Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 58 year old

Date people from Colorado Springs, United States. I would like to meet someone who likes the out doors and a good ball game with a cold beer someone who like to take long vacation who loves to curl up and watch a good movie, who loves a good cook out and most of all someone who is will to have a good time.

Meet someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I am an artist at heart, first and foremost.
I am fortunate in that I love what I do every day- I design Jewelry. Have been doing that since I am 8. Gemstones and crystals amaze me and 24 karat gold is the most beautiful color there is. I teach and study Tai Chi; standing out on the ocean breakers with the waves crashing around you or up on my mountain with the wind ripping and me. I love being amazed by flora and the fauna. I am not a cowboy- but do love the outdoors and everything it both offers and brings. Looking to share a garden both flowers and vegetables with my partner. Sitting in front of a fire while its snowing sounds wonderful.
I am courageous; and seek challenges. I am an independent and daring thinker who likes to explore ideas or problems thoroughly. I focus easily and am persistent, systematic and competent in pursuing my interests and goals. I have a lot of energy, think quickly, make decisions easily, dislike unnecessary rules, and take a rational approach to people, issues and ideas. I am not conventional in most of my attitudes and values, and like spontaneous people. I can be an exciting, yet hard driving and exacting, friend, companion and lover. All I would love is to meet a woman that basically wants to share her life and lifes expectations and experiences with me. Best friend, confidant and lover. Communication,Trust and Honesty (with an occasional Lobster feast) is what I am looking for in a woman, and sweetly offer the same. What better way to start or end a day then in your life mates arms. All the rest truly does not matter. Walks with someone that loves to hold my hand is a must, sitting with me out on the porch with the chimes singing- more so, someone that wants to hold my hand and heart through life is imperative. I am looking for that partner to stand next to me with both of us preparing a meal for friends, someone that is happy searching antique shops or a street fair. the rest? we can sort that out.

Date men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. Welcome to my profile page and thanks for stopping in. You are invited to put your feet up and consider what I am writing. What you are reading is real and sincere. My objective is not to convince you to buy a product or to sell you on what a wonderful person I am. You have to find that out in our real world, not this one dimensional world. You have questions, hopefully I have answers.
I am 58 years young and can claim that since I feel very much in my prime (thank God). Raised in a conservative Jewish home, four years of hebrew school and bah mitzvah at 13. My heritage is a treasure. It must be clarified that I am a messianic jew, a believer. It would be great if you are a person of faith.
My friends would describe me as "gentle, loyal, easy going, friendly, gregarious at times, inviting, accepting, tolerant, open". Woo, really? Even I am sitting here and asking, really? Yes, really. Now I am not perfect by any means. I get up early, like 6am (I work ha).and go all day. By 5pm, I want my couch. Haha. Not to worry, I am the farthest thing you will find to a couch potato. But baby, I love a nap! Give me 30 minutes and pow, I am good to go another 6 hours.
Other characterisitics: I am very loving person. I love people. I tell my amazing son I love him every day. Also my awesome daughter in law. And my pals. I will let it slip sometimes "I love you man". Important thing to note is, I mean it. I will do anything morally and ethically right for my family and friends. Not to worry, I know how to say no, how to have healthy boundaries, but it is a much better world when we are faithful friends and there for each other. So at this point please know, I have six (count em) guy friends here in town I am very close with. They are good guys. It took a long time to build this circle, but it is awesome. We hike, kayak, sail, bike, go to outdoor and indoor concerts, theater, church etc.
What I like to do: Sundays are for easy times. Slow and easy. I'd love to wake up later with my special someone. Make coffee, read the paper, make breakfast, maybe a drive in the afternoon. You know? Monday through Friday just go to work, do my best, lead my team. In the eventings I go out, most nights. Pot lucks, a class, a guitar jam, listen to live music. Weekends are for adventure. Friday night could be a play, Saturday a hike or bike ride or sailing or kayaking or ? can you propose something too? I attend a contemporary church usually on Saturday night, although Sunday mornings work too. I do like to travel, and I have been to 5 states the past 3 years. But I travel responsibly, as i pay cash. Yes, like everyone else, i want to go back to Europe, but not on a credit card. Let's save up and go!
I'm not so much into material things anymore. I've got more than I need really. Don't need a new car and definitely do need to get rid of my 5 BR house ! Open to suggestions. In summary, I am healthy. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Also financially secure. I am ready to meet you ! A partner to have fun and adventure with, a partner to hold up when the going gets tough. A partner to affirm. Are you ready to partner with someone like me? If you are, please do not be shy or old fashioned. Reach out to me ! I am waiting for my one awesome partner. Thanks for reading this through. I look forward to speaking with you! Larry

Meet a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. I am honest trustworthy and fiscally responsible. Looking for same in a relationship and or partner.
Enjoy the outdoors prefer warm to cold weather, That depends a little on the activity. Yard work a hike in the mountians or on a beach although I have not had a lot of opportunity for the latter. I read finance periodicals and investment books. Would just as soon remodel a house as take an out of town vacation. However each is equally enjoyable. I am phyically active most of every day. And only go out of the way to strenuosly exercise two hours a week. If you are looking for a hard body I am not it. I do watch movies and tv CNBC and other selected shows, not much into reality tv, science fiction, or animated. The picture is from last year. So if what you read and what you see is not to repulsive maybe you can drop a line because sometime I can't see or over look what turns out to be the best.
Everyone is looks for that perfect person. In this medium it is hard to convey the nuances that would determine perfect.
Values, humor, sincerity, and lifes outlook all come in time. Would you like to spend some time to find out if we have a connection?

