Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 50 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I am a fun loving, carefree and happy individual. Light hearted, laugh easily, try not to take myself to seriously and can find humor in most situations. I stay active, am fit, spontaneous and not afraid to take risks. Solid in my values, honorable in my actions. I tend to steer clear of negativeangry people and usually find myself rooting for the under-dog. I am an animal lover, have a dog, and probably always will. It's his castle, and I am just here to serve him! :) Honest, loyal, and very caringattentive. It's the small stuff that makes the difference.
I have a wide variety of hobbies and tend to stay very active. Most tend to revolve around the ocean, mountains, lakes, or anything scenic. I like to boat and fish the bays, ride my Harleys, restore and drive classic cars,snowboard, sail, workout, and take the dog for a walk or run daily. I've found that as I grow older I like to garden and do yard work! Who knew. From doing something extreme like jumping off a gardening????
I also love the coast and ocean. I have a home there, and try to spend as much time there as possible. Warm salty air!
You Just be yourself. That's all I want. If we're not a match, that's ok. At least we can say we each have a new friend. I want very much to find 1 woman, just 1, to spend the rest of my life with. Not really looking for a 1-night stand. She will be treated with kindness, respect and equality. Pretty much how I'd like to be treated.
I've been very fortunate in life, and would love to share that with someone special.
Basically just a happy, healthy, fit man seeking his life partner.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I am an easygoing and fun loving guy. Many of my hobbies allow me to enjoy the Rocky Mountains that I live so close to.
I love the sense of adventure that being in the Rockies can bring no matter what you are doing in them, be it camping, fishing or just touring (4wheelin) as well as snowboarding. Always a good time. That being said I'm also right at home being at home.
I have a wee little bit of the sensitive and romantic side to me. I'm not afraid to show my affections, feelings and emotions.
The kind of woman that I'm looking for, well for starters she needs to be fun and intelligent, thoughtful and kind as well as romantic and passionate, outwardly affectionate is a big plus. A little adventurous would go a long ways.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. i enjoy snowboarding , golf and cooking. Live music is 1 of my passions.I would like to meet someone who is outgoing and has a some of the same interests. I enjoy the beach, mountains and traveling when i can find time. I cook for a living and enjoy cooking at home and eating out.I have a great passion for food and drink.I work on weekends and dont find alot of time for finally decided to try online dating.hoping to meet a compatible gal to take out and have some fun.I am an avid golfer.I work at a private golf coarse, so if you are into golfing or want to learn this is your oppurtunity. i try and get out as much as i can .Anyway, i am looking for a comanion/ friend to join me .Hopfully you will be the one.Lets go, the summer is just starting.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. What ever happened to simply asking a nice girl out for a simple DATE? Yes we are too far gone into this new age of sophistication and complexity; so here we sit playing this "match" game, browsing (shopping) each other. Change for me! Face to Face is my preference.
Everyday, everyway I have to be honest in all my affairs; so I admit I get lonely from time to time or just get tired of myself? maybe both?
My opinion; the human female is god's most mysterious, confusing and beautiful creation! thus I often struggle with the power women have over me and how some take advantage. Women stir my emotions. They excite and ignite me! I am easily smitten over and over and quite often. Smiles to all of you!
I am a devout heterosexual and bachelor as well as hopeless romantic. Remaining single this many years requires courage, commitment, elasticity, self knowledge and the metaphoric "loose grip". I have made this Matching choice to ask one (or many) of you out on "a simple date". I realize, at our age, life is beginning to shorten. I would like to find someone with which to share and enjoy precious time doing the things we both enjoy! Experience the moment! And if things go astray, we tried? No pressure!
I understand life's "duality" in everything. Two sides: woman/man, good thoughts/bad ideas, birth/rebirth, Seinfeld/Sopranos. My lifestyle is action packed and limitless; yet I seek simplicity and calm! A quiet in the storm, a ripple on the pond. I avoid one dimension of thought, one narrow path, just one rainbow, one egg in one basket! For me its about mixing, sharing and spreading all positive within the joys of life and living!
I see most women here on are divorced. I believe divorce to be the scourge of my generation! messy and hurtful business! I wish men and women could learn to open and share their hearts with everyone, everyday! Not just their "selected few" (a setup for disappointment). Thinking less about oneself and more about "the others" lessens alot of the heart ache and damage prevalent with us older singles, as we age and become either too set or too trapped "in our ways!" Like most of you, I too have my fare share of heart scars and love wounds! I also feel it OUR responsibility to pass on and teach caring and sharing, compassion, devotion and genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow man onto OUR next generation. So much suffering out there!
So far I'm beginning to accept this buffet style human shopping network even though I don't necessarily agree with it. Even simple dating has a process! Of late, I've been paying closer attention to the petite and smart, independent and funny, motivated and educated, outdoorsy and free spirited, and did I say funny? Being paleface I've been limited to a relatively strict salt and pepper diet over the years. I am a new arrival to your big city, your rat-race, your local customs! Today my mind is open to all different female type, color, flavor, size, shape, age, beliefs, personalities, philosophies, behaviors, appetites, and single parenthood - and did I say women were confusing?
No phony baloney please! I vote against bossy, needy, loud, close-minded, self-absorbed women. If your looking for plastic-man, greater vanity, upgrading houses or more "stuff"; I say check your motives! I am just not there! I often think and speak in metaphor; preferring "life's big picture", "family" and "the cause" (whatever, whomever or wherever). My outlook on life is simplicity : too laugh, too love, too learn!
Having to express myself or convince others in this forum using so many I's, Me's and My's is really NOT my style or what I'm about. I don't like conceit or selling myself. Ego and Pride are dangerous drugs for me! I can't just talk (or claim) the spiritual life; I try to live it everyday.
Take a chance "they" say! OK well here we are! I will lighten up and close with funny: "you know I aint good-lookin, but I swear I'm some sweet womens angel child"

