Date men and women from United States / Colorado / Colorado Springs, 31 year old

Date people from Colorado Springs, United States. I'm an athletic guy with an affinity for all the exciting things in life, except for maybe five things :)
I cook, clean, and sometimes I starch my apron.
I think dinner is too common and uneventful for a first date. I think a movie is even worse.
If I emailed you it wasn't an accident :)
I have an iPhone and I will remind you daily or I will tell Siri.
I enjoy sarcasm and innuendos.
I don't wear skinny jeans.
I think women's purses are getting bigger every year.
Kids are cool, but for crying out loud don't have them in your pictures.
People with 25 pictures, but 20 of them show trees, buildings, water, etc. Those people suck.
I drive a Honda and I pretend it's a Honda everyday cause it's a Honda :)
I change my own oil and tires and pump my own gas.
I always have shotgun and I will remind you that the light is not green.
Extra points if you know what Wallabees are, but minus five points if you Google'd it.
My favorite store is Macy's and you might find me there on Tuesdays.
I miss Prison Break, but I love Mad Men, Criminal Minds, and The Walking Dead.
I like a woman that will have my back in public even if I'm wrong.
Competence is my watchword...wait a minute...add Loyalty too!
I like exciting women who can engage in harmonious verbal jousting :)
No preference means no preference :)
I only drink Corona and Dos Equis so BYOB.
Please have teeth or some really good fake ones.
I am a Florida Gators fan.
Sometimes I wear baseball caps.
I rarely use my dishwasher.
I wear boxers not briefs and dudes that wear boxer briefs are confused.
Ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen
Mi espanol es muy bien en Lunes.
I love European accents.
I want to ride in a kangaroo pouch -- what's it called again??
I know the difference between Austria and Australia.
I will occasionally use words like troglodyte and highfalutin.
My favorite actresses are Eva Mendes and Megan Good.
Girls with tattoos are sexy
I like almond honey bunches of oats and OJ with the pulp.
I will use the self checkout
I like all kinds of music as long as it doesn't make my head hurt.
I will make a scene if you skip me in line.
I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and I've touched the Leaning Tower.
I will open the door and pull out your chair.
I might make some sounds while I'm checking you out.
I don't send naked pictures.
TS/TV are cool with me, but I'm not down.
I'm not ticklish and I win every pillow fight.
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
-George Bernard Shaw

Meet men and women from Colorado Springs, United States. Im a single dad and have my daughter most of the time. Shes 3, my best friend, and a huge part of my life. I own my own home, and have a good career. Not lookin to support someone, and in a relationship i look for a partner and best friend, someone who goes through things with me as i go through them with her, not someone i always have to take care of and visa versa. Not lookin to jump into anything serious immediately, just keeping it casual and see how things go! Friends, possible relationship, just see what happens. Really easy going and like to do all kinds of things. Huge movie buff, love working out n lifting weights, pretty excited that hockey season is here n love watchin the avs play. Tired of finding rebounds, or girls who say they want a nice guy and when they actually find one, flake out completely. Not into games, just be honest and yourself and you'll get that in return. Anything else just ask :)

Date a man from Colorado Springs, United States. I am a 31 year old professional ballroom dancer. I own and direct my own studio in Colorado Springs and I absolutely love what I do and love where I live. My job has allowed me to travel to places I only saw in my dreams and I'm so grateful to have found a career that I truly love. I love to golf, dance, travel, dine out, spend time with friends, and try not to take life too seriously.

Meet someone special from Colorado Springs, United States. I'm slightly overweight, I like to drink beer, I hate hybrid vehicles, I can't stand country music, you'll never catch me at a yoga studio, I love the Denver Broncos, I like to hike, love dogs, dislike cats (allergic to them), I am in the mountains as much as possible, the only thing I'll ever "shoot" an animal with is a camera, I don't like anything that has to do with MMA, I love my family and friends, my dog is pretty cool, I'm a skier, I can also snowboard, I love skeeball, if I was a wild animal I'd be a bear, etc, etc, etc...
I don't believe in God as it pertains to ANY religion... I believe in a higher being, but not one attached to any "book".

