Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 56 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I'm a very private and passionate man with the desire to be comfortable with me and whomever I might be not the mello-dramatic type,and nither should my mate be.I'm just a mello and down to earth guy who expect no more less from my mate,and if these discriptions of me are in you then we have life..

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. Recently widowed , But enjoy companionship. I am a Leo of the cuddely kind. I play EVE-Oline ( space economics, battle type game) mainly because my lost partner was not very moblile, i do enjoy the outdoors alot and plan on starting cycling again, used to dance to country music, and west coast swing( prob very rusty here) Looking for someone to talk to , walk with in the park, or mountian hike. sit on the couch with a good movie and cuddle. anything slse is if it happens it fine if not thats ok too. i enjoy very strong coffee's, have an open mind, i am bald on top and gray on the sides and it dosn't bother me, thats life. i beleive in doing the best you can at any job you take on, this last year my dept only had a 0.05 of a percent shrink and i am proud of it, lol yes i am in retail.i love to meet new people and hear there stories, so i love traveling when i can, which has not been much, but its fun when i can. lol body type on a woman is not real important to me , as long as her wourth of self shines through and brings out her attraction. Smile be Happy and Live.

Date people from Colorado, United States. Here is a description of me that I believe to be accurate...
I am a very hard working, committed person. I love to laugh and like to make others laugh even more. I smile a lot and am very optimistic, glass is half full. I have one grown daughter and a 2 year old grand baby that I love to spend time with. We crack each other up!
I enjoy a lot of activities, like golfing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, boating on Grand Lake, movies, cooking in and dining out, sporting events and most of all, sailing the Caribbean.
I grew up in the Midwest and have been in Colorado since 1980. I am honest, trustworthy and dedicated.
i am looking for someone with similar personality traits to share some of my passions with.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I have an adventurous spirit and a twinkle in my eye. I am physically fit, smart, honest, and a lover of the outdoors, I lead a life reminiscent of Indiana Jones: a mild-mannered academic who teaches at home and encounters adventures while working in remote places. I have been accomplished in several careers during my life: a therapist, an adventure guide, a professor, and and now a conservation biologist. I have seen the unusual, the exotic, the uncharted, and the unexplored; and I have gained an unparalleled enthusiasm for life and appreciation for humanity. I see things through a wide lens, and the result is evident in my zest for living, values, and deep appreciation for humanity. These are a valuable part of who I am and what I have to offer those who know me.
I can be a dichotomy at extroverted introvert; complicated open book. I love being outdoors, wild places, nature, and the sensuality of adventure. I am driven by a free-spirit, an open mind, and a fun-loving attitude. My friends describe me as caring, intelligent, honest, passionate, and joyful. Although I am well educated formally (perhaps too well?), nothing can surpass the education of life. I have learned to take what might seem like insurmountable stumbling blocks to others and have turned them over into stepping stones to greater opportunities. I have 2 great sons who are growing up before my eyes, and with whom I have a fantastic and close relationship. They have traveled with me around the world and truly are among my best friends.
I hope to find a partner to share the exploration of new places, active days, and quiet evenings. Someone who is comfortable with silence, as well as able to let it all hang out sometimes. I look forward to sharing the simplicity of a day outdoors, a night out on the town or a quiet evening at home, and the excitement of worldly travels.
I hope to meet a woman who lives with all of her senses fully engaged: her sense of self, her sense of purpose, her sense of humor, her sense of adventure, her sense of awe and her sense of wonder. In other words, she is far from senseless. Yes, she is physically attractive, but if that outer package is not authentically sustained by a deep, emotional, balanced, engaging, and spirited personality, those good looks can suffer a limited shelf life.
So, forget what they told you in Kindergarten! It’s okay to color outside of the lines! Experience life! Take a bite and then ask for seconds! Go left instead of right. Go here instead of there. Life is an adventure. My challenge is to outlive my life and leave a legacy of inspiration. And, on the days I simply need to recharge my internal batteries, then kick back, grab a soothing cup of coffee, and observe the passersby.
If I have sparked your interest, I won't know unless you tell me!

