Date women from United States / Alabama / Mobile, 57 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Would like to meet kind, considerate, humorous gentleman..Not into drinkers, druggers, or mooches..
You should be self supporting, own a home and a car, and be able to make people laugh..
I am young at heart and love to travel, dine in or out, go to the beach,and not interested in marriage..

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. My ideal date loves to learn and experience new things - new places, cultures, cuisines, ideas, you name it! He is interested in literature, movies, history, politics, and views himself as a lifelong learner. He is non judgmental and open minded. He is kind, thoughtful, but self reliant. He enjoys the great outdoors as well as cultural pastimes such as art museums, music, and dramatic arts. He is family oriented. He can express his feelings and empathize with the feelings of others. He is HONEST! All of these things describe me and are, consequently, attributes I would enjoy sharing with a significant other.

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. I'm happily divorced. I'm only looking for sane men who might be interested in being friends with a sane, well-educated woman who enjoys life without drama, games or lies. This narrows the field tremendously. Don't waste my time if you don't fit this template.

Meet a soulmate from Mobile, United States. My life is rich with good friends and a multitude of experiences. I'm looking for a genuinely good person who is grounded and comfortable with himself and where he is in life. I have 3 wonderful sons who have left the nest.I believe in truth, honesty and open lines of communication. I love to laugh (who doesn't?!) Even though I'm content being a home body at times, I also like going out, whether it's a movie and a nice dinner somewhere or exploring new "funky" places. I'm definitely at a stage in my life where I'm looking for a partner who wants a fun-filled life together, all the while continually learning about each other and growing closer. If any of this makes sense to you, please contact me and we'll take it from there.

Date someone special from Mobile, United States. I love my work and I have all the "things" that I need. I have a wonderful group of friends and a wonderful extended family and a grown son of whom I am very proud. Together, we laugh, share our passions, celebrate victories, and mourn our losses together. I'm very independent and quite capable so I certainly don't need anyone to take care of me (although there seems to be some debate about that among friends). It would be nice to find someone with whom I could share the fun adventure.

Meet a woman from Mobile, United States. Classy, Confident, Honest, Caring, Concerned, Giving, Loving, Organized, Listen, Outgoing, Bubbly attitude, love to work out and try to stay fit. I work towards goals to better myself; I am very passionate about life and do not take it for granted. I am spontaneous and would go on a 20 mile bike ride with you for fun. I enjoy dancing, tennis, walking in the park, flowers/plants and decorating; I am spiritual and enjoy going to my church. I am an honest, loving, and nice person. Relationships should be to accept and respect each other for who we truly are. If you feel you are that genuine and honest guy who knows what he wants, please write me. I would like to meet and date someone special and see if the relationship grows into something more meaningful. I would love a genuine man, "clean cut" gentleman with manners and some morals who enjoys some of the things I like. He would be a man to take care of himself from the outside-in; loves and believes in God;

Date a soulmate from United States. My friends would say I am wonderful; a really good friend; dependable, funny, loving, kind. I am most grateful for GOD & Jesus! And He keeps putting up with me and taking care of me! A good joke, a funny movie, something silly I did would probably make me laugh out loud! I love animals, flowers and helping others.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a woman who enjoys living and enjoys people. I am adventurous and open to new things as long as its safe and legal. I spent the last six years as caregiver to my father who was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. He passed away in Dec. 2011 at the age of 89. Now my life is charting a new course and I am not sure where its taking me. I know that it is time for me to live for me now, I'm just not sure of where or how to begin. One thing that I have missed in my life is true companionship.