Date single man from Colorado Springs, United States. About me
I grew up in CA and I like being outdoors. I try to be a gentleman and feel like I succeed most of the time. I like a lot of different kinds of humor. I speak fluent sarcasm. I'm pretty quick on my feet and can be even faster with my zingers. I'm been told I'm a great conversationalist. I enjoy inspiring smiles. A personal motto of mine = If it scares the hell out of me I''ll probably end up doing it. I'm definitely a handy man. Yard work and I are old friends. I love enjoying athletic activities. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a list of businesses I'd like to start someday. I'm easy going but I know how to work hard and go after what I want. I'm strong willed, confident, adventurous, and spontaneous but I know how to compromise, learn, face my faults, and take the steps to grow. I hope to find somebody who will appreciate who I am but also push me to grow beyond what I am. I love to cook, hate the dishes. In the end these are just words, so let's go have a conversation over some coffee or a beer. I promise to make you laugh, hopefully not in the middle of a drink.
About you
I think capability is incredibly attractive. A woman who doesn't have a problem going after what she wants, saying what needs to be said, or making her opinion know is my kind of woman. That doesn't mean bossy or demanding, it means strong and confident. A woman with spirit and guts. Athleticism is also really attractive. So is an adventurous attitude. Class and style make for an outstanding combo. Intelligence is a must! A kind spirit and gentle attitude never finish last in my book. Communication is the foundation for a lasting bond. In the end our connection is really the most important part. That includes mental and physical. I love the attitude that lets you go from old tennis shoes to rocking some heels. The unexpected kiss and long hug after a hard day (or any day for that mater) will always make my world brighter.
I'm not looking for a one night deal or to get married tomorrow. I want a partner, someone who takes my breath away just by being herself. I want to be inspired to steal your breath with every one of mine.
I will always respond to a wink, email, or IM. If I don't it's because I didn't see it. I joined a dating site to meet people...and so did you. I've been told there are a lot of strange people here but I'm pretty sure I'm not one of them. Hopefully you'll let me know if I am. If you like what I've said don't be afraid to say hello.
Great love and great achievements involve great risk.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado Springs, United States. I would love to share my adventures with a sweet and secure woman. Honesty and open communication are the foundation for a good relationship, and humor and affection are key ingredients! I've worked hard to get to where I am in life, and I'd like to meet someone who has also invested in her education/career. I am a hopeless romantic and am looking for my best friend, confidant, lover, muse - my other half.
Friends would describe me as hard-working, creative, funny, and kind. Once I get to know you, the playful/goofball side comes out!
I would love to meet someone with creative aspirations, but those don't have to be in areas like music or art necessarily - creativity comes in many flavors...
I enjoy my career as a software engineer, but equally crave time to work on my music and art. I have to keep myself active with "left brain" and "right brain" challenges.
Family is very important to me, and I very much enjoy my time with my parents and two brothers, and my brothers' family. It's awesome being an uncle! My family is's great to have the core family living in Colorado with me. My brothers and I are Colorado natives.
Hiking/biking is great on the weekends and sometimes after work. I also enjoy nights in - nothing beats snuggling up with some movies, with someone special!
I love trying new and exotic foods. Greek food, Sushi, and Indian are high on the list of favorites too. I also enjoy wine tastings, and trying craft beers. Lately I've enjoyed Seven Deadly Zins on the side of heavy reds (it's perfect with steak), and Kris pinot grigio for something cool and a bit sweet after playing outside.
I've traveled to Germany and England (played music in both places) and look forward to exploring more of the world.
I think variety is important in life and within a relationship - I hope to meet someone who has a lot of interests and a dynamic personality, someone I could spend my whole life exploring!
I am passionate in all things I do - if it's worth doing, it's worth doing with gusto :-)

Date people from United States. Where to start...? First off I'm a single dad of a little boy. He is my world. Everything I do I do for him. I am a package deal. If your not a fan of kids, I'm sorry I'm not your man.
I would describe myself as a very simple man. Enjoy the little things in life. My family is very important to me. I spend a lot of time with them. Most of my time is spent with my son. I love to take him swimming, to parks, the zoo, children's museum. I do have some free time to myself. When I do I enjoy spending time with my friends. Go to a bar and have a few drinks, or even just hanging out and getting a poker game going or something. I really love doing karaoke. With that said I again do enjoy going out every once in awhile to a bar or what not but I'm definitely not a "partier"
I am a huge animal person. I have a very soft spot for animals. I have 3 dogs, golden retriever, Australian Shepard, and a English bulldog. I also have 2 cats.
My biggest "hobby" would have to be football. My friends would describe me as not just a fan, but a fanatic lol. I bleed orange and blue. If anyone I know has a question about football I'm always there first call lol.
My friends would describe me as a very caring person. I can be extremely shy at first but can open up. I'm not the person who has to be the center of attention (unless I'm doing karaoke) lol.
So there's a little information about me. Don't wanna go to much further cause then there's nothing to talk about if you already know everything :). So if you'd like to know more don't hesitate to ask and send me an email.

