Date women from United States / Alabama, 48 year old

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. Now comes the fun part.... How to describe yourself and who your looking for with a few cleverly written paragraphs that will catch that special someones eye.....LOL
First and foremost:
I'm not into games or drama. If you are into serial dating then pass me by.
I am very family oriented and would like to be with someone similar. I attend church weekly and my faith in God is a big part of who I am. Honesty and trust or very important in a relationship. In my spare time I like to go to the beach, a local festival, flea markets, movies, go see a concert, do yard work or go with my grandsons to a local water park and find a shady spot and watch them play. I like to go for motorcycles rides on sunny days. I'm not into the bar scene. Been there done that a long time ago. Doesn't mean I want have a drink, just that I don't do it to excess.
I'm at a point that I am comfortable with my life. Who I am and my beliefs. I don't like drama or confrontations. I believe everything can be worked out through communication. I don't like jealousy. If I'm with someone I won't betray them and I expect the same.
I like a man that is self confident. A gentlemen. Who likes to open doors for his lady. I believe in public displays of affection. If I want to hug you, kiss you or put my arm around you, I should be able to as long as we are both on the same page relationship wise....

My picture is recent and I expect the same.
So if you've made it this far and your wanting to know more drop me a line.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. First of all, I currently live in Oneonta, but I spend the majority of my workweek in Huntsville and am planning to move in that direction . . . just wanted to clarify that.
About me . . . . IРІР‚в„ўm really simple in that it doesnРІР‚в„ўt take a lot to please me. I enjoy dressing up and going to nice restaurants, but a quiet night with someone special to enjoy the peacefulness of an evening and IРІР‚в„ўm just as happy. I love the outdoors and the animals in existence there. Although I can wear my suit and high heels and be very comfortable, I can change into the shorts and flip-flops style of life in no time. I would like to think of myself as an adventurous, cheery, positive kind of person. My glass has ALWAYS been half full; never has my glass been half empty. We all have a desire to live, laugh, love, and be happy. And I must say, I've been pretty persistent in having a blast and making the best out of the curves life seems to throw.
My work keeps me really busy, but I feel playtime is important, and even though my schedule is very sporadic, which means I may be working on transcripts all weekend long, but then IРІР‚в„ўll have a slow week where I more or less do as I please. IРІР‚в„ўm not an 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday person at all.
I do spend a lot of time working in my yards, also. A well-manicured yard I guess would be a little hobby of mine, thatРІР‚в„ўs just something I take pride in.
I’m a true southern girl; therefore, I’m totally impressed with the “gentleman” quality of a man, and romance is key. I'm very affection and like my partner to reciprocate, even if it's a simple dance under the stars after dinner. I'm looking for someone adventurous, full of laughter, and someone who’s willing to be affectionate and easy to talk to. And even though I’d love to have someone to share the adventures in life with, I want someone who’s willing to cook dinner together and enjoy the simple part of life. Good conversation and affection is hard to beat. If you’ve got a spontaneous side to you, that's a definitely positive in my book. We all need to “break the routine” every so often. That can so easily add a little spice to a relationship.
Last but not least, my horrible habit is I do smoke. Having said that, I will not smoke when I'm preoccupied, out and about, or on jobs. I'd love to quit, but I spend entirely too much time alone, and it's so difficult. I realize nonsmokers can't comprehend that. When I'm floating on the river in my kayak, I've got my cooler of beer between my legs, cell and cigarettes in a dry bag. When I'm on the beach, I'm sitting in my beach chair, cooler of beer by my side, cigarettes and cell right there, also. I can sit there literally all day. Those things just seem to go together unfortunately.
Oh, well . . . . . thanks for reading. If you're interested in talking, just e-mail me and we'll see where it goes from there.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Each and every day we are given is a precious gift. How we choose to spend that time is important. I am not one that has to constantly be "on the go." I find there is great value in that quiet cup of coffee time as much as there is to be out with friends dancing the evening away. But no matter how each day is spent it's worth looking at as an investment.
I love the extravagant just as much as the simple. One of my favorite bouquet of flowers that I was once given was that of red roses and daisies combined. Both ends of the spectrum in one vase. :)
I am looking for someone who truly sees the value in friendship as well as love. I believe that it that "like" factor holds as much weight as the "love" factor.
Life is short we must go for it with gusto!
Laugh often and love with all we have!
I love the winks.... They are fun and flirty. But, I can promise you, you will have a much better chance at a response if you take a few moments and let the lady (no matter who's profile you are looking at) you like who you are looking at and wanted to say hi. Happy searching.

