Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 48 year old

Date people from Colorado, United States. Life is meant to be shared... everything is better shared. A kiss, a pear, music, dreams, love... Our hearts are flowers that need to be watered with love, otherwise we wither die.
Some of my passions are the outdoors, hiking, natural health and fitness, classic rock & grunge, new adventures.. I have a good heart soul, I'm grounded, peaceful, down to earth and easy going, relaxing & easy to talk to, intuitive, always smiling and love a good laugh, always looking to the bright side, expressive, communicative, thoughtful, romantic, sexy, affectionate.... what more could you want?! :))
I'm drawn to men who are soulful, outdoorsy, expressive through music, art, feelings or words, peaceful, grounded, easy going, a layed-back nature, yet have a gusto for life staying fit healthy. I don't do well with restless hearts.
Friendship first. I want my lover to be my best friend. Someone who gets me I get you...we just know the moment we meet there is something there...
So, what are your passions, dreams and what makes you smile?

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. I'm a small town boy who loves to be outdoors.I love to cook,but it's hard cooking for just one.I love watching sports,used to love playing sports,but now i exersize and have fun.No racing or competative activities

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. What I consider are my good qualities:
1) Adventurous: In my travel and life in general
2) Good listener
3) Dependable
4) Enjoys intellectually stimulating stuff as well as a good laugh (I love dry satire)
Who I am looking for:
1) Someone who is interesting and not afraid of trying new and diverse things in life.
2) Just someone who loves life and knows how to have fun.
3) They can be very serious and intellectual or very relaxed and carefree. I can handle and like both types of personalities

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I'm self employed contractor. no kids as of yet.
Looking for a women who is outgoing and likes the outdoors. Career driven, likes workouts and spiritural. I have been married before and looking LTR. Someone kind and forgiving helps!

Date a man from Colorado, United States. Hi and thank you for visiting my profile! Well first of all I am not currently living in Denver yet, but I will be there by the beginning of March. So I am sure that this situation is fairly unique. I am at a time in my life where the word "change" seems very attractive to me. No, I am not in a mid life crisis! I was laid off from my job a couple of months ago and it has been very difficult in this currently economy to find a job. I have always loved Colorado and have always wanted to live there so I said to myself "It is now or never". Thankfully I found a position that I am sure will be a very successful career in Denver. I am very active and love the outdoors so the the type of lifestyle that Colorado can provide is very attractive to me. I am moving to Denver without knowing a single soul there. Some of my friends and family think I am crazy but they couldnt be more wrong. I have never been more excited about anything in my whole life. I am looking to make new friends and hopefully a new best friend that I can share all that Colorado has to offer with. I am not the type of person who meets people in bars and nightclubs, its just not my thing. I am sure that one of the first things that I do when I arrive is join a Lifetime Fitness club. I love to cycle and hike and already have a few 14ers under my belt.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I would describe myself as an outgoing person that enjoy's life to the fullest.My friends would say i am loyal and have a great sense of humor.
I love to ski,play tennis,golf,mountain bike.
I am a business owner so i do work a lot but i believe in a good balance in life.
I am looking to meet someone that makes me smile inwardly as well as on the outside.

Date a soulmate from United States. I have a passion for life. I never give up on things that are important to me. I enjoy being with people who enjoy life. I can not stand being a stick in the mud for very long. I have many stories both from my own life and from things I have heard or read. I tend to tell stories when illustrating a point or just keeping the conversation going.
My perfect match will not be perfect. Nobody is. But we will be good if not quite perfect for each other. She will not expect me to read her mind. She will enjoy doing things not sit around and wait for life to come to her.

Meet single man from United States. ****My summer will be an active one with several 3 weekend stretches of either cycling, mountains or road trips! I also will be doing support for the Leadville 100 and I have the whole week offf for the U.S. Pro Cycling race and plan to see parts of 5 or 6 stages! I have room for an adventure partner, it would be great to have someone along for the ride! ***

About me? For starters think age 35-37 and athletic. All pics are VERY recent, WITHIN THE LAST YEAR! I am active and can keep up with most anyone. I am very active, but I am not really hardcore anything. I just wanted to put that out there as some have a pre-conceived notion as to what they think a guy in his late forties is like as far as activities. In one day I can go for 20 mile hikes, 100 mile bike rides and 25,000 vertical feet of skiing in a day. Having said that though, that not what I am ALL about every weekend; no way. Theres too much other fun stuff to do INCLUDING lying around and just being lazy!
It would be nice to meet a nice, cool, adventurous type; someone into some serious skiing, at Winter Park/Mary Jane mostly. I am in great shape, and prefer playing hard, but i don't mind taking it easy too.
Someone who doesn't mind a little communication; deep thoughts or just chatter! Also, I'd like to find someone who is confident and comfortable with where they are in life. Someone who's intelligent but can still crack themselves (and me) up. Someone who can be a little crazy and know when to be not as crazy.
I am a very loyal and dependable friend. Give me a chance to prove it; all you have to do is write (and live in Denver or the Front Range) I'm a Denver native. I am a veteran;
U.S. Coast Guard! I love riding bikes, and ride all over Denver at times. We should go for a ride! I am a skier BIG TIME; catch me if you can! I'm a good storyteller. Ask about my ocean stories!! At least that's what I have been told; I have had many unusual adventures and misadventures in both a professional and recreational environment. It makes for some good tales! I have done several 14ers here in Colorado. I hope to due some more this summer (or winter)! Also I got a wild hair, took a big bite out of my checking account and went off to Africa! I went on Safari of course, but the main thing was KILIMANJARO! 19,340 feet, and I made it! WOW what a trip! Lots of stories there! Up for adventure? Drop me a note! Town or country, crazy or mellow, we'd have some fun for sure! Have a great day,night, evening, morning:)

