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Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Happiness lies within those who have searched, those who have tried, those who have been hurt and within those who have cried, for it is only then that you can really appreciate the importance of that special person who finally touches your soul in such an extraordinary way. Falling in love is sometimes easy, but staying in love is something very special. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything with what they have. I am ready for the last dance and want to surrender myself to the soul of one woman. A woman, who is ready to do the same with this man, a woman that says what she means and means what she says. Searching for a sassy spirit who enjoys family, travel, adventure, spontaneity, romance, affection, good friends, good times good food and appreciates a high thread count ! The religion of kindness is important to me, as kindness in words builds friendships, kindness in thinking makes dreams and kindness in love creates an amazing relationship. Children are welcome. My plan now is to work for another 10 years and hope to find someone who has their own career or activities and wants to mix business and pleasure travel with me whenever possible. I climbed Mt. Adams when I was 12 and have been fortunate to have traveled many places in the world for work. I have a passion for both my company and my employees while enjoying helping others become successful. I place a high value on the many business and personal relationships that I have built during my life. Sorry, but I can only be the cook's helper, as microwave popcorn is my signature dish ! However, I do have a recipe that calls for laughter, friendship, kindness, romance and love but I need some help mixing the ingredients ! My friends will tell you that I have a big heart and I'm a good guy. I'll tell you that I have a soft shoulder to rest your head on. And last, but not least, my favorite merit badge is the one that makes you laugh, holds you when you cry and catches you when you fall. Hoping to look into your eyes, see your soul and listen to your dreams. The greatest risk of all is the one we have not yet taken with our heart.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I have not really been active on Match for a while, but now I'm back, at least for a bit. I hope to meet interesting womem, someone to spend time doing things we both enjoy, maybe share some new interests with each other. Someone who has space and time in their life for me, hopefully not too much baggage, in reasonable shape, and our heads and lifestyles fit together reasonably well.
My kids are several years out of the house, and the quiet is almost deafening, sometimes.