Meet a woman from United States. I love cooking, reading, sharing a meal with friends, my walk as a follower of Christ, travel, art, THE BEACH, boating, music, nature in general...people who are intelligent, caring, and possess a certain joie de vivre who enrich my life. Growing up in New Orleans and living on the Mississippi Gulf coast were a gift that made me appreciate great food, genuine people, live music, and the occasional parade or bonfire thrown in for good measure! Seeking a man of intelligence, compassion, someone who is stable, happy, has a sense of humor, who enjoys life and desires a partner. :)

Date someone special from United States. who or what makes you smile how would your closest friend describe you how do you spend your nights and weekends what accomplishments are you most proud of what type of things make you laugh what do you enjoy doing the most

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am continually working on my spiritual walk with God and spritual growth. I seek to live a balanced life with appreciation for every day. I love being outside in nature, whether it is working in the garden or walking through the woods. I enjoy watching movies with my kids, spending time at the beach and observing people.

. i am a person who loves people, i am very out going,loves going out to dinner or movies, concerts. i love the water,walks on the beach. my music is r and b to rock, right now im listening to robin thick and restoring my house that is almost 200 yrs old. i love animals. most of all i love to laugh and make people feel good. im looking for someone to spend time with, doing things together that makes us happy.

. I am a very positive person who enjoys life and good times, in the hopes of meeting that special person.....IF IT IS MENT TO BE. If not, it never hurts to make new friends along the way. Life is a wonderful journey!
I enjoy anything that involves the outdoors, sun and water, a great cook out, the beach and almost ANY TRAVEL but sometimes will settle for a weekend here at the lake. I enjoy boating, white water rafting, attending outdoor festivals, music, almost anything that involves being active and being outdoors. I would love to go scuba diving, rock climbing, air ballooning, so many things I have done and yet still so many things I want to do......leaves something to be discussed! I have enjoyed traveling, from camping to cruising in the past and have missed that avenue of my life. I would really like to resume some travel and it would be great to have that special someone with whom to share the sights. I enjoy l the mountains, a good snow, a rainy day with thunder and lighting...all of these I find romantic. I am a romantic at heart and I am looking for a gentleman who has not forgotten how to treat a lady. I enjoy dining out, dancing, although I have not done that in a while as I have not had a partner to lead. I also enjoy the theater, and the arts. I consider myself to be a well rounded individual with multiple and varied interest. I am just as comfortable and confident in jeans and a tee shirt and jeans as I am in my little black dress, heels and pearls.
I am seeking an attractive "gentleman", who enjoys having fun, laughter, dinning out or cooking out. A Christian who is peaceful, patient, kind and loving. These are fruitfull qualities. I would prefer you be interested in a relationship, of course that has to be "discovered". I do watch some TV, Discovery, History, National Geo. (NCIS, Law &; Order, Two &; half men, Big Bang theory, etc.) and cuddling up with that special someone...laughing or crying:) at a movie, and sharing a bowl of popcorn would be great occassionally.
So, if any of this sounds like you jot me an email. Have a great day and blessings to all!

