Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 38 year old

Date a man from Colorado Springs, United States. I've spent my last few years working on getting work and such where I want it. Made my sacrifices to the social interaction gods as well as gotten the party bug out of my system for quite a few years now....traded those for yoga, as well as reinvigorated my love of cycling to the point i'm probably riding the best I have in years. I don't really watch TV ever, but i do have one with an AppleTV to catch everything from current stuff (Family Guy, The Inbetweeners, Fringe, and Walking Dead) to old favorites when needed. When I do watch TV I prefer comedy's above all. My life can be too serious to carry that over into home. That said, I love documentaries too. When the TV is off I often read....books opened to the last page read adorn my home, plus I have a small que of books I'm reading on my Kindle App on my iPhone.
Overall I'm quite laid back day to day. I do have my business cap I throw on when needed and I'm no push over. And while I'm just a few points away from a Mensa membership, I am usually quite low key and spend more time being funny (and I am very funny) vs being all that serious. I'm loyal and help friends whenever possible....or even those I don't really know. We're put there to use our talents to help people, we don't always need to make a buck off each person we do. Can't help someone, well don't hurt them either.
Activity wise I love to bike, going on 4 years doing yoga, love to read, big fan of movies of all types (Cinemark to Kimbal's). I've studied in 2 different countries. Spent a summer living in the Netherlands. But I'm from small town MN so that part has never gone away. My favorite city is currently Chicago. I like finding cool new food places from exotic (Sri Lankan curry anyone?) to simple (I know where the best pizza and sandwiches are in 10 cities). Overall, a well educated, sincere guy who has a sweet bottle of wine on the top of the fridge as well as a few bottles of nice beer in the fridge.
Who I'm looking for? Income doesn't matter much, just that you have one and are responsible with what you have. Educated is a must, but college educated isn't necessarily a must. A must however is that you are, bike, lift weights, whatever you like to do to keep in decent shape. Don't need to be an Olympian or competitive, but if you spend more time watching TV than you do being active, we can be friends but we won't be a match. Also, good manners and getting along well with other people (even if you don't) are musts.

Meet people from Colorado Springs, United States. I have great friends that are as close or closer than family. I'm active in the community and feel I do make a difference at the end of a day as a result. Love it.
Exploring the state and beyond is fun for me so a plus if it is for you. I'm very down to earth and fun loving. PBR and getting dirty is as much fun as studying new materials or coming up with my hair brain ideas/concepts to implement for work. In short, intelligent as you can find, but fun.
I can fix big things. I over see big things now. Think big thoughts. Create big laughs. But I still appreciate the little things in life, alas, still a simple MN guy at heart.
Who am I looking for? Someone who's kind heart, but not a push over. While most men may shun away from a strong personality, I embrace it. Someone who is active is preferred because I'm not one to sit around waiting for the world to happen. Not that my couch and I don't have our moments, but I like being active so it's a good quality for you too. Kindness towards others. Sense of humor. Overall, I'm open to meeting people just because you never really know who will click until you are face to face. Very least, always fun to meet new people. Maybe you'll have someone I should meet or I'll have someone you should meet.

Date single man from Colorado Springs, United States. Life has been an interesting journey so far. I'm a California native and have had a chance to see the country and see the world. But I've certainly had my struggles. I've had to endure some tough times but that's when I learned the most. I'm very passionate and love what I do.
I look for ambition. It's important. I enjoy someone who can carry on a meaningful conversation. I love a great smile and will fall for a great sense of humor every time. I laugh a lot.

Meet men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. I like when a relationship feels natural and flows comfortably because of compatability. The good times just come easy that way. I'm easy going, but like to maximize my time off and do a lot of active stuff. Hiking, mountain biking, surfing (not in Colorado obviously) and golf are at the top of my list, but I also enjoy a quiet dinner and going for drinks.

Date a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. I’m a Colorado guy so I enjoy skiing and hiking but there is more to life than just that. A night on the town or just a lazy night on the couch can be just as much fun! I’m an Engineer here in the Springs so yes I have just little nerd in me, but don’t worry I clean up pretty well.
I'm looking for more that just a random date, I'm looking for something that will grow to a real relationship. I understand that it just doesn't happen overnight but I'm looking forward to the journey!
So after a couple trips to South America and London I seem to have caught the travel bug, so a good match would enjoy travel and love a little adventure.
I like to play a lot of sports and do watch a couple too -- Go Broncos! -- But lately its hard to find some one to play tennis with so let me know if you play.
So if your looking for something real, want to explore all this area has to offer and like being treated the way a woman should send me a message and we will see where things go!

Meet someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I just moved to The Springs and I am originally from Las Vegas. I love meeting fun and interesting new people. I enjoy kicking back on the porch reading the paper with a beverage (hot, cold or adult). I also like the finer things...such as good food and good wine.
I am looking for a woman who loves to laugh at herself and occasionally some of my jokes. I am a "giver" who likes to take care of the people I am with, be it friends or girlfriends. I believe you have to start as friends and see what happens after that. I am very open and I am always ready for fun new adventures!