Date a man from Colorado, United States. i'm just me and if your comfortable,happy,no need to impress me,relax,enjoy,something on your mind?lets talk.have a little time to go explore,or want to do?lets go.we'll do the dishes when we get back,or lets hurry up and k.o.them out of the way so we don't have that to contend with when we get back.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. My friends describe me as an affable anomaly. Part artist, part athlete, part comic, part contemplator. I’m a right-brainer by nature, a hopeful romantic and Renaissance man, and a single father–the toughest job I ever loved.
I’ve been told my best physical features are my eyes (hazel), a soothing voice, and well-defined “guns” (bonus points if you know what �guns are). I’m pretty fit and commit time to stay that way–running, weight training, and cycling. I own three bikes: road, mountain, and town. While I have spandex bike pants, I rarely wear them. I mean really, unless your last name is Cancellara or Contador, bike pants make most of us look like posers.
I’m a realist and understand that �bald’ isn’t most women’s preference for hair color, so if you were hoping for a striking shock of lustrous hair, that makes two of us.
I'm seeking an active, intelligent, emotionally generous, and playful mate. I can return in kind. I'm loyal (to a fault), brave (mostly), honest (but not too), trustworthy (in an age of duplicity), and kindhearted (but no pushover). I’m generally optimistic (despite some pretty wicked curve balls), but not in some Pollyanna, New Age nonsense, make-lemonade-out-of-lemons kind of way.
I'm a good listener and a lively conversationalist. I can keep a secret. I’m a passable homemaker. I compost and recycle. I like Letterman not Leno, briefs not boxers, and Macs not PCs. I don’t own or wear any chic square-toed shoes, or trendy narrow glasses. I don’t leave dishes in the sink, the toilet seat up, or put my feet on the coffee table…that’s because I made our coffee table.
I love music: from Copland to Camelot to Counting Crows, the Kingston Trio to Kitaro. While I occasionally go to church, a Springsteen concert is the closest I’ve ever come to a religious experience. Like the classics for sure, but I’m not some petrified rocker. You’ll also find in the Goo Goo Dolls, Snow Patrol, Five For Fighting, and The Fray on my iPod. My presets include KBCO, NPR, and the Fan. My guilty pleasures are So You Think You Can Dance and a bowl of Frosted Flakes before bed. I'm a well-intentioned though sporadic contributor to public broadcasting, an amateur neuroscientist, and wannabe quantum mechanic.
I’m proficient with a wine list, but just as comfortable with cold Miller High Life. If you like to relax in front of cozy fire, that’s great, because I like to split the firewood. I prefer to do rather than be.
I really enjoy indie films, but catch most new releases. All time favorites are Local Hero, Apollo 13, Tombstone, and Field of Dreams. I subscribe to Discover magazine, Psychology Today, and The Nation. Some of my favorite characters are Rabbit Angstrom, Roy Hobbs, Gregory House, and Stewie Griffin. My heroes are Ernest Shackleton, Gentleman Jim Braddock, and Lance Armstrong.
My bucket list includes seeing the lands of my ancestors (Russia, Greece, and Ireland), writing a short story or screenplay, doing ten minutes of stand up comedy, earning a shodan belt in Aikido, and rekindling a dormant penchant for drumming.
I hope to achieve Emerson’s definition of success: to laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child or a garden patch. To know even one life has breathed easier because you lived–this is to have succeeded.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I guess I'm kind of an ol fashioned country boy thats lived a few country western songs...rode a few bulls,got bucked off,picked my dusty butt back bucked off again...seems to be a theme. If your afraid to fall...don't climb the mountain...but your missing the best view. I wish that you and I were walking along Boulder creek, holding hands, looking into each others eyes and having a real conversation about life and hopes and dreams...but in this new age cyber world I guess this is where we start. But for now...I'll keep a few surprises and secrets to myself.
So here's my life story on the head of a pin...or maybe I'm just a pin decide and let me know.
I have tried to live in places where most people vacation. I've lived in Lahaina, Glacier National Park, Sun Valley, and Jackson Hole. I moved to The Peoples Republic of Boulder 15 years ago. What a great place to wake up in! I own a landscape installation business that allows me to be out in the field all day. I like getting my hands dirty and am not afraid to put in a physical days work. It's my health club. Plus I dig (landscapers term for "like") the artistic and spiritual feeling of creating a painting using plants for the paint on Mother Natures canvas. I love the independence of having my own business...except when the boss gets his undies in a bundle.I was raised with an old fashion work ethic that makes me try and do everything just a little better.OK...except maybe paperwork...returning phone preparing bids...I guess I just don't do "office time" to well.
I like most things outdoors and love all 4 seasons. An alpine flower on a rocky hillside can take my breath away. I love art but can get overstimulated in a museum in about an hour. Any concert at Red Rocks is awesome. Coors Field is a great place to watch a ballgame...even though "Dinger" is the only Rocky having a good year. Growing up in Minnesota has made me a little bit nuts about hockey...Avs...Pioneers...girls hockey...youth hockey...and yes... The Red Wings do suck. I love to fly fish but the fish are much smarter than I am. I've skied for decades and most 6 year olds are better than me. I golf but can only win the the 19th hole. But if the person that has the most fun is the the winner...I win every time!
So here I am today sending out a modern day smoke signal on Al Gore's internet...looking for a special lady thats ready to live life with a laugh and smile... eager to see what miracles are in store. A lady with a passion for life and ready for passion in her life. Someone that wants to share her joys as well as her sorrows. A lady that treats each day as a special and cherished present. She is confident and comfortable in herself. Willing to laugh with or at herself. Ready to grow and unafraid to blossom. Someone that will take life's lesson from the past and put them to good use in her future. A lady that knows she is special and doesn't mind being spoiled a little bit.
If your still reading maybe your that one special lady that I have been dreaming about. If so... reach out (no winks)and take my hand...lets go for a walk. I want to hear your song

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. My ideal match likes to have fun and enjoy life. She is active, enjoys comedy, sports, music. She is not ruled by her religion or politics. She likes children even though she may not have any. She is fit, enjoys a drink of wine or a cocktail occassionally, and is in a comfortable situation financially.

Date a soulmate from United States. Do you enjoy dinner and dancing? Would you rather be camping, boating, walking through the woods or taking a motorcycle ride up though the mountains on a warm summer day than watching TV or playing cards?
I enjoy hiking, motorcycling, country dancing, camping,watching rodeos, photography, eating out, boating, fishing, billards, horseback riding, hunting and skiing. There is nothing nicer than sitting in the hot tub after a long hard day with a margarita and the snow coming down. I am grateful for my mostly healthly and fun life.
I am looking for an independent, outdoorzy, camping, assertive, physically active, educated, financially stable lady who is interested in sharing her thoughts, activities and mine. There may be things you like, do and think, which I do not and that is fine with me. We do not need to be joined at the hip. She will be someone who enjoys country style living/attitude, the simple things in life and nature, but appreciates the finer aspects it can bring. My partner will be self motivated, fun loving and has ideas and goals. She is a good communicator, speaks her mind, is warm and charming and is interested in exploring different things. In most things verbal communications is preferred . It would be nice if she drove her own motorcycle, but it's not necessary. My partner will be my best friend.
I consider myself a young, active, courteous 59 year old. Having 16 wonderful years with my late wife, I am ready to move on with a desire to share with someone else in a loving companionship. I like to joke, kid around and enjoy a dark beer with my pizza, white wine with King Crab legs or just a glass of red Shiraz wine on my deck in the evening. I consider myself an open, straight-forward, honest, trustworthy and friendly person. I am sincere and believe in fulfilling commitments.
I have been called Mr. Fix-it, Cowboy and Tex (although I am not from there). I love spending time with my 2-children and 4-grandkids. I am not a golfer, sky diver, bull or bronc rider, do not curse, smoke, chew, spit and/or do drugs ! And NO, I do not have drinking buddies that will camp out on your couch! I am mostly a blue jean type guy, but do clean up pretty good. The cowboy hat/ picture represents some of my thoughts and ideals. I have scuba dived in Cozumel, cruised the Caribbean, visited Japan, shop craft fairs, visit natural history and early American museums while on road trips. I would like to see more of the east coast, Gulf coast, Alaska and New England in autumn. Australia, England and Austria are also on my bucket list. (Mardi Gras anyone)?
If you desire an educated, financially secure, emotionally stable man who has principals, then I am your man. Do you want someone who is spontaneous and playful, believes that friendship is the foundation for a long lasting relationship, will enjoy getting to know you through activities and be supportive of your goals and interests, then look no further.
Whatever your thoughts may be, be true to yourself, others and may you too have a good, healthy fun life with the right one.
PS: Putting this story together is like putting out a job resume and being on the auction block !!

