Date women from United States / Alabama / Cahaba Heights, 57 year old

Date someone special from Cahaba Heights, United States. How does one begin to express who they are and what they are looking for in a partner in a small place on an electric connection ? To have reach this point in life we all hope to have learned from the many different experiences and paths we have been down so far, l would love to find that special one to walk hand and hand on a beautiful beach or work together on a fall evening raking leaves and happy doing both. Traveling to places we have not seen and maybe going back to and sharing special places that touch the heart and make our own memories. Sitting by a river or beach on a night when the moon is full and watching the moonlight turn into sparkles on the water. Living life and making each day count. I love the country life and love my jeans and boots, but love my dresses and high heels and a 'wee bit' of bling too. And on those evenings a romantic night of dining and maybe a dance or two. Love to dance and it can be line-dance to rock-n-roll and anything in between. Love the outdoors and rather be outside than a Mall anytime. Grew up with a wonderful Grandfather that allowed me to follow him to the river to fish and taught be how to be still and sit on a deer stand as a very young girl. And then a grandmother that taught me to cook, she loved it and so do I. She always reminded me to 'be a lady'. Love to laugh and 'cut up'. I am fortunate enough to work with great folks in a stressful job in the Telecommunication field and laughter is the secret to bouncing back .I would very much like to find that partner that works hard....but plays even harder. Just bought a bicycle and am really enjoying the days riding. Have golf clubs, but they are in the back of the closet and I haven't played in a while. Never got the long game down too well. Had the opportunity to visit the "Old Course" sometime ago and would love to return to Scotland and see more. If you are a man that sees the cup half full and can see the world not only with your eyes, but you heart as well, has a sense of adventure mixed with being comfortable on rainy daysand not being so adventurous, just as comfortable and enjoys sitting on the couch watching ESPN or a movie and snuggle, I would love to hear from you. And I wish you well and hope that Truth and Happiest is out there for us all.

Meet a soulmate from Cahaba Heights, United States. I am open, honest and not afraid to love and be loved. I love to have fun and try to not take life so seriously. I love to dance. I am a warm, friendly person who feels at ease with virtually anyone I meet and I make friends easily. My children are grown and I am a lucky mom to be able to enjoy being with them as young adults. I would like to meet some people to have fun with. Fun is important to me in a relationship. I am very honest and try very hard to tell it like it is and I tend to trust people that I know will be honest with me and tell me like it is. I like to spend time with people I can trust. It sounds like a cliche by now on this site but I do not have time for people who like to play games with women. Maturity is a virtue!!
Good friends are very important to me. Having a balanced life is important to me that includes lots of good fun with good people. I love to meet people but I also enjoy time alone.
Chemistry is important as well as the ability to just have fun together. I am looking for someone who feels very comfortable in his own skin, is confident, has his own interests, respects my independence but understands that I love to be taken care of also!! I find someone who is less conservative and thinks out of the box more fun and interesting....someone who is not afraid to take chances.
One of my favorite things is to cuddle. I love to touch and be touched....just need that special person to do that with. Would love to hear from you if you are not into games, are smart and love to have fun, like to feel needed and love to cuddle.