Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 36 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Wow that's a lot in one section. Ok, about myself. I am a fun loving, hard working trained Chef that loves living in Colorado, spending time with my family and enjoying new places and people. I always have fun in anything I am doing and i am into doing a lot of different things. In my spare time I love to just drive somewhere and enjoy that city for the day. You have no idea what you can enjoy in a new place. I have been to 41 states and 4 different counties. I am actually planning my next trip now. Maybe a island somewhere or who knows. I am a former football player, semi pro pool player and I have studied Economics and graduated with 2 degrees from Culinary school.
So about my match. I am very easy going and drama free. I think that is the basis of any good match. I would hoe would that she would be a big traveler and love adventure like me. Basically, I have nothing major to add than that. I am not looking for a perfect girl at all, just a down to earth girl that is willing to have fun, has a beautiful smile and eyes.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I am easy going, spontaneous, adventures, faithful, caring, and humorous. The woman I am looking should share these traits. I am not looking for the perfect woman. I am looking for the perfect woman for me.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. Where do I begin...
...born in Germany, lived on all major coasts of the US, traveled to every state (minus Alaska, Maine), crazy about cars, honest, loyal, get me on the dance floor, social, a friend, don't like to quit, Eagle Scout, curious about outer space, need to be touched, give great massages, sensitive, can listen, patient, enjoy turning up the radio, accept and value change, seeker of knowledge, stage actor, slow at writing but rarely revise, have a nice warm smile, physically confident and capable, optimistic, romantic, a bit of a showoff and attention seeker, one with nature, simple minded, like drinking from the garden hose, will occasionally relax with big stereo speakers on both sides of my head to escape and feel the music, play music by ear, rarely get lost or confused about where I'm going...
...but most of all lovable.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. im a simple person- ive traveled many places and ive had many magical experiences in my life-and in no way feel short changed. i have a lot of gratitude and simply just enoy being alive- honesty is sexy-

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. A little about me: I would say that I am a happy, loyal, and easy-going kind of person. I love to laugh and joke around and try not to take life too seriously when I can. I'm a very caring person who puts family and friends first. I'm somewhat shy at first, but once I feel comfortable with someone I open up. I'm also an independent guy who works too much, but loves his job. I like to be somewhat organized and I like to cook. In my free time I enjoy taking long bike rides for exercise and hammering on my dirt bike as well as many other things . I moved to the Springs 11 years ago from Minnesota and absolutely love it here! I love the Colorado outdoors and all it has to offer. I like to smoke cigarettes and I know I have to quite soon.
I would like to find someone who can make me laugh and is out to have fun. Someone who enjoys life and doesn't take themselves too seriously. I'm looking for not only a partner but a best friend.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. NOTICE: I am no longer in the Military.
grew up for most of my life in Southern California. I joined the military during my early 20's and was eventually station in Colorado. I consider myself a semi-native because I love our wonderful state of Colorado and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am an introvert but on occasion can be quite a social nugget. I love fishing, hiking,backpacking camping. I have two full sleeves and enjoy tattoos, my ears are also gauged. I love watching college football, college basketball, NFL and UFC. I enjoy board games and have an extensive collection of them. I am super afraid of heights but for some reason I can't stay away from roller coasters. I love muscle cars and have 1971 Chevy. Also, God must be some what of an important entity in your life. I decided that being an atheist was getting me nowhere in life. As a Christan my life has become very positive one.
I was in the US Army for 10 years but due to injures sustained from combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom I was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran. I am living the dream working part time helping soldiers peruse there academic goals, I also am currently going to school to become a History/Social Studies teacher. My BA will be History with a secondary emphasis on education.
I like a wide variety of music except hip-hop newer country. I like Electro-House, Trance and other types of dance music.
Some bands Artists that I enjoy would be:
The Smiths, Morrissey, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Blondie, The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, MUSE, Katy Perry, Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Regina Spector, Bryan Adams, The Phoenix, Muse, Le Tigre, MGMT, Gorillaz, Sarah McLaughlin, Attack Attack, We Came as Romans, As I lay Dying, Between The Buried Me, I set my friends on fire, Coheed Cambria, Tiger Army, Jimmy Eat World, Poison The Well, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Underoath, Kylesa, Converge, Older AFI.

Date someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I suppose I would be considered the deep thinking type with an adventurous and seeking spirit. I have a creative mind. Mediocrity is my worst enemy. I value humor and I consider my sense of humor to be kind of dry with a touch of goofy :) It is refreshing though to find people who are not using humor as a crutch and appreciate the time to be serious. I look for substance in life and therefore consider myself to be not shallow and very open with someone who I feel comfortable with. A strongpoint I'm proud of is my ability to be a good listener and I will always try to be understanding.... I'm not a follower of societies standards and latest trends. I refuse to be.
I've never been married and have no children. Up to this point this has just been a life choice on my part. I've always been on a different path, but respect the paths of others. I'm always willing to change when I see with certainty that change will make me a better person and will perhaps help fill in the gaps of another persons life.
The woman I'm seeking would have to "feel" something of what I have written. I'm hoping she will be an open, adventurous and deep soul with a big heart!