Date someone special from United States. I am a quiet single father that likes to hang out at home with my daughter and take care of my pets. My ideal woman would have brown eyes and like to hang out at home as well. I am not much into going out on the town.. However, I do like fishing, camping, riding horses, camping in cabins and love the mountains. I like keeping up the yard working on the house and working hard. I do like to relax after all the chores are done and watch a good movie. I love animals and I am honest, hard working, successfull and thoughtful. I have everything I need but the woman of my dreams...

Meet men and women from United States. Talk about an impossible task--trying to sum up all my life's experiences, loves, hopes and dreams in this tiny little box! But I don't shy away from a challenge so I'm going to give it my best shot. Get comfy, there's a lot of ground to cover. Ready?
Just like me, this is a work in progress. Let's start with the fact that people tell me that I have a happy smile and nice brown eyes, and that I've been told that I have great hands. As an oncologist it's important to me to be healthy. Seeing the devastation and damage from smoking first hand, I am opposed. While I'm not a vegetarian I've acquired a new love of great salads and have been trying to follow the Paleo diet. I enjoy exploring new restaurants. I stay active and exercise regularly - I enjoy CrossFit along with running, biking and tennis. The variety and potential to always improve in CrossFit keeps me motivated. Cherry Creek Reservoir has been a great place to enjoy a bike ride. I also intend to do some mountain biking. Want to join?
I consider myself a cheerful person frequently whistling as I walk down the hall (though sometimes I'm not even aware that I'm whistling). I'm a bit OCD as I tend to straighten crooked pictures when I walk by and pick up trash (even if it isn't mine). Doesn't make much sense - my office has been described as a little messy but if you were to see my closets or drawers you'd be impressed with how organized they are.
Figuring out how things work--mechanical systems, personality types, motivations and behaviors, almost anything -- tends to catch my attention. I'm kind of competitive by nature and enjoy another person challenging me. I find that I certainly don't need to win every time and in fact I learn from losing. Isn't that what makes it fun?
I really take pleasure in the subtleties of life...the juiciness of a medium-rare steak, the freshness of great sushi, the creamy sweetness of ice cream (my present favorite is Haagen Dazs Mint Chip). I continue to look for a favorite patisserie in Denver. Any recommendations?
Variety is key to keeping things interesting and that's true for entertainment as well. For movies I enjoy everything from action films to older movies and even some kid movies. You'll find me listening to music more often than not, and my tastes there range from rock to jazz to classical to country. A few favorites include James Taylor, Corinne Bailey Rae and Keith Urban. I have a 13 year old daughter who is always introducing me to new music. Some I like - AWOLNATION - and some not. I don't watch television that often but Modern Family and House of Lies are some favorites on my DVR right now.
When we boil it down to who I am as a person, the words responsible, loyal, independent, open-minded, clean, romantic, sensitive, ethical, humble, attractive, fun-seeking and adventurous are a good start. I enjoy my work and don't need anyone to take care of me. I seek someone who, at her core, embodies similar qualities.
What catches my eye first are beautiful eyes, killer smile and body habitus (being fit is essential, important and attractive) but what keeps me interested is how comfortable someone feels in her own skin and if she is genuine, kind, treats others with respect (think the wait staff at dinner) and models humility.
I have 2 daughters who live with me most of the time. Since moving back to Colorado they have been spending weekends with their mom. They are an important part of my life and I take being their father seriously. It is not a goal to father any new babies, but would welcome a partner's children into a blended setting. While I am here looking for 'the one' I am also interested in meeting new friends, maybe someone to share a workout, a great meal, a glass of wine and a riveting conversation with.
How about you? There's that elusive thing called chemistry that I don't feel can be gauged by reading a profile on a screen. I look forward to hearing from you!

Date a man from United States. Hello. My name is Mark. In a nutshell, my character could be described as someone who has integrity, is secure and supportive, kind, thoughtful, conscientious, loving, humorous, intelligent, playful and adventurous. I can go on some discourse about me, but isnt it about enhancing our quality of life, mutually, peacefully, without too much complication? Im looking for a companion who has good spirit, is happy with herself and her accomplishmemts. Outgoing and adventurous, enjoys travel, the outdoors, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Meet people from United States. I like taking one day at a time. Im a person that enjoys what im doing, and learning new things in life. To treat each other as equal, and walk together side by side. Im a very outspoken person, I can talk to anyone that will talk back. Im very active ,and I will try anything once. I like to play softball, golf, go on camping trip. Get in my bellyboat and do alittle fishing on a beautiful day. yes I do cook, sew by hand and by machine. I can do my own wash and would do yours if needed. Sorry for no picture, and dont judge the book by its cover. Open it up and see for yoursef.A person that can talk and laugh with each other. A person that can live each day one day at a time. A honest, caring, humorous, and can be serious too. Someone that like to take a drive to the mountains and forget the bad work week they had. Someone that wont play games, and respect each other. This might sound boring, but i think in what i believe in.