Date women from United States / Alabama, 69 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a professional counselor looking for a professional man to spend some time with. I lLIKE WARM FUZZY FEELINGS, READING GOOD BOOKS, SITTING BY THE FIRE AT NIGHT, HAVING A GOOD GLASS OF WINE. i ENJOY WATCHING RACES, FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, MOVIES, PLAYING CARDS, ETC.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am retired and live alone and I am looking for a single, honest man to have dinner, get some coffee, or watch a movie with. I love watching college football, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles and visiting the beach. Looking for someone with similar interest.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a positive person I can always find something good in every situation. I enjoy being around people.I smile over simple things in life. I'm looking for a Godly man who knows how to treat a woman with respect,kindness,love,truthfulness and how to be a romantic soul. I would love to find a partner for life!!My friends think I'm attractive and a playful,kind person.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Before going any further let me state one thing - I am usually the one behind the camera taking the photos of everyone else, or where we have been, so finding any photos of myself is like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack.
I am the proud mother of four beautiful daughters, mother-in-law to four sons, have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 25 down to eight years, and great-grandmother of two.
I am a survivor. Born during WWll in a Royal Navy town, so I have been bombed and shot at. Had two of the three major forms of polio before I was 10-years-old. Widowed twice, the first time at the age of 26, and then recently again after 39 years with my last love, who always told me he hadn't promised me a rose garden, but that is exactly what he delivered.
Raised and educated in Europe, which probably explains my sense of humor (dry, wry, with an appreciation for the double entendre!) and frequently non PC!!
Although raised in England, I have also lived in Canada and throughout the USA, from Florida to Michigan, out to Washington State (fantastic scenery and food), also across the southwest as far as New Mexico(again beautiful), and don't forget historic Savannah, GA., and Hilton Head. Not surprisingly I really do not know where home is anymore, or even what continent it is on, but I am hoping to find it in the next couple of years. A couple of things I do know: 1) is that home is close to the beach and the ocean, they have been my salve in bad times and my joy in the good times, and 2) it contains a special someone to share life with.
Please do not write that you know that somewhere I am out there, the woman who has had enough of the life she is living and wants something completely different, and then pass me by. Adventure is nothing without risk.
I have no wish to replace someone else's lost love, or have them try to replace mine - neither would be possible or fair. I need a man who is looking for a fresh start, can understand the words to the song "I need a man with a slow hand." A man who is willing to take a chance on sharing a future. Maybe it will happen, who knows, but without looking and taking that initial chance it never will.
My fantasy bucket list includes traveling to Egypt to see the Valley of the Kings, cruising the Greek Isles, visiting Tahiti, touring the Tuscan region of Italy on a motor scooter, driving the corniche in southern France/Monte Carlo in a sports car, and spending about two months cruising the canals from Amsterdam, through Holland, into the heart of Paris, and yes that last is possible if you don;t mind cruising part of it about 40 feet up on a viaduct. We must not forget the hot air balloon ride through the Champagne region of France - I know, most people go for that trip in the Loire Valley, but I really don't care for red wine, or rather it doesn't care too much for me - oh yes! it should involve a visit for tastings at a winery!! LOL
The most important part of that list, and the only part that is not strictly fantasy - finding a soul mate to enjoy it all with, a gentleman with an appreciation for the finer things in life, and the not so fine, but who still enjoys all that life has to offer.
This gentleman will also be down to earth enough to enjoy football games, watching the PGA matches, NASCAR, Olympics (summer and winter) and spending time with family - the latter being the most important. Walks on the beach, sunsets and wine, and cuddling just because we can, on the sofa or where ever, on a rainy afternoon, with or without that good book.
Drama is best when enacted on a stage for our enjoyment.
"We" has a better ring to it than " I", and finally,
if you haven't already had your eyes glaze over with boredom add avid reader to my sins!!
If I wink or email you, and you do not feel an instant rapport, please have the common courtesy to at least send a "no thank you." reply - just being ignored is demeaning and bad manners. Thank you.

Date a woman from United States. I am a former high school Home Ec teacher and enjoy playing golf. I also like Alabama football. I have lived in Tennessee, Kansas and Alabama. I also enjoyed seeing the space shuttle launches. I would like to see someone that likes to have a good . I also like dancing, dining out and traveling to new destinations. I love the beach and moonlit walks on the beach. I also like hobbies such as sewing, crafts, and cooking.

