Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Sahuarita, 41 year old

Date men and women from Sahuarita, United States. Please bare with me, as we have all experienced, speaking about yourself is not necessarily the easiest thing to do.
First and foremost I am a father of a wonderful 3 1/2 year old son who I live for but have come to realize that I need to have a life of my own which is why I am here wanting to meet people.
I'm not about game play, I am honest and upfront about everything. I'm a down to earth person who is very easy to get along with. I'm a fun outgoing person who enjoys time with family and friends, enjoys going out but also enjoys relaxing at home. Dinner and a movie are simple pleasures I enjoy alone but more so with someone else. I like doing something adventurous and fun which most people would think about doing but don't. Obviously, it's best when you have a friend or partner who can share in that fun with you. If there is something I haven't done I will try almost anything at least once, definitely again if it was exciting and fun enough. I actually am a little shy when I first meet someone but open up completely when I get to know you. I'm a great friend as well as a companion.
I'm interested in meeting a woman who is willing to be friends first and see what can be built from there. The best relationships come from strong friendships. A fun outgoing person is ideal, someone who is faithful, truthful, communicates, affectionate, attentive and simply just knows how to have a good time with her partner. Of course, a woman who can enjoy the simple things in life and appreciates a good man who shares in all those qualities.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you're interested in wanting to meet a good person and have a good time, email me.

Meet single man from Sahuarita, United States. My past- grew up in MD. Went to college an pharmacy school there. Played collegiate tennis. Moved to Az in 2005 and have been here since. I am a retail pharmacist in Southern AZ. I work very hard and am trying to find some balance between work and social life. I still enjoy being physically active. I play Softball, golf, and basketball. I enjoy Atv'ing in this beautiful state of ours. While I have a strong confident personality, I know when to compromise. I enjoy dining out and exploring new places. I love to travel and while I work alot I always make time for vacation. Whether a weekend to Vegas or a week or more to Mexcio, I am game for it.. I would like to meet a woman who shares the same desires as I do. I think this avenue for dating saves time from the typical bar scene and allows people to "narrow" the field. If you are interested in chatting drop me an email. You will never know if you don't try:)
- Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.. - Henry David Thoreau

Date a soulmate from Sahuarita, United States. Bodybuilder/ trainer looking for a women that takes care of herself.. People that say looks are not important are lying to themselves. The heart is important, but there has to be an attraction. I work out six days a week and take very good care of myself and I expect the same in return. Message me if you want to know more. Ok I have had a lot of people asking about my title on here bodyguard LOL I was a bodyguard for years for some celebrities. I am not doing that anymore as it was getting to be a really dangerous job. I have a 16 year old boy that is my number one concern in life.

Meet someone special from Sahuarita, United States. I am a funny, laid back, affectionate kind of guy. I love music, art, cooking, grilling and bbq (two different things) and I love sushi. When not with my kids I love riding my motorcycle and just cruising for cruisings sake.
I am 6 ft tall on a good day or with boots on, black hair and green eyes. I have a few extra pounds, but I am working on that. Although I hear some women like cuddly guys. Who knew?
My kids are my priority. I have a 15 year old daughter who lives with me, and a 6 year old son that splits his time between my house and his mom's. They are number one in my life, and I am sure most people reading this can respect that.
I play drums, harmonica, and guitar. I was a touring musician before I became a dad, but gave it up to raise my kids. I have a solid career that I absolutely love doing. Dangerous but fun and rewarding.
I can be as refined as a southern gentleman, or mix it up with the rowdies at a dive bar. I am just as at home at a 5 star restaraunt while wearing my tux (yes, I own one), as I am in my jeans and biker boots at a hole in the wall while sporting my tattoos. But I am just as happy sitting on the couch eating pizza and wings while watching an old Marx Brothers or original Pink Panther movie. I'll also watch a thriller/suspense/horror movie and try to scare the bejezzes out of you while watching it.
I am looking for a non-judgemental, fun, goofy, caring person. I can be a bit of a big kid sometimes, so you had better like to have fun and play hard (I guess that could be taken as a double entendre)
Good/Great sense of humor is a MUST. If you get embarassed easily watch out. If you like to see live bands, that is a plus.

