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Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Oak the first thing I do when I open my eyes is thank you God for waking me up this morning.I am truly bless each an every day. I love to walk for my health,an to try to keep firm. I am a woman of class, I think I am a very beautiful woman, I dress like a woman should. I try to make sure that I look good before I leave home. I am a 55 yrs old lady an I don' dress like I am a teenager. I am self employed, an I love it ,get to make my own time card.I can take time off when needed. I so not believe in drama, that the way to go. I want to know that I really shot my best at what ever I do . I love to travel an meet peoples, I hardly meet a stranger. I guess you can say I am for real in what ever I do. I know what I want so I go for it. I goes to church every Sunday unless I am sick or out of town. I have to give the most important man in my life all the time twenty four seven. I think that enough for now will tell more later when the time is right. I am a true believe in telling the truth, may God less you

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. intelligent, honest, attractive, romantic, passionate, compassionate, caring, adventurous, spiritual.
These are a few qualities that mirrors my soul and that I would find desirable in a mate. Life is precious and should be lived to it's fullest. When all is said and done, "How will you be remembered."

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. My friends would say that I am a fun loving person and a very loyal person. I am a person that will
do anything that I can to help in many areas. I am so proud of going back to school to get my degree after being out of high school thirty years.

Meet a soulmate from United States. i am a very outgoing woman who is very assertive and ambitious. i love to communicate and share ideas as well as pursue them. i do not appreciate infidelity, self praise, and lazy men. i desire to share my life with someone who can appreciate a good and honest woman. a man who can connect into the mind of a woman before he tries to explore her body. i seek a real man who has a great sense of humor, keeps their body groomed and keeps a clean house. i am drama free and love being stress free. i do however, prefer a handsome man physically and emotionally and who can love unconditionally. I prefer a man who attends church, loves to travel, watch TV and won't be ashamed to hold hands in public. i'm from the old school and do have morals and values. i'm very independent, outspoken, dedicated, compassionate, steadfast, reliable, and a very romantice lover. i can be your best friend and a perfect soulmate.

Date a woman from United States. , natural, adventurous, sincere and loveable woman; who has good listening skills. I love a person who can make me relax and have fun telling jokes. The thing that I most proud of are my children and where they are in their lives. I am grateful to Him who created the heaven and earth. My God who created all things to which he says is good. I am grateful to Him for sparing my life and when I didnРІР‚в„ўt know Him he was there. In my darkness hour He kept me and He has His hands on me and I want let go.
The person I hope to attract is a man who knows that God is…to be able to love as He has shown us in reading His word.
My social network consist special occasions; like Christmas and different continuing education conferences. And fellowshipping with my church.
I donРІР‚в„ўt have a particular thing to share; but having fun and making people laugh is one area that I like in a mate.
Casual dating that will turn into long term relationship; possibly marriage.
I am most passionate about God, children and family.I like to surround myself with positive peoples. My education and job are important because the result is awesome!

Meet someone special from United States. I am a very devoted person. I love early mornings watching the sun come up with a relly god cup of coffee. Listening to the early birds, and watching the sun creep up over the hills. aI like hearing the rush of the oceqn waves late at night and watching the moon dance on the ocean. I love hearing my graandbabbies giggle and play when they think no one is listening. I love to hear my daughters whisper and make plans for christmas, and share stories with me. I love reminincing and holding on to memories of my girls childhood and growing up. I love lunch with my mother and sharing my secrets with her.

. Hi! I'm Barbara, I am looking for the companionship of a nice, fun-loving man who likes to travel, go to the movies, go out for a nice dinner, and just spend quality time together. I am very family-orientented and would desire the same quality in Mr.Right. I love to laugh, and have been told that I have a great sense of humor. I have two small grandsons who live in Louisiana that are the light of my life and I visit them often. I work as an RN and would like for Mr. Right to be gainfully employed or maybe even retired. Although, I enjoy going out and having fun, I would also be happy with staying in and cuddling up on the couch. If this sounds like it could be you, send me an email and we can get to know more about each other.

. I am single and looking for a honest relationship that is taken seriously. I love to laugh, travel and curl up with a good book. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am looking for someone to share time with and see where it goes.

. recently divorced after 30 years. not really sure this is the way to meet someone, but we'll see what happens. please no games! learning a lot of new things about myself and i'm loving life right now. would like to meet someone who has a love for God and goes to church regularly. someone who would be able to talk about a situation in the relationship, whether good or bad, who realizes you can disagree about something without an arguement. would like someone to share my likes and his with and someone who would take me out of my comfort zone and get me to try new things. looking to be someone's best friend before i can be a mate. not all friendships turn into a relationship but i believe men and women can be friends without sex. i am not a jealous person, but will not put up with unfaithfullness. pet peeve is cheaters and liars. how do they keep their stories straight? but i do believe that we all need our own space so if a guy wants to go hang out with the guys, i haven't got a problem with that, as long as he shows he can be trusted. for once, would like to have someone who had as much respect for the relationship as i do. i am respectful of people no matter their age but have a soft heart for the elderly. i love spending time doing for others. God is showing me WHO i am, WHAT i can be, WHEN i need to move forward and WHERE i need to go. if He is leading your life, maybe our paths will one day cross.

. I'm a strong woman who values kindness, humor and good manners above looks. I am looking for a gentleman who is comfortable with himself in any situation. A man who will not be needy and enjoys being around my friends as I would around his. I adore spontaneous men who would just as soon whisk you away for the weekend in bermuda as stay at home and watch a movie. A man who can find joy in simple things . Someone who is amazingly witty and clever and enjoys conversations and other's opinions.
I think that I am a woman who trys to be kind at all times, is self-sufficient and has a wicked sense of humor! I am a person well grounded by experience in life and I am the eternal optimist. I don't suffer fools and I abhor whiners!
I think it's quite interesting to read all the different profiles on this site. How wonderful there are so many unique men out there...I really man that.
I would want my ideal match to just be himself. I want him to be self-assured and have a kind spirit. I can not stand men who are rude to people in service industries. Or who make fun of someone because they don'[t fit the norm.
I would hope that my match would know how to smile and have a fabulous laugh that would make my toes tingle.
I would hope that if you decide to contact me, you would be totally honest about what you are looking for....and what you expect from a woman. It pains me to spend time "talking" with someone on this site and then, upon meetng them...they are not who they presented themselves via words to be.
(and may I add, I would hope the same would be true for you gentlemen with any of the beautiful women on this site you decided to contact.)
So, are you interested?

. looking for a good christian, honest and caring man whom we both can relate to.i'm unique and i hope he is unique also. hoping he is in fair health and can help me out around the house and to do many other things. would love for him to be stable.

. Love is the essence of all living things. I feel it is more important to love than be loved. Companionship is also very important. As we go along in life the need for this grows deeper. Music is a happy place for me. The melody but especially the words of a song speak to me.