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hi,
My name is Jay. I mostly keep busy welding with my own business and have welded for years. I am looking for that special someone to enjoy my life with, have fun and share my hobbies which include motor cycle riding and snow mobiling and catching a movie once in a while. I would love to find that special someone who can love and share my life with. Any questions you might have... please e-mail me!

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. I am a hard working sole, I'm honest, sincere, punctual, and I won't feed you full of false pretenses. I am willing to admit when I am wrong or have made a mistake. I have a good job, but also like to take advantage of my time off. I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, road trips and all other types of travel. I prefer camping to hotels, and don't mind getting lost (especially if it leads to new sights and experiences) not afraid to ask for directions either. I try to keep life simple and do not like a lot of drama mucking things up.
A few of my favorite things, evenings in the desert, crisp fall hikes, the smell of lotus, also the smell after a spring rain. I like to take weekend adventures to new places, I also like trying new foods. Love the sound of wind in pine trees, and the solitude of watching and listening to birds and babbling brook. I like going to the hot springs for RR, or just taking it easy at home. I'm trying to do my best with gardening, but admit I have a lot to learn.
I also like learning about anything that has to do with the natural world. Plants, Geology, Geography, Natural History, Birds are a new interest, I like looking for and watching wildlife when hiking.
When the season is right, I like to look for (edible) wild plants and mushrooms when hiking (and "NO" I am not into drugs), I like looking for edible plants, and I like to cook using wild foods. Unfortunately there is just not enough time to learn all that I would like, but would really like to meet some one that has similar interests in this regard, maybe we could learn something from each other.
In the cooler months, I like to watch older movies, you know the ones that actually have a story, and don't have to rely on all the high tech fluff. I like older flicks (the old romances) with Humphrey Bogart, and I am also big on foreign movies, an occasional bug hunt (SCI FI), mysteries, film noir, and documentaries. TV habits; I like watching PBS or the history channel, I am not really into sports so you won't find me sitting around Sundays watching football, I have better things to do than watch foot ball or hockey.
A few of my favorites flics...
The Samurai Trilogy (The best)
Beat the Devil
Play Misty for me
Paper house
Twilight Samurai
Immortal Beloved
My taste of music is pretty eclectic, but can do with out heavy metal, grunge, and rap. I do like classical (Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi), 70 -80s (punk / new-age), most rock, reggae and african, the 30s, 40s, and 50s have some good tunes also, and I like a healthy dose of NPR on the weekends. Some times I listen to the short-wave radio to hear how the rest of the world perceives the current news around the world.
I try to go to the gym when I can, about 2 to 4 times a week, but admittedly tend to maintain a stocky build to a few extra lbs, if you are looking for a string bean, I am not your guy.
Some of my dislikes
I don't like a lot of drama, or people with heavy emotional baggage, indecisive people, office or corporate politics, US politics, the taste of things that are supposed to taste like chicken, I really don't like crowds, or hornets, and cannot stand the taste of too much cilantro.
I am a firm believer in karma, but also know the gods are in waiting just to laugh it up when things go hay-wire.
On the home front, I am constantly working to improve my house, be-it a little at a time, I can fix just about anything, but find that there is much more joy in being outside. Pets add some stability in the every day grind, and I believe that everyone should have some contact with animals on a regular basis.
Meeting some one that is honest, sincere, and likes to do things outside, or has a yearning to learn about new things would be great. I am looking for some one that marvels at nature, is not afraid of technology, and doesn't mind a little dirt or weather when hiking. If you share any of these interests, I would like to talk to you!

