Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 26 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I think the concept of listing off attributes that you "are looking for" is a little bizarre. Being with someone doesn't depend on how well you fill out a checklist, it just comes down to how the two individuals feel when they are together. Maybe I am unique in that thought, though.
But, since I should still introduce myself, here goes:
I am relatively new to Fort Collins, recently moved from Victoria, BC via Lordsburg, NM. I have lived all over the place, and have been fortunate to travel to a fair number of very cool locales (I think some of my favourites are listed below?). I am incredibly passionate about music, and listen to all sorts of craziness despite being unable to play any instruments myself.
I used to race bicycles as my "job", but real life has come knocking and I am now making use of my handy-dandy education and am working in IT. Cycling is still a large part of my life, though, as is being active in general. I maintain my sweet sweet tan lines, and still shave my legs. Contentious? Perhaps. Silky smooth? Definitely.
I have a rather sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humour, and I spend a lot of time making use of it. I love conversation, and quick-witted back and forths are one of my favourite things in the world. I enjoy meeting new people, even if I am horrible with names, and I am always trying to learn more about, well, everything. I am certainly a bit old-fashioned when it comes to dating and relationships, and I far prefer conversation and dinner to nightclubs and dancing. A large part of that preference likely involves my passion for good food and cooking, and I am unashamed to admit that I own far too many kitchen implements. No worries though, if you ever need a creme brulee torch, I have it on lockdown.
If you are still reading by this point, then either some of my words have struck a note (maybe a chord?) or you are incredibly bored. Either way, feel free to send me an email and we can chat.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I'm looking for someone who is easy going like myself. Someone who can laugh and enjoy life in every single day. Someone who is grateful to be alive and have fun. A person who respects all life and people. I'm looking for a person who loves to spend time by themselves as much as being with another person. I find that most relationships partners become extremely co-dependent on the other for their happiness. I'm looking for a person that is centered and knows who they are and are comfortable being that. I find that most people are in relationships for the wrong reasons and have no true connection with their partner. I'm looking for someone to be a good friend that I can share anything with! I am self motivated and driven and would love to meet a woman who is the same!

Date single boy from Colorado, United States. i am a real the typ that gets along with all pepole love fishing bikeing boating playing pool working on trucks and cars as a hobby i am looking for someone that is a happy person and knows what thay want in life someone that dont lie and has morrls

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. There is so much to say, but I'll start by saying, I'm shy, Loving, Caring, Outgoing, Reserved, Trustworthy, Sincere, good sense of Humor, and good family values. I'm looking forward to moving to Jacksonville Florida, I have a passion for welding, and I'm very good at it. I am in the process of taking my welding career to the next level. I have been accepted at the Commercial Diving Academy, to become a certified Commercial Diver!
(If you what to know more, I will be more than happy to buy you dinner and tell you anything you would like to know)

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I'm kinda shy and quiet most the time, but once i get to know someone it's the exact opposite! I want someone who hates drama as much as I do, and likes finding the humor in everyday life. I want someone who takes care of themselves, and takes pride in the way they look. I'm always open to doing new things, and am always looking for new adventures. I love going out on weekends with friends, and also don't mind staying home with a good movie or video game. I am very passionate about finishing school, and keeping healthy and in good shape.

Meet a guy from Colorado, United States. I am a volunteer firefighter, I prefer wildland fire, its amazing to see that kind of force of nature and be in touch with it. My 9-5 is working in fire planning and forestry, it keeps me outside enough to keep me happy. When I'm not at work I'm hiking, biking, camping, playing rugby or coming up with new adventures with some great friends. I have lived in Boulder for the past 2 years, before I came back to Boulder I was living in Fort Collins for college. I have lived in Albuquerque. But I was born and raised in Boulder and it has shaped most of my outlook on life, love and the world around me. Most of the basic information is included in the little check boxes below. If you want to know more, I've been told I'm a bit of a story teller, so just ask.

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. Hey everyone, thanks for checking me out, if you are looking for adventure and good times all around give me a shout, i enjoy most conversations going out for a night out on the town, a good movie or something you had in mind.

Meet someone special from United States. I'm a midwestern guy who moved here for a great job and the mountains!...and I quickly found out that this is the driest place on earth. Seriously, if fanny packs were cool, I would have one full of eye drops, lotion, and Chap Stick at all times. I also found out that people here treat you like you are a drunk guy in a nunnery if you don’t own a Mac. Still love it out here though!
A little about me…my drive and ambition has led me to set high standards for my ideal personal life and work life. I feel that prairie dogs are a weird blend of cute and creepy. I am always on the go and enjoy hanging out on a patio with friends, being up in the mountains, and playing any sport. I am very playful and joke around all the time and always have a smile/smirk on my face. Not really a cocky smirk, its more of s**t eating grin, but don’t let it fool you; I’m as caring, genuine, and kindhearted as they come.
What I’m looking for…a girl who I can joke around with, likes to travel, and has a desire to experience everything this great state has to offer. I’m not necessarily expecting to find “the one”, but I definitely wouldn’t let go of a good thing. I think I feel that way because I never really expected I would be on here, but views change all the time right?
I wanted to leave this short because I feel it takes away part of the excitement of dating if you already know each other’s life story…not to mention anyone can lie in these things. So get ahold of me so you can form your own opinion!

Date people from United States. Hey i'm a 26 year old male from Colorado looking for my soul mate or maybe just someone good in bed, I love driving and making out under the stars, I'm crazy shy but not once you get to know me, hope to get to know you :)

Meet single boy from United States. I'm fun-loving and find joy in almost everything I do except waiting in lines and commercials. I love being active; in the summer and the winter. I enjoy being with friends and laughing! I'm grateful everyday that I live in a beautiful state and have an awesome job. I'm looking for someone pretty unique. She should be independent, loyal, funny, kind, beautiful, and exciting to be around. I want a relationship that isn't full of drama and isn't a ton of work.

Date men and women from United States. Easy going and enjoys life. I like people in general and am always up to meeting new people. Always surrounding myself around good people who make me want to do better. I'm always one who likes to laugh and knows that life is short, so why not enjoy it.

Meet a soulmate from United States. My name is Noah I am a hard working man, I love cars,I like to ride ATV'S on my free time, I love to travel, I like hiking and exploring the Rocky's. I enjoy life, friends and family, and the great outdoors. I have study fire science and enjoyed it, I love working as a seasonal wildland fire fighter.I am a well liked guy every where I work, I am a guy that likes to talk and help to make things better.
I would love to find some who has a kind heart.