Meet people from United States. I'm a outdoorsman at heart, I enjoy horseback riding in the wilderness areas of Colorado. Hunting and Fishing is on the list as well. I like joking around with people in a fun way. I'm looking for a Lady that enjoys travel and the outdoors. I wear western clothing and do not own a pair of shoe's, Hat and boots is my normal attire.
I have horses, dogs,and cats for pets and raise beef and pork to eat. I'm interested in someone that likes to have fun and experience life. I don't have time for mind games. So if you enjoy dancing and dining along with Travel I'm your guy.

Date a man from United States. Energetic, ambitious, know what I like and want. I am not accustomed to making or settling for excuses. Loving, caring, honest, no drama. Sincerity and integrity are key. Athletic enough to take care of Self as a habit. I prefer not cooking for one. I enjoy a nice wine with a great meal and conversation about dreams and goals.
Spontaneous at times, driven often, diverse and eclectic. Dance theater or drag racing, wading a fly fishing stream or entertaining guests, walking along the Riverwalk hand in hand or racing my Hobie cat sailboat. Tent camping on the sandy beach or a great quiet restaurant dinner for two.
My partner is active and engaging, energetic and lively, knows how to be assertive yet not dominating. Knows what she wants and says so without angst.
She enjoys a cozy embrace, a walk on the malecon or 16th street mall, watching other people be people, or thinking about the day's adventures whether home or away. Living in the moment and remembers life well with gratitude.
I am mostly interested in Being more than Having. I am not materialistic and not motivated just by money. My "having" is more about having new and fulfilling experiences. I am romantic but not to a fault. I am close to my emotions such that I let that lead me. I like people who are working at being non-judgmental which I am learning is a rare skill that takes practice. I focus on ways to make a difference for as many others as I can.
An ideal day for me might read like this: Awaken to smell of fresh brewed coffee and see breeze. The saltiness is intoxicating. The breeze is fresh. The smell of the linens reminds me of my partner. The day awaits, a bicycle ride to the market on the corner, some fresh greens and cold drinks then back to the house, my office where I enjoy creating for my work. Eggs, veggies and fresh fruit for breakfast then to the day. The end of the day is a cool shower, something comfortable and loose to wear. A caress of my partner's hand, a glance at her curves and help her with lotion. Wine and shrimp on the deck overlooking the water. An engaging discussion about our days. Actually paying attention to the smallest details because nothing else is important.
I enjoy motorcycles and riding a couple times each year. I enjoy sailing my Hobie cat in the summer and hiking, fishing and camping minimalist. I sometimes ski but not as much now. Maybe more cross country now work.
Love a collaborative relationship, engaging, stimulating intellectual conversation and also sometimes just silence. Not into loud live bands much now. Prefer open windows for sleeping and driving. Not too fond of AC, in the house or car (but then I do live in Colorado still).
Bottom line, I invest in personal development, mine and others, spiritual growth and understanding, living well while I'm able with good stuff to offer. If you are not open to new experiences, if you let your fears control your life, if you are needy, feel free not to respond.

Meet single man from United States. I am a Colorado native and I have lived in Colorado all my life.
I am easy going and I enjoy trying new things that I encounter. I am reserved at first until I get to know you. I love to read, listen to music, a good movie, getting in the car and just seeing where it takes me -and I love fly-fishing. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2011. A person would never know I had Parkinsons unless I told them. I feel blessed that I can manage my condition so well.
I have a zest for life... living each day to its fullest.

