfortable with kids (ask my adorable nieces), and am definitely open to the possibility of having them in my life someday. After being asked 'once or twice' why I've never married.....the Navy wasn't exactly conducive, and living in Vail wasn't much better. Also feel I haven't met the right lady yet....trying to fix that now.
Speaking of which, I'm looking for a beautiful lady both inside and out with passion, integrity and an ability to truly enjoy life. Looking for a relationship where we keep each other on our toes, laugh out loud (often) and get each other's internal superball bouncing a bit more than normal. And very important, she should really enjoy making out.......
WARNING ------ I'm one of those 'nice' guys who is pretty useful with his hands, can prepare a meal/wash dishes/take care of things around the house, and have your friends/parents/pet asking "When you bringing D..... by the house again?"

Then, when you least expect it, I'll kiss your neck and curl your toes....

Meet someone special from United States. 10 day TRIAL
Looking for the right kind of crazy ,independent, healthy happy, active, fit , funny, intelligent outgoing, passionate woman
I am a trichotomy of being
My body says get married and maybe have a kid
My mind says everything is perfect right now
My spirit says sell everything and travel the world........
Im wild enough to have fun
Mild enough that ur parents will like me
I prefer dinner parties over the bar scene , although I still like to get out and shake it now and then
I think a relationship i s like art , it is a continual cre8ive process
I am very eclectic , culture art sports science...
Just highly interested in a lot of things
I have a lot of weird and wonderful friends, all very creative and successful.
I have a great life , I live a life of luxury and I am very blessed and I am very thankful to the great spirit in the sky. Not saying Im rich just very lucky and blessed
I think chemistry is important as is things in common who wants to spend half their life doing something they dont want to do
Music is the ether of my life (love concerts)
Any thing from Rock to Jazz The Cult to Dead can Dance to Ray LaMontagne , Club , Euro Lounge , Led Zeplin, Tears 4 fears ,Cold Play , Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell Thievery Coorperaton, Cafe Del mar,Everything but the Girl,Depeche Mode Classical, Fleetwood Mac , Simply Red,Metalica ,Euro lounge.......and the Blues ......
Do you believe in Rock n Roll , can music save your mortal soul , and can you teach how to dance real slow.....?
Travel I like to go to mexico or california about 4 or 5x's a year Love to hike or veg on the beach
I ski about 15x a yr, golf about 10x a yr, concerts about 10x a yr
Love to ski bike and hike.... u?
I make it to the mtns about 30 x a yr
Wanna meet for 60 minutes and have a drink ?
Sorry no........ long distance or cyber relationships ,alcoholics or chronic medications
thats probably more than enough ..............................

Date men and women from United States. I will love to have my girl and make her happy. I like. See that my girl is enjoying be in whit me I like know places I'm man wants serious relationship I'm not looking for games. I'm honest person

Meet people from United States. Moments of absolute nirvana are what I live for. The perfect weather,sitting in the sunshine,a cold beer after a run, or a favorite song. Those moments don't come often enough but I always try to notice and appreciate them.
I am an active person in my free time. I have run several marathons and half marathons recently and hope to continue as long as my body will cooperate. Last summer I Climbed 4 14ers and would like to knock another one or two off this summer.
I have heard that this is a good way meet people, make friends, and potentially more. It is difficult to summarize who I am and what I am looking for? Basically I would like to meet someone with common interests, see if a friendship develops, and go from there.