. Just me, never plain and never simple. I am a petite rather sporty girl, but not always, with a lot of energ. I wear suits to work and come home and throw on my old jeans, a tee shirt a cap. I am transformed into my comfortable self. I am happy with the simple things in life, trust me I moved here to Alabama, from upstate NY. The snow is not always fluffier and the othere side of the world.
Yes, I have loved and lost. Haven't we all? Maybe that's why we are here. So, I am taking the memories and tucking them safely away. It took some time and after great introspection I am ready. I am ready for a new and long lasting memory of long talks about everything and goofy nothings. God is important to me, so it would be great if He was important to you too. You don't have to go to church either, churdh can be anywhere.
My favorite movie in the world is "Somewhere in Time" I never tire of watching it. So ready to eat popcorn with lots o' butter and lots of other crazy cravings I get. CHEESE!!! pickels, (not together). peppermint bark, wine?
I have a cozy house, "Mary", yes I named my house. She was built in 1903 and is an old soul. I have 2 sweet dogs who give me great joy. I love day trips to nowhere, dancing in my kitchen to almost anything, grilling a good steak, long talks til dawn about everything and nothing.
I am looking for an honest, sincere, no frills guy, with a heart. There has to be one out there! I am dissillusioned by love and want to be proven wrong. I want that guy, might be be my best friend both now and forever. I You must be able to hug, and not one of those whimpy hugs either. You can tell a lot with just one long hug! I have only had 2 special guys and for various reasons, it just didn't work out. You know how that one goes! If you are a Dad, I think you just might be amazing! I love kids. I love playing on the playgound! I am not looking for a fun fling thing. So, if you are, you can skip me right now...
I am taking the band-aide off my heart and seeing just where this adventure may go. I still have a heart that beats and a little bit of gutts. IS THERE REALLY A NICE, SINCERE GUY OUT THERE? Renew my hope and belief in love, yes, I said it...

. i am a single blk female very open-minded very sexual seeking the same in a mate so i am 5ft 150 attractive love laughing havin fun dnt like being uptight i want one man not the neighborhoodi like watchin sports especially football i love sex i am very passionate very affectionate i am looking for a long term relationship i am not concerned about how someone look i want someone tht is willing to put in the work to make a relationship last i dnt like to argue way to stressful i am like most women want to be pampered by someone tht dnt have an issue with a woman wanting to feel special and apppreciated shrnfendersonycom i love being honest I LOVE SEX DAILY so if this something u have an issue with i am not the person for you i dnt want someone who feels the need to still be hung up on their ex if so then u need to go see if u guys can work it out

. I'm grateful for my family & friends.I'm hoping to attract someone who is fun to be with & can make me smile.I'm a simple person,that lives a simple life.I do love to be around people,but I also enjoy my quiet time.I don't know if I'm looking for anything serious right now,but I will always keep an open mind on what could be.I believe in true love and that we all have a soul mate.the man I would be looking for would have to he honest,trustworthy,to me anyway lol,one that enjoys to laugh,and doesn't mind a girl who can be a little on the crazy side sometimes.but a good crazy of course.people has told me I don't act my age.when you let your heart,mind , and your soul grow old,so does your body.I lost my husband of 20 years of marriage,since then I have learned never take anyone for granted that comes in your it's a friend,a love,or just someone that needs an ear to one that will listen to them.I have 4 kids 3 are grown and moved out,I have one 20 year old that lives with me.I'm a woman with a few tattoos,so if body art bothers you then I'm not the girl for you.I am looking for someone to be a friend 1st.if you can't be friends you can't be in have to know that he is someone you could sit and talk for hours, tell him things and; him tell you things.I'm a good listener he has to be one too.I'm at the point in my life when I don't like alot of drama,so if your life is filled with it,I'm not the girl for you.I am a very romantic woman,and I like long slow and passionate kisses. and I love to go to yard sales & and; estate sales, and I love to go motorcycle riding.I guess I need to update my pictures,I am glad to say that since December I have lost 25 pounds,yay.

. I have three beautiful kids and two grandsons. I don't want or need a partner for life, just someone to hang out with, have intellgent conversation and who likes to fish. My son and I live with my mother and my life is kind of on hold right now which is fine because I need to stay focused on my goals.

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