Date men and women from United States. About Me You...
Well, this seems like fun! Getting to talk about me and to try and paint an accurate picture in a limited amount of words. This will, at the very least, provide great conversation upon meeting. I’ll give it a shot and, being from the East Coast, you can be pretty certain that it will be honest, forthright and direct or it would probably be too obvious if I was lying anyway.
I’m a very active and positive person who has made it a point to do a lot of different things, in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different places. I’m an ex college athlete and have been professionally successful for a number of years in some very competitive and risky businesses. I’ve owned my own business previously as well but mostly held executive positions in sales, marketing and operations. I say this only because it probably gives some insight into my personality in that I love challenges and the ability to creatively provide solutions in life and work. I am a great partner in many ways. Proudly, I’m also a great dad because I care deeply about those close to me and try to provide many opportunities for fun, learning and adventure.
Maybe most importantly, I’m a lifelong learner with a never-ending thirst for knowledge and understanding which makes me interested in a lot of different things. I love to laugh, explore, make mistakes, have fun, discover things and exercise, however less these days, focused mostly on tennis and things you do on big mountains. Love restaurants, movies, music (many, many concerts), some mindless TV, and most sporting events especially hockey live. I truly enjoy any/all live performances as I have a great appreciation for people who perform successfully in real time.
Basically, I’m a pretty cool guy (ask my daughter??) who has been successful and tries to get better every day while always trying to do the right thing (though it may not turn out that way!). Many things amaze me and I appreciate a lot. Maybe that can include a new partner? I suppose I should also mention I'm from New Jersey, so be forewarned!
A great co-pilot for a new life adventure can be a lot of different of things but I certainly would really appreciate someone who is positive and enthusiastic, cares deeply, is affectionate and sexy (to me), who tries hard, who makes things happen, who is competitive, and who likes sports and all types of entertainment...and can be a bit spontaneous. And guess what? As much as I do and say, it would be great to really enjoy hanging out oftentimes just eating, drinking and being merry. Nobody's perfect in my world so your individuality would be awesome!
I’ve been separated for a very long time out of convenience for all (finalizing, no issues, not a concern), but ready now to move on permanently with a really awesome girl who wants to figure things out together and have a whole helluva lot of fun and adventure along the way. I have minimum baggage, if any, and hope you do as well. My commit would be to bring an “A” game to this party so, let’s have a chat or a coffee or a cocktail and see where it goes. I promise it will be fun!!

Meet someone special from United States. Alone, she waits, hidden in the shadow of the mountains... with the eyes of an angel... looking up at the stars and asking... 'Why am I here?'
'For fun... and to know love' comes the answer.
"What?" ... "What did you say!" ... "Who is there? ... she exclaims... but there is only the sound of the wind in the trees.
She thinks... 'How is it that I am this wonderful woman and that I cannot find my equal in a man?' She goes back toward her door to seek warmth but glances over her shoulder and she can see the shapes of the mountains by the light of the full moon.
She listens and looks outside once again... but there are only the stars and the sound of the wind...
Alone, he waits, staring with the eyes of an old soul, out from the back of his house and over the field of Buffalo Grass and down at the lights of Boulder and the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains illuminated by the light of the full moon.
He goes outside and whispers a silent prayer to the Universe... 'Please, send a wonderful woman into my life' ... and he waits for a sign... but there are only the stars and the sound of the wind...
Hello! My name is Greg and what I am looking for is friendship and lasting, romantic and powerful true love. My ideal match will be a happy woman and she will love to have fun and want to be with a man who will treat her right. She will want that man to be romantic and kind to her... and she will want to be with a gentleman. I hope that you might have beautiful eyes and a warm smile. And I hope that you are intelligent, kind and like to go out out and be social. I love passionate kissing and being close and it will be great if you love that too. I feel and act less than my chronological age. One thing that helps define you is if you have children and my son and daughter are very special to me. I hope you believe as I do that sweet romantic love and the deep passionate intimate physical connection between a man and a woman who are attracted and commited to each other is the most beautiful thing that this world has to offer. I absolutely love my career as a Realtor and for fun sometimes I write prose and short stories. And I play the guitar and the piano and I also love music. I am a real people person, very social and a great communicator. If you think that I might be the one for you... Let's go out and live life together! I am highly intelligent, kind, generous, even tempered, witty, healthy and strong... I have excellent life, relationship, domestic and professional skills, I am full of energy and full of life, romantic, sensual, faithful, sincere, hard working and would like to be the most excellent passionate lover to one special woman... I am a wonderful good hearted man looking for one intelligent thoughtful kind passionate woman... and if we are fortunate enough to find each other... I will treat you with honor and dignity and respect... and I will fill your days with true love and laughter and joy and happiness and I will fill your nights with faithful romance and passion. I will take you into my arms and hold you and kiss you and love you like you have always wanted to be loved.