Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 36 year old

Date single man from Colorado, United States. Life is a dream. I live to chase mine. I am looking for fun, companionship and romance! I am a lover not a fighter, but i will fight for what i love! Been in Aspen a little over 6 years now, love it! Audio engineer by trade. Last summer, I completed a hot yoga teacher training. Healty diet and daily excercise are the key to happiness' doorway. I am so blessd with my friends and family, the 2 most important things in my life. They all know me as dependable, comical, trustworthy, ambitious,sincere,creative, brutally honest and to the point! My life is full of love and fills me with love... i need to share! Im looking for a woman who knows what she wants! Compassionate, patient, sincere, genuine, dependable, wise,sexy,rythmic,poetic,independant, understanding, fun, driven and most importantly happy!!!! I only ask what i can provide.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I am a hardworking guy who gets to work outside and who also loves to play outside as much as possible. I am told I am outgoing, funny and I've never met a stranger. I am grateful for my awesome family and friends and the job that I have. I'm a pretty mellow person overall. If I'm not camping with work or friends, I like to chill at home and watch movies. I do enjoy getting out on the town every once in a while too. I am hoping to attract a gal who loves to adventure outside as much as I do whether it be climbing, running or taking a hike.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Okay let's face it, none of us ever thought it would come to this. But here we are trying to convince each other that "I'm the one you can't live without.". Not to toot my own horn, but I just might be that guy. I'm funny, relatively tall, I'm not that bad looking, though I'm aware I'm no underwear model either. I'm good with kids, love my dog, own my own house, work real hard, have a green thumb, cook for a living, have a degree in fine arts (painting), love music (especially live music), movies, playing golf, and camping.
I don't ski, snowboard, or snowshoe, but I love to go to the mountains. I don't sky dive, bungee jump, ride motorcycles, watch UFC or NASCAR. I'm a huge Yankee fan, love pro and college football and basketball. I don't hike as often as I would like to,however I have little interest in 14ers.
I'm honest and faithful, responsible, quick witted, and educated. I'm looking for someone who is fun, funny, challenges me, and inspires me to exceed my potential. I'm not looking to date everyone on this site, but I'm also not looking to settle for anyone less than I deserve either. If your interested give me a shout.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I’m an easy going guy who likes hanging out with friends and golfing. I'm interested in a meeting a nice girl who wants to experience life with me. I'm not big on emailing back and forth. Let's meet, have some drinks or get some coffee and take it from there.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I am a real nice man. I treat people with respect. Am looking for someone to have fun with. I do not have a ton of friends here. Would love to find someone to connect with, maybe find an actual girlfriend. But not to fast. I am a pretty easy going guy.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. Wow that's a lot in one section. Ok, about myself. I am a fun loving, hard working trained Chef that loves living in Colorado, spending time with my family and enjoying new places and people. I always have fun in anything I am doing and i am into doing a lot of different things. In my spare time I love to just drive somewhere and enjoy that city for the day. You have no idea what you can enjoy in a new place. I have been to 41 states and 4 different counties. I am actually planning my next trip now. Maybe a island somewhere or who knows. I am a former football player, semi pro pool player and I have studied Economics and graduated with 2 degrees from Culinary school.
So about my match. I am very easy going and drama free. I think that is the basis of any good match. I would hoe would that she would be a big traveler and love adventure like me. Basically, I have nothing major to add than that. I am not looking for a perfect girl at all, just a down to earth girl that is willing to have fun, has a beautiful smile and eyes.

Date single man from United States. I am easy going, spontaneous, adventures, faithful, caring, and humorous. The woman I am looking should share these traits. I am not looking for the perfect woman. I am looking for the perfect woman for me.

Meet people from United States. Where do I begin...
...born in Germany, lived on all major coasts of the US, traveled to every state (minus Alaska, Maine), crazy about cars, honest, loyal, get me on the dance floor, social, a friend, don't like to quit, Eagle Scout, curious about outer space, need to be touched, give great massages, sensitive, can listen, patient, enjoy turning up the radio, accept and value change, seeker of knowledge, stage actor, slow at writing but rarely revise, have a nice warm smile, physically confident and capable, optimistic, romantic, a bit of a showoff and attention seeker, one with nature, simple minded, like drinking from the garden hose, will occasionally relax with big stereo speakers on both sides of my head to escape and feel the music, play music by ear, rarely get lost or confused about where I'm going...
...but most of all lovable.