Date a man from Colorado, United States. I am 38 years old and I moved here from California about 4 years ago. I am still getting used to the differences but so far I feel good about the move here.
I enjoying going for walks or hikes. Palmer park is practically my back yard. But I also enjoy geocaching and going for drives.i also enjoy playing golf. I don't know why exactly because i am terrible at it. I also like to bowl but I haven’t really done it seriously in years. So my bowling ball and shoes are just gathering dust right now. I also like watching sports. Mostly Football and the UFC. But I also enjoy watching basketball and baseball. But with baseball I enjoy going to the games more then watching it on tv.
I listen a lot of types of music but mostly rock or heavy metal. But you should see my iPod. I also got Pavarotti, Johnny Cash and Public Enemy on there.
I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't mind if you drink or smoke.
What you see if what you get with me. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. And that is with kindness an respect. I do consider myself a kind and caring person but more importantly my friends and family think I am well. I have been told I am caring to a fault. But I really do enjoy making people smile be it through kindness or humor.
I am looking for a long term relationship. I am not looking for a one night stand or anything like that. That's easy and empty for me. I am looking for a relationship with a connection. Something that grows. You won’t get any games with me. Besides I don’t like playing games with people anyway.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. If you got this far, then I have to wonder about your intentions. It does say I''m a jerk in my headline! Or maybe you're cool, and you get the irony of it...
(I hate all of my photos. I swear I look better in person. Isn't that what we all say, anyway?)
Ok. So let's be honest here. I have 2 young kids. They take up a lot of my time, and they are my top priority. I also travel sometimes for work. I don't go snowboarding, sky diving, bungee jumping, globe-trotting, or even four-wheeling every weekend. Not to say I don't like to try new things, but it's hard to find the time lately. I'm really just a regular guy. What I do have to offer is wit, humor, fun, sarcasm, loyalty, and a big heart. When I care about you, I take care of you. I enjoy space, string theory, the multiverse, the glory around us that is nature, good music, great movies, the occasional concert, and weekend getaways. I like to grab a drink and people watch. So if you're cool with boring from time to time, I'm your man. ; )
I am looking for a sexy, fun, but down to earth woman to hang out with and see what happens. If you think that's you, then contact me. A little bit of crazy is good, but I generally have my stuff together, so I hope you do too...
And you need to appreciate sarcasm. That wasn't sarcastic, but my headline was...

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I have a sarcastice sense of humor and I tend to have fun at whatever I do most of the time.
I have a challenging career that I enjoy most days and tolerate on others.
I consider myself to be open minded, but I also have an idea of what I want out of life and how to get there.
I would like to meet someone that takes life seriously and tries to have fun along the way.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I'm a laid back person with a great sense of humor (At least thats what I believe) I am open to do new and fun things. I'm a very poitive person that believes God is always in control even when I'm not, I don't run away from life's challenges but look at challenges as new ways to grow as a person. Originally from the Bay Area, I like to watch sports and spend time with family and friends and don't put it past me to just do something of the wall like start blurting out the wrong lyrics to one of my favorite songs. I believe that in order to have a healthy relationship both people need to be open and honest. I enjoy and desire to make the women thats right for me feel like she is the most special and wonderfully made women God in his goodnes made.. And to be honest, (HA!) I don't have the time or energy to play games or be fake, what you see is mostly what you get. I do got a few surprises but will save those for my special someone. If you think this may be something your interested let me know
The women I'm looking for must have a sense of humor and outgoing, and open to explore new things. I really don't have a "type" in mind, I beieve everyone in their own special way is a good person until they prove otherwise. She must be honest and faithfull, been down the road of unfaithfullness and prefer not to go down that road again. i'm just looking for someone to be real and genuine.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Are you as tired as I am of reading the same old stuff on here only to be let down in person? Isn’t everyone looking for smart, outgoing, fun, and sexy? Let’s be honest, we’ll only know if we have chemistry if we meet. So have dinner with me. A girl’s got to eat…right? Then if you’re intimidated by my looks, charm, humor, or adventurous side I guess you will have to let me down easy.
I've been fortunate enough to get to do a lot of traveling for work and also for fun. I've been to England, Germany, Guam, Australia, and lots of places in the states. I'm looking forward to getting to Spain and Italy since I've never been to either one.
Currently I'm deployed to the Middle East for the next few months. When I return I'm due to move to a new assignment and it looks like I might be headed to the Montgomery, AL area. I've always been more of a city dweller though, and I have family in Atlanta, so I would expect to spend a good bit of time there on weekends. It would be great to connect with some new friends before I get there and maybe see where things go from there.
I'm coming up on what could be the last few years of my Air Force career so I'm looking for a place to start a second career and maybe find the right woman to start a family with. I definitely want to have a family, but I don't want to "settle down". I stil want to have fun adventures, go to exciting places and do great things, but I want to share all that with a family. Does that make sense?
If this sounds good to you, say hi sometime!

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. Overall, I'm a diverse person with a huge drive to be successful at much of what I do in my life. I have spent years in school and training to finally be in a place of professional satisfaction. I love what I do, but enjoy my time off at least as much, and love to travel the world. I have a work hard, play hard schedule, which allows me the opportunity to always be planning something, which is of course more fun when shared with someone you care about.
It is very difficult to convey your personality in a few sentences, but I'd have to say that I have a dual personality, which extends to most of what I do with my life. I love to travel, explore, and learn new things, yet treasure quiet time, with a good book, friends and family, and/or a good glass of wine or beer. I enjoy working out and staying fit, but am quick to skip a workout for a great time. I have trained for foreign marathons, and Oktoberfest at the same time...and completed them both. I'm about as even-tempered as they come, as most of my friends have never seen me mad, but yet intense about most goals in my life. I like Top 40 music as much as I like oldies and classical.
A wise person once told me that if you have just one friend in your life that you can absolutely count on, no matter what, consider yourself lucky. I consider myself extremely fortunate because I have a number of amazing friends who meet this criteria. My family is equally great, and my parents are closing in on 50 years of marriage.
I would like to find someone who is kind-hearted, spontaneous and fun, who will challenge me and let me challenge them. I live and look below my age, and while responsible, don't want to grow up too fast. Life is too short to slip into boredom and monotony!