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Who or what makes you smile?
I love a lady that helps others and finds joy in a simple acts of kindness
I love going to BBQ's with Friends and Family sharing laughs and enjoying the blessings.
What type of person are you hoping to attract?
I am hoping to attract a very loving and sensitive lady who has a wonderful sense of humor.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Laughter is essential. We have to be able to laugh and let it go. I think kissing and hand holding are highly under rated. People seem to think it's only for the first few weeks. I couldn't disagree more.
I am one of those blessed people that gets to get up every morning and Know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I love my work, my life, my son and Jesus. Not in that order.
I am really looking for a love that is loving the whole person. Good, bad and all the stuff in between. It's so awesome seeing old couples that not only put up with each other's faults but actually have grown to find them endearing!
I think time is our most precious gift and we shouldn't waste it chasing the wrong stuff. I am a huge fan of nature. Are you in between dogs? I am allergic to cats and dogs. I would never want to be the guy that asked you to decide between me and your pets.... What's a boy to do?

Date a soulmate from United States. I have traveled the world and i'm a very hard worker! i love animals and being in nature weather im on my boat or just in the woods. I dont have time to met that special someone! i live on the mountain and when im not @ work im playing with my dog!

Meet men and women from United States. I love learning new things, I'm always reading a new book, trying something new. Picking peoples brains about what they do and how they do it. I enjoy meeting people.
I like to create things, whether it's building something, remodeling my house, writing a new poem or sketching, I'm never bored.
I enjoy my horse shows ,it lets me travel, meet old friends and lots of interesting new ones. I've always loved horses and this allows me to keep up with all the new ideas and products in the industry.
I'm laid back and easy to get along with and I'm looking for someone who is the same. Who likes intelligent conversation, loves the outdoors, living in the mountains.
There's so much more that would be better told in person.

Date people from United States. I'm a single professional white male...6'0" tall, 220 lbs, blue eyes and brown hair. I'm a spiritual person who enjoys meditating. Loves to take long walks with my dog and enjoy going to the movies. Would love to have a conversation with you to find out if were compatible. Let me know?

Meet a man from United States. Born and raised in Colorado I've been blesed with the mountains, what a place to live, hunting, fishing, and best of all golfing. Iam into the outdoors even when the weather is bad. Snow, rain, hot, or cold I enjoy them all. Best describe myself honest adventurous, loyal ,nonsmoker, and a good dad.What Iam looking for, honest, active, adventurous, nonsmoker, someone thats allright with bluejeans and boots at Micky Dees or dressing up for an elegant dinner for two.Does not need to be a golfer but understands that it an important part of my free time(golfer is a plus)enjoys watching football,and my friends.

Date someone special from United States. I've been single for three years now and have been on Match since August 2011. I had my profile hidden for a few months, but I'm back to try again.
I've lived in Colorado most my life, but I've traveled and travel all over the world. I work for a major airline and am gone from home about twelve to fourteen days a month on average. One of the perks of the job is being able to travel on days off, which I do. I've spent more time visiting Europe than other continents. I'd like to live in Europe for a few months, but that's down the road sometime.
I have a passion for skiing and during the winter, take advantage of my days off as much as possible to ski. I like to cook and have taken some classes to enhance my knowledge and skills. I'm not a gourmand by any stretch, but I try.
I do like to hunt, but it's not my life. In other words, I only spend a couple weeks a year hunting.

Working out regularly is important and it's great to get out for a good hike in the mountains to get out of the gym. I state that my body type is average. I don't have 6 pack abs. Trying to be honest and not overstate. Your opinion? There's motorcycle in the garage that's great for two, a lot of fun to ride, but it's not essential to a relationship.
I have one daughter who lives here in the Denver area. She's a budding chef trying to build experience.
I would love to meet someone who likes at least a few of the things I do and also likes to go to movies, or a good show. Maybe a drive in the mountains for a picnic, sightseeing, hiking, maybe a raft trip in summer, or tubing in the winter( along with skiing).
After we get better acquainted, some travel may be in the future if that's an interest.
I am also open to trying some new things, so if you have some different interests than I, I can be persuaded to trying something new to add some spice. I don't mind a quiet night in as it's a great way to unwind.
I hope that whomever I meet has a quick smile, an easy laugh, and would like an adventure once in while.
I believe I have a lot to offer, but I have to leave that up to you.
My pictures are mostly within the last year.
Thanks for looking.

Meet single man from United States. My Friends say that I am thoughtful,willing to help at anytime. Sometime they say tat I'm to kind. When the person is happy it puts a smile on my face. I like fish & I like to work on the garden. It's relaxing. I like the person to share
The same interest as I do. But I don't mind to explore new interest. The person should have a good sense of humor, caring & don't mind dressing up every once awhile.