Date a woman from United States. What kind of company would I like to keep? It would be with someone who has a quick sense of humor; shares a ready smile with anyone and everyone; has the ability to make my eyes sparkle with just "that" look or kiss; stands out in a crowd as a man among men; a man of his word (no deceitfulness, no misrepresentation of the truth); accepts and appreciates my "feelings" with no conditions; desires to make our little corner of the world better than it's ever been.
I neither need nor desire someone to "take care" of me. If assistance, guidance or advice is required, I will ask. Trust me. I've recently learned I am what men refer to as low maintenance. Hummmmmm? Perhaps that is so in the material world. Be forewarned, in the arena of attention and affection high maintenance is required. Re-read the last sentence for clarification of high maintenance. With that being said......
I am more at home in myself now than I ever was at 20, 30 or even 40. You can see it in my eyes. I've seen birth, death, failure, loss, successes, dreams denied, dreams that came true and sunrises. So many sunrises. I know that vitality, wisdom, humor - the intangible we call "soul" - survives when the superficial fades. I also know that my inner peace comes from neither compromising my values nor settling for sensible, better-than-nothing, he-respects-me love. I know it is never too late to hold out for real love.
At 57 I am proud of the fact that I pump iron to stay in shape. By no means am I fanatical about it or strive for the body builder look. It is purely a means of keeping all the curves in all the right places so I can wear that short skirt and high heels. (And still turn heads!) I adore being feminine. But that is not to say I am a pushover. Besides being charming, completely irresistible and easy on the eyes, you will find me to be an independent, confident, analytical, communicative and intellectual creature.
I have been flying solo for several years now. As a result, I have become rather self-sufficient. I own a home, a car and "special" black mutt. I am adept at fixing just about anything so long as it only requires a hammer, screw driver, drill, putty knife and duct tape. The dog and I have a mutual agreement to serve, protect and love one another unconditionally. I am financially responsible and live within my means. My credit card has never been "maxed out" due to frivolous shopping. I have an active social life brimming with great friends. Five words five of my closest friends say describe me: resilient, vibrant, genuine, intricate and enlightened.
I have done my utmost to be open and honest with this profile. I am not a player. You won't find a one night stand here. I have far too much respect for myself to play those games. I expect the same in a potential partner. I have a very low tolerance for men who are not true to themselves as well to those around them (aka ~ "too many women, not enough time"). So, please be courteous enough to be truthful with me.
P.S. My idea of camping is at a quaint Bed and Breakfast Inn. I don't feel compelled to catch or slay anything for dinner. I buy freshly prepared fish/seafood/meats at the market. I've yet to see a backpack that is stylishly compatible with my favorite VS jeans and casual black leather heels. I don't "get" football or March Madness, but do understand why it is guy time. Okay, so I'm girlie girl. Nonetheless, a girl who just wants a boy to like her for being just that; a girl.

. I am a very lovely, nice looking woman who is interested in meeting a sweet, kind gentleman who shares similar interests. Most guys love to fish, I enjoy fishing as long as you bait my hook. Will relocate for the right person and LTR.
Not interested in one night stands or casual sex.
I have lived in New Orleans, LA and Panama City Bch., FL. Both have similarities in that each city has alot of tourists. PCB is full of spring breakers who love to jump off of hotel balconies and New Orleans has alot of drunks who just love to party. But I miss the gorgeous beaches in PCB and I miss the food in New Orleans and all of the Saints hoopla.
People in Mobile don't seem to be big Saints fans but they love Alabama and Auburn.
I'm still undecided who to cheer for during the games. Maybe you can help me make up my mind.
I am old-fashioned when it comes to dating and
respect a guy who opens the door for me and
calls when he says he's going to. I don't play games or practice any other deceptive behavoir and would apprciate the same from someone I'm dating. I also like a man who is neat in his appearnce and dresses well. Hopefully he would feel comfortable in a tux/suit or blue jeans.
I would love to meet the right guy so we could travel and do things together. My favorite place is Europe and my favorite country was Switzerland. I hope to go back again to explore everything that I missed. I would love to go back to Germany, France and Italy. There is still so much of this country that I have not seen. I hope my next advnture here is to Alaska or/and The Grand Canyon.
I also enjoy the simple things in life like watching a good movie or television show and I love to watch all of the NFL football games. My favorite television shows are CSI, Law and Order and The Travel Channel.
Thank's for reading my profile and wish you the best in your search for Ms. Right.

. A smile lets everyone know the warmth of your heart....I love to laugh and to smile and hope you do too. My ideal match is honesty, a man of integrity, wise, sincere and caring. He's sure of himself and is looking for a friend/relationship that will enhance who he already is.
He enjoys sports, dining out, going to the movies, live theatre, dancing, exploring new sites, listening to music and the waves.

. People tell me I remind them of Reba, I am confident, honest , passionate in all I do, family, friends, job, happy in my own skin, I am looking for someone who is not a control freak, but will not be far away if they are needed, who can be an extension of each other, enjoying going out or just staying home watching a movie, if this sounds like what you are looking for come join me in my quest to explore what life has to offer