Date someone special from United States. I'm simple man with complicated dreams(no hate,no hurt,everyone including animals should live life in a world with no pain just peace and love) i dont think thats to much to ask,do you. I'm a independent hard worker who would like to add a new dimension to my life, a good woman.

Meet people from United States. I am very romantic and affectionate. I throw myself into everything I do. I am passionate about life and my partner! I want someone who is not easily suffocated by the attention and affection of another. I have a lot of time and I want it all to be with my best friend. Is that you? Drop me a line and let's find out!

Date men and women from United States. I am an easy going person who enjoys laughing and smiling as often as possible. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and having good conversations with them. My daughters are an important part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them as often as I can. I have a few friends and many more acquaintances that I like to hang around with whether it be for a cup of coffee, a drink on a patio, watching sports or grabbing a bite to eat. I offer support, friendship, compassion, manners and life intelligence to those I interact with whether they be an old friend or new one. I am very selective with those I bring into my life and know what I don't want in a partner and am defining what I am looking for in someone I choose to spend time with in a potential relationship. I pride myself in the fact that I am not like most other men in my motive or desire when it comes to meeting women on this site or in person. I am quiet yet confident and sometimes think those two qualities are misjudged. I was pretty geeky during my formative years when I started publicly liking girls. I like to think that I was never the guy but was the other guy that the girls came to to get insight into why their boyfriend was treating them so badly. I'm still geeky but I don't think as much as I was back in the day. I don't think I would change anything because those experiences have helped define who I am today. I am very modest and do not promote myself with words but the woman that gets my attention and keeps it will get a great guy. I know that same holds true for the lady that I'm able to get and hold her attention as well.
I am not looking for casual sex or one night stands. I have promised myself that I will never talk a woman into doing something they may not want to do because I told them what they wanted to hear. I am respectful of others and want my actions to support my words. I believe that the actions of a person say more than the words they speak and am looking for someone who tries to make sure those two things are in sync with each other. If you're interested in finding out more let me know; if not I wish you the best in your search.

Meet a man from United States. I live in Littleton. I love Colorado it is where I was born and raised. I enjoy hiking and snowboarding in the mountains during the winter and fall. During the summer months I love to go rafting. I try to go out in the wilderness and explore as much as I can.
For the past twenty-six years I have owned my own business. I have recently retired. I am looking for someone who is independent and would enjoy sharing their time with me exploring new places.

What I am looking for in a relationship is someone with a good sense of humor. I am also looking for someone who wants to take it slow. I want to take my time getting to know this special someone. I would like a woman who is down to earth and knows who she is. My dream date would be intelligent, not just on an intellectual level but also logical and street smart. I want to live out the rest of my years with someone who cares about me. In return I am a very trustworthy, humorous, adventurist, handy, independent, and loving person.

Date a soulmate from United States. A good sense of humor and a easy going attitude are important to me. From my perspective quality times and memories stem from there.
I appreciate my family and my friends and enjoy spending time with them when I can. Beyond work I find myself up either on the mountain, mountain biking, taking in good music or headed out on a surf trip.
Dinner with friends, a stimulating conversation over a cup of coffee should not be underestimated. I also enjoy my work as it provides structure and a sense of reward as well.
I am hoping to find a partner who shares the same set of values and also look forward to expanding my outlook through what that person might bring.

Meet single man from United States. love the out doors going on walk's ,hiking , ,fishing ,hunting ,camping ,
riding my 4-wheeler around .shoting skeet or targets . and riding horses .I love helping out on my Uncle and cousins farm in Kanas...HATE
liers life is to short for it ,&; on games .....
I was a cop for about 4 or 5 yr.Then welded & build high-rise building's .All over the UNITED States ,
I'm also the guy that opens the door for all the ladies .I was born here in Colorado.Den...Work out of state but alway's came home...Love
the pease the mtn's give & the planes can too...