Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Chino Valley, 72 year old

Date a woman from Arizona, United States. There has been a change to my life, but not my world... I am on oxygen 24/7 I just set up oxygen where ever I go on trips and so on.
I have seen, and learned to appreciate, a world of fun, beauty and nice people. I've also learned never to settle for less than I deserve: to be loved, cared for and treated with respect, to be considered and even, on occasion, pampered. I love long drives just for the pleasure of the scenery and the company. I love my horse and my shar-peis, and if you don’t like animals, don’t waste your time or mine…we don’t live in the same world. I've recently learned (yes, I'm still learning) that I love to canoe on a calm lake, and will cheerfully go ashore for a view you want to enjoy, or a rock you want to climb. I am very romantic, passionate; I love to touch and be touched. I love to play, laugh with joy at the most unusual little things. I love music, and will tell you without vanity that I sing beautifully. This is something I would love to share. A duet is as romantic as a slow dance, to me. I feel if the connection is there and the chemistry, it takes very little to please me. I can dress �up’, and do it well…though I prefer jeans. (I’ve been told, and think it was a compliment, that I “dirty up” nicely) money? It can buy comfort. Happiness is not for sale… and neither am I. I’m more smart than educated; I will not be �talked down to’, but will talk with you for hours, about almost anything. I’m interesting, and would like to be interested, as well. That’s me…what about you? I've spent quite some time learning to be the person I've become and will not settle for less than someone who appreciates me as I am, and I will not settle for anyone I can’t respect. I want to look up to you. If you are my �Ideal’, you are a teddy-bear of a man, of healthy build (I also want to look up AT you) and ALL man, secure enough to be sensitive, with a fine sense of humor, a flair for the dramatic, a love of conversation AND silence. Kind...this isn't an incidental, kindness is a Primary. I want to meet a man who is CURRENTLY single, who knows the difference between sensuality and...and who doesn't consider the needs of his lower half to be the overriding consideration in a relationship. You can find that in any bar, and have it cheaply enough. You cannot buy a woman's heart, and what you get without it isn't worth the price. If you can see beyond that, to the real factors of an emotional relationship, then the physical side will create itself. It can only happen if we create it between us…I have no more time for demanding men who say “please me or I’m out of here”. If that’s you, don’t come in, in the first place. I have always been an attractive woman, and still am, but if physical appearance is at the top of your list, you are at the bottom of mine. Yes, I’m picky…I’m worth it. Can you see a quiet dinner, a warm fire, and no need to say anything at all? Can you appreciate museums, theatre… karaoke or video golf or playing cards for hours on end? Can you see laughing until it hurts? (CAN you make me laugh until it hurts?) Can you let me cry when I need to? Kiss the tears away when I need you to? Can you tell the difference? Then, you may be him…let’s find out. I’m ready to find my new mate, to begin a new life with the man of my dreams. Is it you?