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Date someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I'm a single father. Like to go for walks, road trips, fishing, camping, anything that has to do with outdoors. My daughter is my life. I have a great job it lets me have nights and weekends off. If you want to know more just ask.

Meet people from Colorado Springs, United States. Hi there!
I'm glad you took a minute to view my profile. Like you I am searching for that special someone, but the usual methods haven't been a success, so I thought I would branch out & try online dating.
To describe myself I think it is important to stay positive first & foremost. I enjoy helping others, but am not involved in charity work at the moment. My friends & family can always count on me for sound advice or assistance & I am hard working.
I believe that from time to time we need to get out of our daily shell & experience life. I have lived in Europe for five years as a former member of the USAF, enjoy weekend getaways, sport/music venues or a broader experience in another country. A woman that can plan surprises & just simply enjoys the little things in life is what I desire.
What a person does for work is really not an issue as long bills get paid, you invest in your future & have enough to get out of the house. I believe that in order to form a strong family that the parents need to lead as parents, not just be friends to their children. With that being said I am spiritual in my own way & would like for my future partner to appreciate that even if we don't agree 100%, because life is never equally balanced. Two people look at life thru different eyes & experiences, but it is the willingness to take a step back & try to understand one anothers point of view that matters to me.
In regards to specifics about my future partner I would say that I am looking for an overall great sense of what life is about (experienced). That means open to other points of view, can logically think, not just emotionally & dreams of creating a beautiful family with the right man. I believe that our greatest joy in life is thru teaching our children & seeing them grow to become men & women to generations.

Date men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. just looking for good times not ltr but must also not be trashy
what makes me smile, using your body to show off anytime anywheresomeone who just wants to have fun works for me maybe someone who is blessed upstairs department, I enjoy big girls

Meet single man from Colorado Springs, United States. pretty smile and pretty eyes make me smile.
looking for warm, caring, affectionate, not to talkative, happy, cuddly, creative, not always busy doing something kinda lady with a sense of humor. i think i am at least some of these things also. i think i'd like to see some places near or far depends how i feel at the time.

Date a man from Colorado Springs, United States. im passionate about the LORD , life , children , relaxing , exploring new things , and spewnding time with the one i love . im very greatful for my children and the life ive been given ... however its time for a new chapter in my life . one that involves beauty ,compassion , honisty , some of the same interest , and of course love .

Meet a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. not sure I really want to fill this out. just checking to see what the site is about so i need to fill this in. i am in the middle of a divorce and will probably be moving to the springs in a few months

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. So I guess this is where I am supposed to put my best sales pitch right? I have never been the type talk much about myself and I would rather find someone interested enough and then we could have a conversation and figure it all out from there. Im a firm believer in having a personal conversation rather than pouring it all out in a few words, I like getting to know someone by asking questions and/or meeting rather than reading if you would like to know more, feel free to ask.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. Hello! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read a little about me and my life. Wow this is harder than I thought it would be, not into talking about myself not to mention I've been out o the dating seen for awhile.
First off ladies I do have a great job, can take care of myself in the kitchen, clean up after myself and do my laundry, and do not live with my mother!! Lol. I'm sorry you have to put up with all the freaks out there.
I'm a very positive, funny, happy, caring, loving "patient" MAN! I highlight patient because it's so so important these days of now now now. I can't stand rude or drama type people so that pretty much cuts out most network television programing for me.
I have a very strong sense of myself and I'm completely comfortable with who I am and what I want in a relationship. I have callouses on my hands and many scars inside and out, great stories to go with all of them, I'm sure you do to. I don't judge anyone or anything from a distance, not afraid to wade in and ask questions, hope you do to. My music taste's are unbelievably diverse really depends on the mood or setting but can go from George Straight to Adele to Nickel Back to Metallica to John Denver and lots in between.
I have two beautiful super awesome daughters that are the love of my life, so so proud of them. I have a super great family, so family is also very important to me. Come from a stable,hard working set of parents that have been married for over 55 years. Grew up in very small town up in Idaho so those small town values are just apart of who I am, I teach my daughter's to say please, thank you, yes ma'am and no sir..think that's very important these days.
I work hard and I play even harder, I love mountain biking, climbing at City Rock, hiking all the fourteen er's in Colorado is a big goal, so far I've done two. Climbed pikes peak six times on the front side twice on the back side this year. Love hiking for the mental challenge it offers. love riding horses used to rodeo.....roping. Jumped out of a couple of perfectly good airplanes, raced motocross seriously for about nine years, like watching UFC,
I'm an adrenaline junkie, so looking for someone that can kick my butt up the incline. I enjoy a clean diet and looking for someone who enjoys the same healthy way of life. I don't do fast food, I'd rather cook for you while having a great conversation with the super smart sexy woman. I believe in lots of PDA, don't understand why couples don't do that more! Well that's a good start for our next chapter, lets start filling in the blanks! cheers

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. About you
I’m looking for someone who is both physically active, eclectic, educated (doesn’t need to be formally), has a razor sharp wit and is honest, but mostly someone who gets my jokes, believe in not taking life too seriously, is well grounded, and someone who will laugh with me and at me.
About me
I'm into hiking and rock climbing and most anything outdoors, but I’m just as happy spending the day at a bar shooting pool or walking through a museum. I’m not huge on sports, but I'm happy to watch a game. I’m always up for a movie; I enjoy eating food I can not pronounce, trying to be witty, and stepping out of my box and testing my limits.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. I am in progress. I working to improve myself. Not sure how long that will take. Just trying to have a good time while here on earth. I have done all the heavy drinking I care to do. Not looking for games. Just want someone to talk to (able to have different opinions, not the end of the world), hold (Love to Hug and Kiss), kind of a sensitve guy (willing to cry at a sad movie). Love to be active (hiking, biking, sports, go to different places.) I want to make a difference in the world make it a better place. Do not believe the governament has to control or help everyone. We should be able fix ourselves. We are the ones making the choices in our lives. Socialism is not the answer. Capitalism is!!! Soon it will be survial of the fittist.

Date a man from Colorado, United States. ABOUT ME: My name is Chris.. I am originally from New York.. I've been in the military now for 16 years, 4 more yeras and I can retire.. Cant Wait.. LOL I have a 11 year old boy going on 25.. He is my pride and joy and I love spending time with him, I love watching him grow into a young man.. My friends would describe me as a kind and caring person who loves to laugh and loves to make people laugh.. My family and friends are very important to me, when possible I enjoy taken trip back to New York to spend time with them.. I'm a huge sports fan, so I enjoy going to any type of sporting events and or concerts..
I am hoping to find a woman who is Honest, Caring, Loyal and is open minded.. Someone who enjoys spending time together wheather its going out for dinner or just staying in for a quite evening..

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. An extroverted , outgoing man seeks an energetic, outgoing woman. I love being out of the house after 6pm but not afraid of staying in with the right girl. My job forces me to sit at a desk for 8 hours, so after work I want to be up and about. My ideal woman is a 'girly' girl with poise, sensuality and can carry a conversation. I hope she dances too.