Meet a man from Colorado Springs, United States. I try to approach everything with an open mind; a wise man once told me that its not about where you go its about what you do when you're there. I'm looking for a person who is honest, outgoing, willing to try new things (and get me to try new things as well) and someone who is looking for that right person to spend the rest of their life with. I'm very easy going and like to try new things. There is even a list of things I want to do soon floating around in my head somewhere. LOL :) New experiences are best when they are able to be shared with someone, so let's go.
The type of person I am looking for has goals for the future and is making progress towards them like myself. I own my home and am investing for retirement. Together, maybe we could even make it a slightly early retirement. :) The vehicles and toys are paid off and I am financially secure. The person I want to be with does not need to meet all of this exactly, but an idea on how to get ahead in life while working together with a partner would be great. There is A LOT of fun to be had out there and if we are working together towards similar goals, we can go find all of it!
I want to be in a relationship, and would like to spend the time getting to know someone well enough to become best friends. Marriage and possibly starting a family (or expanding family if you already have kiddos) is what I am looking for and I want to make sure its with the right person. If something happens, great. If not, then we can hang out as friends, you can never have too many friends. Let's chat. :)

Date men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. Looking for someone who is fun, outgoing and just enjoyable to be around. I want someone that can be themself and that I can be myself around. I am willing to accept a person for who they are, that is what makes them special. I can have fun doing almost anything as long as I do it with the right person. I am very open minded, compassionate and understanding. I like to live life for today and know that tomorrow will always be better. I have been in the military for a while and am ready to settle down in one spot and get to know people and develop friendships and hopefully one day a relationship with that special someone. I'm not looking for the perfect woman and I don't claim to be the perfect man all I want is to be honest and be with someone that can be the same. This is my first time trying this online so if I left something out or their is something you would like to ask me feel free to email me.

Meet single man from Colorado Springs, United States. I recently moved to Colorado Springs from PA. Since I enjoy doing outdoor stuff this is the perfect place to be at. I like hiking and mountain biking. Besides outdoor activities, I like to travel around the world. I have been on five out of the seven continents. I also used to live in europe prior coming to the US. While I travel abroad I like to do photography. I enjoy capturing the local life and ancient architecture. On rainy days I like to visit museums or go to see indie movies. In a short summary I'm up for anything and I am looking for an easy going person like myself that is spontaneous and ready for a new adventure.

Date a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. A laid back guy that isn't afraid to attempt any project around the house, or meeting someone new. I enjoy the outdoors, and on the cold nights a good movie and someone to snuggle up on the couch with. I am a devoted, loyal, father of 2 that will continue to give to them forever. I know it's cheezy but they are my world. I know I have a lot to give that has been used and abused for the past years. Now a clear head and open mind has brought me here with no fear of taking any more BS. Had enough of that. Ready for a fun, loving woman that can respect me, put up with a smart arse mouth now and then along with the quiet time when needed...That is also able to accept all that I have to give!
Other points to add:
NO Drugs!!! A beer after work at the house is acceptable (no driving). Coffee is a must. Good food and laughs are a common place from the garage while standing around the BBQ. Communication and Honesty are extremely important. I am blunt and to the point, no games and I expect the same. I admit that I can sometimes be too blunt. No one is perfect though and I know I am not. Getting dirty when out playing or working on projects around house, yard, garage etc. is expected. I am a Mr. Mom, meaning I am independent enough to do it all around the house including raise my 2 kids (daughter is a challenge). People watching is amusing. Patience is something I have a lot of. Doors should be opened. The man always walks closest to moving vehicles. Manners are not outdated and are important right along with respect.
More questions? Feel free to ask.

Meet people from Colorado Springs, United States. I am who i am....looking for someone that can accept me for that. I enjoy the outdoors. On a nice day one can find me at the lake fishing, on the golf course playing some disc golf, or anything else that might come to mind. I like my relax time as well. I either kick back and watch a movie or two, or i turn on the PS3 and drift off into the gaming world. I have 2 wonderful kids, 1 that lives with me and the other with his mom in Oregon. Not very good at describing myself so if you want to know something don't hesitate to ask. I haven't been in the dating world for many years now and wouldn't know where to start. I am a very quiet person but can let loose now and again. Guess one could say my confidence isn't that high. I'm into tattoos and piercings, so you can't mind those. I would just like to meet someone that i can be me with, for a change. I just moved back to Colorado Springs from Germany. I was born and raised there.
Sorry if I don't respond to emails...not a premium paid member. Wish there was a way to communicate otherwise!!!!!