Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 20 year old

Date people from United States. Hello. I'm Nick. I am 20 years old living on Ft Carson, Colorado.
I am an outdoorsy guy. I love camping, running, and hiking. I also love to read, write, and draw. Some of my favorite authors are Michael Crichton and Dan Brown. I listens to all kinds of music, mainly rock and hip hop. I'm a bit of a shy guy in some situations, but I am all around outgoing. I love to make people laugh. If i make someone laugh, it makes my day (no matter how bad it was). I am sharp, but i love acting like a kid sometimes. I know its weird, but it keeps life interesting.
I am looking for a smart girl that has a good sense of humor. I dont discriminate. It is my belief that eveyone deserves a chance no matter how they look or act. If you want to know more, message me.

Meet men and women from United States. Let's start off at the basic information. My name is Josh and I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. I am stationed in Colorado with the Army. Now if the "Army" hasn't scared you off yet then keep reading. I have become aware that the citizens of Colorado are not fond of us soldiers. And I'm sure there are plenty of good reasons for feuding with us. However, we are not all the same and I ask before you pass judgement that you look past that, get to know me and then make that call on whether or not I fit the typical military stigma. My contract ends late 2013 and I have every intention of getting out and pursuing my degree in business management. Assuming that everything goes well with that, I'd like to then attend more schooling to obtain my MBA. I am very ambitious and will not settle for anything but the best.
Now for the more relevant information. I am a very outgoing person and I love meeting new people. I would not consider myself shy. In fact I often talk quite a bit. I love having intellectual conversations and enjoy thoroughly learning people's views and thoughts even if they are not the same as mine. I am very out spoken and will not hold back my thoughts which may not always be the most appropriate thing but it is certain that I am always being honest.
As far as what I enjoy doing during my free time, I love trying new things. Whether that be dining in at a new restaurant or exploring new places or trying new things. I am an adventurist and find myself bored all the time which only adds fuel to the fire of wanting to push the limits of life. I love adrenaline based activities. Whether it be in the water, sky or land. I currently am going through training to get my licensing in skydiving. Now as far as sports go, if it involves a ball, I can almost guarantee that I am not good at it. That's not to say though that I won't get out there and try it. I am always open to experiencing new things even if they may be out of my comfort zone.
When I'm dating or involved I would be classified as a hopeless romantic or cheesy. I guess that depends on how you view things like that. I am an affectionate person. I love spending time with my partner whether it be out and about or staying in watching movies. I LOVE cuddling and sharing that special connection together.
As far as the type of girl I am looking for there are a few qualities that I see as important. She must have intelligence and maturity. This isn't to say that i want someone who is completely serious at all times. That's actually the exact opposite of what I want. It's important though that the girl can roll with the punches as life gives them out. Someone who won't quit when life gets tough. Now on the flip side of that I want her to be humorous. I'm a jokester. I think humor is the key to life. I try to find humor in everything I do. I think it's important that she can joke with me and be playful. She must be ambitious and have high hopes for herself. A girl who knows what she wants is a definite plus. Overall I am looking for the special match that wants love happiness and laughter. After all, that truly is all that matters in life.

Date single boy from United States. i am curently serving in afganistan, ill be here for about 4-5 more months. been single for a few years now. trying to get something started when i get back. wanting to settle down a little. so if your interested feel free to hit me up. if i like you then ill respond, though it might take me a few days to reply.

Meet a guy from United States. I joined this site because I want to find someone I can spend my time with and build a good friendship with, whatever happens happens, I just go with it. I like getting to know people and over time building on it, turning it into a relationship possibly, who knows?
I'm an outgoing person, probably the most cliche thing to say but it's true, I put effort in everything I do and go the extra mile to succeed and go after what I want. Materialistic things sometimes catch my eye I know my car did, but for the most part I'm simple and have discovered the smallest things with meaning, and purpose are the best.
I love to travel and do things I haven't done before, always open to something new. But I also enjoy staying at home for an afternoon or longer to just hang out with someone. I'm that type of person who wouldn't mind going on a long drive to no where just to talk and learn more about someone. I enjoy things both outdoor and indoor, movies museums, shopping, anything to get out and do something is great! Outdoor activities like hiking, sightseeing, even shooting and events like that are also really enjoyable. Being from Southern California, I have no idea how to snowboard or ski but being in Colorado now I would love to learn, and try it. Fishing and hunting seem pretty fun too although I've never done them. I just tried white water rafting the other day and it was awesome! Anything new I'm up for.
I love my friends and family, I try to keep in contact with them as much as possible, most of them are back in California, but regardless I still keep them close to the best of my ability.
I'm looking for someone, willing to build a friendship, willing to include me in their lives, someone to call or text just to talk, and learn about each other. Building trust and understanding is huge for me, my previous relationship was rushed to say the least and I felt I had a lot of trust in that person to only be burned in the end, I won't base a future relationship from past experiences, just less naive in the future. I'm looking for Someone I can take somewhere for a day or afternoon to hang out, have fun on the spur of the moment, someone that can be spontaneous at times. It would be awesome to meet someone who knows the area well, because like I said I'm from California, but it's definitely not a must, I can get around. I want a friend, a best friend, and from that anything can be possible.
From a casual relationship to possibly a life long one you never know!
Wellllllll if that applied to you, then please dont be shy, I know that's a little hard for people, it's hard for me. But I would like to get to know you!

Date someone special from United States. Im fun loving happy go lucky army boy. im here for what ever happens dont add me if you dont want to talk and hang. I want real connections. And dope people hit me up if you have any questions for me.

Meet a soulmate from United States. well am all about the truth i hate liers i love to have and if u are to then thats all that matters i hope i can meet a woman not a girl someone who is ready to have and ready to do crazy thing also a woman who understands that when i have to work is cuz i have work..... and a few things am passionate is my job my car and having fun

Date a boy from United States. Young, so I'm not the most mature. Intuitive, and I love to be enticed. Fun loving, easy going kinda guy. Confident, but not overly. I'm very comfortable with myself and my personality, even in environments where most aren't. I could be a great companion if I found a woman I could trust and take seriously.

Meet people from Colorado Springs, United States. I like to have fun I snowboard,paintball,mtn bike,kayak,and I love to drive my car,i like to try new things like this site and Im looking for someone who wants to have fun and try new things and use her imagination but I don't want someone that is into all that girl drama don't get me Wrong I am a good listener but I don't care what Jakie down the street said to make Marty moo moo angry

Date men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. I'm a medic in the army, only joined for the college money. I'm new to colorado springs, originally from Kentucky, and don't know a single person here. Just looking for someone to hang out with. Thought why not give this a try.

Meet single boy from Colorado Springs, United States. My name is Keith i'm 5'11 I play sports, i'm a outgoing person I work for the fire department in Colorado springs i'm looking for someone that wants a serious relationship and to explore the world and be happy

Date a guy from Colorado Springs, United States. im not the best there is..but nobodies perfect i love havin fun and i love fair, im chill, and ill treat you with the proper a awesome people person, imma be a clown if needed grateful for the friends, family, and everything i have today

Meet someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. Hi my name is Chandler and im a soldier with 10th special forces group.Im not the typical player that gives military guys a bad name.Im looking for a girl that is fun and outgoing.Ive been told I'm very funny,so I'd like to be able to find a girl with a great sense of humor to go along with her beauty.I love to workout and be out side.Im very loyal and have many aspirations in life.I hope to find someone that can enjoy the same things as me and to have a great time with.