Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 60 year old

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I am not spectacular looking, but most people thing I am "attractive", my main thing I have going for me is I am a nice guy. I am honest to a fault, I prefer to tell the truth and will do so even if it does me harm. The only time I will not tell the truth is if someone asks an opinion and I think my answer will hurt their feelings. Opinions aren't important and can be fudged a bit. My weight is high, but it is going down slowly and hopefully will continue to do so. Colorado Springs has been my home for only a few months and am hoping it will last, but can only count on the next two years. I am a "professional" and am looking for a lasting relationship, not sure if I want to marry again, but am not totally against the idea with the right person. Main thing is I am not a Stud muffin, but I am kind and treat people the way they should be treated and not as some "thing" that is desposable. I like the area here and love to go out exploring whenever I can. I like rodeos, movies, dining out or in. Animals are something I really enjoy having around, but have none now. My last dog is not one I got over easily and could never be replaced. Plus with the way I work and have no one with me, getting another would not be fair to the animal.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. A realistic guy who lives within his means (if only the government would emulate), non-conformist (loves freedom & liberty), works out regularly (can’t live without), enjoys sports (still haven’t figured out soccer), traveling (near and far), shooting (and reloading), movies (haven’t figured out the allure of vampires & zombies), good company (not a crowd) and spending time together (ooh baby). Not necessarily in that order. Like to lap swim, mountain bike, hike and wouldn’t mind getting more into scuba (must travel to nice places for that though). At the risk of giving the wrong impression I do not, and do not seek, to live a beer commercial style life – not that it’s bad necessarily, it’s just not my thing. For music I prefer to stay in the here and now (I already lived through the 60s & 70s) and the current selection of Christian rock artists out there is phenomenal. However I’ll always have a soft spot for Baroque, but don’t get around to it much lately.
It would be great to find a lady who is fit, confident, happy (not depressed), has/had a career, has a relationship with God and who lives in Realville (obviously not Snookie, Whoopie, Bah Bah, Rosie, or any other lefty icon). Sorry to interject politics but there’s no desire, at least on my part, to be in a Matlin/Carville, polar opposite, type relationship. If you believe in big government, man-made global warming, class warfare, politics of envy, bankrupting domestic energy producers, giving billions to failed/failing solar panel manufacturers, reducing DoD funding to a point where our troops will have to conduct bake sales to buy materiel (I have a personal and national interest), and you only flush your toilet once a week (whether it needs or not) in order to save the world – this profile is NOT for you (obviously you’ll believe me to be just another knuckle dragger!). It may be enticing to live in a world where one believes they are �entitled’ and the government is supposed to take care of everything, but that’s only abdicating one’s own responsibilities and trading freedom for [supposed] security. I know it can be tough living in a world of self-sufficiency where potential failure(s) always exist, but the rewards (and freedom) far outweigh the risks.