Meet someone special from United States. my best accomplishments are my children
I am grateful for the friends in my life
I would like to find someone who knows who he is where he came from and where he is going
children and puppies make me laugh
I am passionate about my great grands and my friends
my social life at the moment is sadly lacking but could improve with the right person

. My friends tell me I have a great personality. I never meet a stranger, can talk to anyone and do great P.R. My greatest accomplishments are my two children. I am greatful that I live in a country that has free religious worship (at least for now), my family and friends, good health, and that I was married to a wonderful man. I am looking for a true Christian. I am also looking for someone that loves life and wants to share it with me, someone that likes to go places and wants to have a lot of fun, and someone that will love me for who I am. Also, someone that doesn't expect me to baby sit them, and be with them 24hrs., 7days a week. lol. I like alot of things, but some of the things that I am most passionate about are my relationship with God, people I love, life in general, organization, peace in my life, and my talents. I am full of life, and am much younger than my chronological age.

. I retired from an upper management position with an international company in Atlanta. Being originally from Biloxi I talked my husband into coming back to the Gulf Coast. We first settled in Gulf Shores then moved to Bon Secour. He passd away in 2005. After a period of adjustment I have become very involved in the community doing some volunteer work and some fun social things with women. I belong to a book club and movie group. I took a Master Gardening course to help me with my yard that is too big but love working in it. I have been taking line dancing classes for the past month which is really a lot of fun and great exercise. I have done some traveling, Hong Kong, being one of my favorite trips but found Paris to be beautiful.
I like people and have a lot of friends, single women as well as married couples but I do miss male companionship. I enjoy cooking, sitting on my deck with a glass of wine, going out to dinner, taking a boat ride. I think short trips are fun. Have been to the wooden boat show in Madisonville La. a couple of times, visited Natchez, and like going back to Atlanta occationally. Was in San Antonio in early May for the first time which was fun.
Would like to meet someone to share part of my life with who believes family is important, is intelligent, has a sense of curiosity and a sense of humor.

. I am a hard working person who likes to laugh have fun and I definately have to much energy, I like to be the first person up and the last person to go to sleep because I am affraid that something will happen that I don't know about!!! I don't like to make people wait, I had rather wait on you 30 minutes as me make you wait 1 minute on me.
I tell you the truth and I expect the same courtesy from my friends. When I tell an untruth it is by stupidity and not on purpose. I am thankful for good health, my family and friends, I look outside sometimes and wonder how on earth we could have so may colors of blue and green then I remember who made all the thing I am looking at and there is no limit to what is in this world that I have not seen and I would really like to see more of it than I have in my years on this earth.

. I am just a nice, classy Southern girl who finds herself alone and would enjoy having someone to have a conversation with and hold hands and watch movies and travel with and read with and watch football with and lots of other things that are more pleasurable in two's.
People are often shocked when I reveal my age, they think I am at least 15 years younger. I think it is because I stay up to date on all things, I exercise, I think young and have fun doing everything. I tend to think the glass is half full and every day is beautiful and a gift from God. I am a totally blessed woman.
I would like to fall head over heels in love one more time and I would like for that relationship to last for a long time.
All of my photos are recent and most are from 2011 and 2012.
I spend a lot of time in Panama City Beach, Florida. I do love the water, sand, sounds, wind and all the activities of summer.
I like to laugh and I don't think my day is complete unless I have had one good belly laugh. I love to dance and would love to find a dance partner. Lots of new dances to learn. Great way to exercise and have fun at the same time.

. My friends say how can you be happy so much or the time...What makes me smile ...Life is funny any way you look at it.....Accomplishment I am proud of were I am at in my life...I'M grateful for my children and grand children...Hope to attract a man that is trueflue.with his word .... Has a tender loving heart ....And with a bond that will last for ever ..... My social life mostley family and a few friends...Most amything i am happy.....Have a good sence humer in just about anything....looking for in a relationship every lasting love....most passionate about life itself....

. I'm funny talented awesome and looking for the same I want more to life then what I have now and I want to be a mom oneday my name is Scott short for scottina and I'm looking for that special one hoping to be a mom oneday and I'm lokloking for a perfect father and don't want to have sec until matried and I want to have kids oneday I want to have a goodnlife and be happy so yeah that's it and yeah