Date women from United States / Alabama / Concord, 57 year old

Date someone special from Concord, United States. Life is short, so as the proverbial phrase goes "Let's wear our party pants". Have raised a daughter and now would like to spend time doing new ( and some old) things; sharing them with someone else would be the icing on the cake.You should know that I am working on getting back into shape. If you are looking for a sleek siren, I'm not it. I do offer a smile and an appreciation for every day things, the sun as it shines as well as the rain. I tend to be a bit intellectual, sometimes serious (in a contemplative way), very inquisitive and curious (as in George without all the naughty or less desireable repercussions). I am personable and easy to talk to (so say my friends), but don't mistake for me for an airhead. Have an insatiable hunger to know 'why' and then on to 'what's next?'. I'm all about stimulating visual and tactile experiences, anything that ignites my intellectual curiosity and 'doing' something physcial (sports), 'til I drop; sometimes intense; can be reserved (as opposed to shy) and very affectionate when I'm comfortable.Would prefer someone sporty, outdoorsy, intelligent, down to earth, willing to explore new vistas, whether it be the back yard or wherever. Prefer him to be upfront, kind, able to be honest (no matter), knows what what he wants and unapologetic about going after it, comfortable showing affection (some who's hands on, as opposed to 'don't touch me in public'); and a dry/witty/wicked sense of humor would be most appreciated.Though I reques... (m... (message truncated)