Date people from Sahuarita, United States. I am new to this and tend to be somewhat shy, at least until I get to know you. Life is great, no real complaints. Life is also to short to be taken seriously all the time. I love to laugh, have a good time where ever I am at. Make the best out of every situation and enjoy your family, friends.
I do have 2 kids (13 and 16), with one that lives with me most of the time. They are easy going (at least as teenagers go) and I get along great with them and am very close to them and their activities.
I am not partying type person, but don't mind having people over for a BBQ, or superbowl party, etc. I enjoy watching movies (both in the theater and at home), and going to the theater to see various performances (I love Cirque du Soleil) and would like to see more of those shows. Sporting events, theme parks (Disneyland, Legoland, etc.) as well as weekend getaways are popular in our house and like to do them as much as possible.
I am down to earth, easy going, open to new ideas, have traveled a little and would like to do more (I really would like to try going on a cruise or two). I would also like to get back into snow skiing.
I am back in school getting a Masters degree, this one in cybersecurity. I love learning, though this will be my last university degree, I will always persue other learning endeavors on my own after this as time permits.
I am looking to meet a person that will accept me for who I am (what I like and don't like etc.). You need to have a sense of humor and like to laugh, have a positive outlook on life. Doesn't mind traveling, either for the day, weekend, or full on 2 week vacation but also doesn't HAVE to do something every weekend or day off. Sitting together, watching TV or a movie, playing a game, or letting me give you a foot massage is acceptable. Someone who doesn't mind getting dressed up for a nice dinner and / or evening out and at the same time is ok being casual at a baseball / football game. I also would like someone who from time to time goes out with her friends (I feel that is important) and be ok with me doing the same. I would like a friend, and eventually my best friend, one that you can talk to on good and bad days.
I do like to give attention (but not smothering) and give you space when you need some, and tend to be more old school (like opening the door for you). I like to mix in random spots of light-hearted, romantic spontaneity (what that entails will have to be left up to your imagination and only personally experienced). Sometimes, when the mood hits I can be a little goofy or playful but that is my kid at heart nature surfacing every now and then. I am no chef, but I do not mind cooking for my family or for someone special from time to time.
I also like going out to eat, but am not a seafood / sushi fan. I do like BBQ, Italian, Mexican foods primarily. Buca di Beppo is one of my favorite places, the food, the atmosphere make for a great, fun evening.
I'm not changing my life, I'm looking for someone to compliment it, grow a friendship and maybe more.
Send an email if your interested or want to know more.
- Kevin

Meet a man from Sahuarita, United States. I have a curiosity for the world in general and I especially enjoy learning about different cultures. I think I should have been an Anthropologist! LOL
I usually resonate well with down to earth people that aren't putting on airs. I think a woman that feels free to be herself is a very sexy trait.
I take care of myself, lead a responsible life and have a lot to offer the right woman. I would love to meet someone that I could see the world with.
PS I can go from my wetsuit into a casual suit for the evening in 10 minutes flat!

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Interested in meeting new people. Lots of things make me smile. I'm grateful for alot of things. My social life is great and it makes me smile and I'm grateful for it. I'm looking for a relationship

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Independent woman with her stuff together. Sorry not "needy" if you like needy..keep looking. I cut down my own dead tree, shoveled rocks and move my bricks. OH WAIT!? Maybe I shouldn't admit to doing things like that? Don't get me wrong I would rather not do those things but if it needs to get done.. I CAN DO IT! Here is a flaw.. I will admit.. I have a hard time asking for help since I usually do everything myself. :) LOVE my kids! Proud Army Mom! Looking for someone to spend some extra time with. Really enjoy adventures , traveling and trying new things. My next adventure will be hiking Colassal Cave on a guided cavern tour.
So, since I have traveled all around Europe with the Military and such. I prefer men who have a sense of adventure, like to travel and experience new things. If you are a home body and don't like to leave the house on a whim and do something will be hard to keep my interest. Not every weekend or month is an adventure, however don't be totally against it either.
I do need some target practice. No worries, I am a pretty good shot and only shoot at paper targets.