Date a soulmate from United States. im a simple person- ive traveled many places and ive had many magical experiences in my life-and in no way feel short changed. i have a lot of gratitude and simply just enoy being alive- honesty is sexy-

Meet men and women from United States. I am passionate about learning. I read everything. I am heading off to Graduate School in the Fall for my Masters in Public Administration. Upon finishing, I will head to PhD school for My Doctoral in Political Science focusing on Policy. I need a partner that knows that I will be extremely busy with studying and not get sad if I cannot be with them every hour. They must have the confidence to know I am with them and they are with me and we are going on this road together, side by side.
I love spending time sharing and talking about everything under the sun. I am very knowledgeable in several subjects. But I believe that I am not to full of myself that I think I know everything.
I feel that the best way to be in a relationship is when you are together that is your time and make the best of it. Quality time is important to me. I love going out to eat at high end places just a much as I like grabbing a pizza and watching a movie, as long a we are together and present, not worry about what we have to do tomorrow.
I love children and would love to have some, some day, but not right away. I was married for 6 years but that ended and we are still very good friends, we just parted because of different paths we are in terms of goals in life. I am over her but she is in my life as a friend, I state this because some might have a problem with it.
I love camping, dancing, biking and running. anything outside.

Date someone special from United States. I am quite simple. I am always striving to live in each moment. I try to enjoy all of them to the best of my ability. I don't think there is very much to fear out there. Though not very demonstrative, I express most of my passion ambition creatively. Creative processes are my main languages. I certainly am not a materialist. I love my queen-sized bed but, I also love not owning a car. I love the freedom of riding a bike everywhere. I am an introvert who really enjoys one on one conversations. I love being alone with someone and the intimacy and comfort that exists there. I enjoy being a homebody but really love getting out with someone else(especially outdoors). I have more energy during the day and prefer to be at home at night. I love playing, being physical and climbing mountains; physically and mentally. I'm not into bars or dancing(except maybe the tango). I normally lose interest when at a party or large gathering of people. I love animals and probably feel more comfortable around them too. I don't feel awkward about silence and even enjoy it. I have a few good friends. I don't have a large groups of friends and have a tougher time blending into such a large social setting. I love find myself smiling. I don't take most things seriously because I have a few things that I think are really important and guard them as best I can. I try to remember how lucky I am, being an American, being healthy and employed.
I honestly don't know if I'll ever find my 'soulmate'. But, I can't help trying. I have tried to stop but it didn't stick. I have gained something valuable from each relationship that I've been in. Even though it can hurt if it doesn't work, it's definitely worth it. Life is just so much more enjoyable when you can share it with someone else. Ideally, I'd like to meet someone that I have a lot in common with. But, I have an unconventional personality so it's more challenging to meet others with the same perspective. It's always good to see couples. It's a tough task. So, kudos to anyone that can make it.
Because of all of this, I'm open to meeting most people. I have preferences but not many deal breakers. There's just so much out there to experience and so many different paths via different relationships. If I had to describe my 'perfect' match, she'd be sweet, light-hearted, grounded, enjoys downtime, takes care of her body & mind, not restless and creative as a bonus.
Good Luck.

Meet a man from United States. Hi!!! I'm a drama free 34 year handsome MAN :) I just moved to the Northeastern part of Colorada. I'm 5'11'', 185 pds with black hair, Dark Brown eyes. I always have a good time but can be serious when needed to be. I love sports especially college sports. Some say I used to be athletic but that seems like ages ago. Just looking for a companion to spend my time with, and maybe your the one.I'm looking for a fun loving woman who's looking for a fun and exciting time. Someone who is confident and presents themselves in a very high manner. Most of all someone who will like the person inside just as much as the outside.
I'm ready to start the 2nd chapter of my life, the first chapter I skimmed thru and didn't give it 110%, There are things you can learn from failure and beleive me I have learned the hard way. When I find the one,, I know truly I will live for her and cherish her everyday tell the last!!