Meet men and women from United States. Well, here we are, reading, picking and choosing among pictures and witty slogans. Not sure why you are, but I am here because I travel too much, live in a town where the smart, fun, successful are less available than in previous towns. Because I would like to find someone that I could be friends with, travel with and enjoy what Colorado has to offer. I am a romantic at heart, but I act as a realist; and now find myself paying monthly for these few words in hopes that someone reads them.
Around me in sixty seconds or less: I have sailed down the east coast (damn near froze,) picked a fight with a horse (I lost that one,) climbed a few mountains (even in Tanzania,) learned a foreign language (and forgot it,) damn near wrote a book, crossed a glacier, lived in a desert, rode a camel, traveled around the world (twice,) been arrested in three countries (innocent, I swear,) played sports internationally, and am working on my PhD (slowly, very very slowly,) ….. Whew I got all of that in a few sentences.
As you can tell I am a man that enjoys as much of the day as possible. I love being outside, traveling, exploring and seeing new things. Though, I have spent many weekend mornings on my balcony with coffee and a book, if it is written chances are I want to read it. If it is tall I want to climb it (though I am afraid of heights.) If it is an ocean I want to cross it. I love the ocean and dream about being back on a sailboat working my way around the world (we can have dreams right.)
My friends say that I have no type, and that I am an acquired taste (probable not the best thing to put on here. ) I am looking for a woman that is independent, smart and witty. Someone who loves to banter and share their experiences, and are willing to travel to experience new ones. A woman capable of putting me in my place; and comfortable in an evening dress, or in flops and jeans. Adventurous, strong, intelligent, athletic, would all be things that describe what I am looking for..... If any of this sounds like something, or someone that you would enjoy, feel free to let me know.

Date a man from United States. I'm fun, outgoing, and adventurous. I want to find someone who can go out and have fun with me. Must be interested in and available to going to the lake, wakeboard, do some adventure racing, travel, etc. I like to keep life interesting and do a lot of different things and would love to meet someone who wants to be apart of it. This is not a one way street, so if you have any grand adventures you have in mind, let me know. Maybe I'll be interested in going with you!

Meet someone special from United States. I'm an average nice guy in search of a best friend first and see where it goes. I do not have a problem with commitments. I would love to be married again someday, but, only if we make a special connection. I am at a good place in life, I just need someone special to share it with. I enjoy movies, dining out, cooking at home, riding motorcycles and attending sporting events.
BTW my son 11 and daughter 7 live with their Mother during the school year in Utah and with me in the summer and for Christmas...
If you want to know anything else don't be afraid I ask... Dennis

Date single man from United States. Hrmm about me.. I'm about 6'1 I have brown hair and eyes not much of a body builder.. I can only bench press 350 and squat 600. Haha no not really, I'm just kidding. I'm a tall lanky guy, I like to be a smart ass and joke around a lot so you have to love my dry sense of humor because that seems to be the only thing that comes out of my mouth. I have been told I am a really laid back person and I would like to keep it that way so no drama please! I believe your life is as happy as you make it so I try to keep myself in a great mood and would like someone who feels the same way, a smile on your face tends to be a great tool to keep me happy, so I'm not too hard to please. I am a big family person and just moved out to Colorado Springs less than a year ago so I don't have all the family around I did before, not to mention I am still trying to figure out this whole area. Soooo I am looking for someone to get me out and about and take up my spare time, and there is a lot of it! Anyhow thats all I am going to put on here about myself, anything else you will need to just ask me.
My Match..... A cute/happy/nice girl who can just have fun with whatever we are doing no matter if its outdoors or just sitting on the couch watching tv or hanging with the family. If she can deal with my goofy self and dish it back that's a plus.
****Not looking to rush anything and I would like to start off as friends, I am looking so don't think that means that I am not. I am just tired of meeting someone who changes with in 2-3 weeks, besides this gives each of us more of an idea if things are going to click or not. Lets face it looks will only get you so far, so there has to be some type of personality included in this deal!

Meet a soulmate from United States. If you measure success in dollars, I'm not your guy. Now if you measure success by how good you feel about life, then I'm your man. I don't need the fanciest gizmos, simple often works far better. I do like shiny things that go fast, I think any guy does. I'll probably never be rich, but I doubt I'll ever starve either. I'm looking for a woman who likes a simple life. Not to say I'm without goals or purpose. Eventually I would like to retire into a small mountain town and such goals take a good measure of focus and prudence to achieve. Also I'd like a woman who enjoys auto racing. I do enjoy getting out to the local tracks and watching them mix it up, it's far more enjoyable than NASCAR on tv. I am shy to a fault. So in a nutshell, I'm a simple guy that likes guy things and a quiet lifestyle.