Date a man from Colorado Springs, United States. open honest real nice fun just that simple. time is like a dimmension where all things can happen at the same time even when you dont want to write 200 characters Art is what life imidates not the other way around

Meet single man from Colorado Springs, United States. HI I'm single , I'm easy going easy to get along with Honest caring a little old fashioned i still believe in holding the door for the lady's that sort of thing nothing fancy just good ole down to earth type, I'm looking for a nice country type of gal that likes to ride on a Harley and that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty if it has to be, one that doesn't use a bunch of make up to be pretty God made you pretty so let it be,Honesty is a must so if your looking for rich man you may as well keep looking but if living in the now is fine with you then I' m your man yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet so why worry about all the things you have no control over, and I do not want any Drinking , No Smoking , No Drugs , No Games i don't need a bunch of drama ether just a companion to enjoy life with and enjoy each other oh i guess if you chew maybe , but i don't do that ether I'm just saying i have seen that before so are you out there i'm here looking for you i hope we can meet .... ...... :))

Date people from United States. No great expectations here. It's all rather simple if you think about it. The day to day stuff is much more amusing when sharing it with yumer (sic) and playfulness. Sincerity isn't a bad thing, either. Mountains, music, above-average conversation and home cooking appeal to this homebody.

Meet someone special from United States. My inner purpose for reaching out is to connect in friendship above all else with a kindred spirit that is inspired and deeply moved with the following evolving poem:
Married Kindred Souls
It is rare that one comes to marry a kindred soul in a lifetime – It just happens!
This is what has happened to me – I am a married kindred soul!
No one needs to know – But, my kindred soul knows!
As my kindred soul knows – Your kindred soul knows, too!
For when this union in marriage happens – It happens forever!
We might be separated for a short time as we are now or many lifetimes – We always know!
And as we come to know this again and again in our many journeys – We re-unite!
For our kindred souls’ marriage is a holy divine gift – More so than any other holy divine gift we will ever experience!
And, as I’ve come to learn we will reunite again – And, until this time, I will celebrate our happy kindred soul marriage! For, I am a happily married kindred soul – Married to your kindred soul forever!
I am well educated, responsible, and successful. I love nature, open spaces, creative arts, and, of course, the many finer things of living a whole and deep kindred life. I am intelligent, adventurous, somewhat nonconforming/unmasking, strong/nurturing, respectful, caring, romantic/passionate, spiritual/welcoming, and classy in my own way – I take pride in being open to learning, growing and aligning to a higher common/mutual purpose. I believe special connections require enduring divine work to nurture our souls to its fullest divine holy potential. I seek a once in a lifetime kindred dinvine soulmate relationship, one filled with intense natural chemistry and commonality, interest, passion, divine holiness and mysticism. My intent is that we will cultivate friendship above all else from this divine journey which will add to each other and our shared wholeness.

Date men and women from United States. LIKE TO KNOW PEOPLE ON A DEEPER LEVEL.THEY ARE NOT AS SIMPLE as you would have to think from believing profile friends would say i'm honest nurturing smart funny a little shy and creative NOT boring.
i have too many interests to name here but would like to find some in common with others who want to make TRUE friends perhaps eventually find someone to walk hand in hand through life with. if you are lucky it could be you!

Meet a soulmate from United States. i'm generous, loving, empathetic, passionate. my friends think that i am intelligent and have evolved sense of humor. i'm loyal and im .. you know me right away like someone you have always known, then there are depths to transcend for us. no one is as transparent as i seem to be so a closer look is worth the effort. most people think i'm younger than i am.age isn't as important as whats on the inside. within reason i mean, nobody wants to wind up in jail and i would love to meet people that have live over a hundred years. the photo of me is when i was younger (aren't they all?). i just thought it was a funny one. i don't wear hats and don't have that much hair... i'd be happy to send a more recent one or i'll get around to posting some others. most of these 'about me , who i'm looking for' posts tend toward deceptive idealism. nearly perfect people and their matches seem boring to me. on the other hand too much chaos in relationships are dangerous and stressful. men using love to get sex, women using sex to get money, i hate that s--t. can't you trust anyone to just be who they really are? i don't know.
i'm really into music of all kinds and am a musician. world music ethnic traditional divided by binges of classical, jazz, rock, not much for pop,country or rap.
i love all the other fine arts and work in art education. i love my job. everyone i meet is discovering their creativity. it's like meeting God.
i have tons of other interests ind am tired of doing everything by myself. iv'e not figured out if this online matching biz is of any use to me yet.hope so if not well just have too meet some otherhow. best wishes in finding your 'perfect' match. don't be careful . don't get yourself hurt.

Date a man from United States. Sweat and kind. I don't like anger or yelling. Nice peace maker. Just fun to be with no matter what we are doing. Everyone would say I'm friendly and kind. I'm just a mature hippie who still thinks young. I haven't had much of a social life here as I don't know very many people here in the springs area.

Meet single man from United States. Friendship is an important part of who I am. If I like someone, I would gladly go the extra mile without hesitation, and without the need for reciprocation.
As for love...well I do not think that love is something to be sought after. I think that is why people "fall in love". Love is what we allow to happen, not what we make happen.
I have only been a resident of Utah for 10 months, and I am very much involved in my work, but I would enjoy a friendship with a woman who takes life seriously, and knows how to develop a relationship.
My humor is on the dry side, and a bit sarcastic, but not in a cruel way. I enjoy people who can laugh at themselves. I can find humor in most anything. It's how I cope.
I am most passionate about children. I am a child advocate. As for my talents or skills, well I guess you will just have to get to know me to find those out. I tend to be somewhat shy about myself, but this allows me to be a good listener.