Date women from United States / Alabama / Warrior, 57 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. bruttally honest! humble, and very picky!! Doing good for others makes me smile. I am most proud of my Kids and my Grands! I am grateful to all my family for being there for me! someone who is honest, faithful, who can love my family,and who is as picky about the house as I am!! My social life really sucks right now!! I go karoekeing sometimes. Random things make me laugh, like a baby laughing, or watching stand-up comedy. I want someone who won't put me down because I snore! Someone who will listen to what I have to say, and not try to worm out of what they say! someone that I have everything in common with! Someone who likes a clean house and don't mind helping keep it that way! I am most passionate about my singing! I'm not the best in town, but I love it!! I would dye a happy woman if I lived in Tennessee or South Carolina and owned a Karoeke Cafe! I would name it the Wright-Way Karoeke Cafe.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a very devoted person. I love early mornings watching the sun come up with a relly god cup of coffee. Listening to the early birds, and watching the sun creep up over the hills. aI like hearing the rush of the oceqn waves late at night and watching the moon dance on the ocean. I love hearing my graandbabbies giggle and play when they think no one is listening. I love to hear my daughters whisper and make plans for christmas, and share stories with me. I love reminincing and holding on to memories of my girls childhood and growing up. I love lunch with my mother and sharing my secrets with her.