Date women from United States / Alabama / Sylacauga, 57 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Honesty and respect and trust is important. Without these a couple will never have a happy and healthful relationship.
I am a loyal. loving and kind person.
Am looking for someone that has those traits also.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a retired individual who is looking for someone to share my life with. I believe in putting God first, then family and the rest will naturally fall in line. I am faithul, honest, caring, compassionate, giving and trustworthy.
I enjoy the quitness of nature, rushing waves against a shoreline, the sound of a rippling brook, the call of a owl inearby. We might be camping and admiring the beauty of a golden sunset. You probably have just caught a fish for dinner and prepped it for me to cook over the open fire. We will sit and talk about the many things that interest us, what inspires us and what we need and want from each other, and we will be friends....good friends....perhaps intimate friends.
You and I will have a lot of common interests, such as, the mountains, beaches, travel, hiking, family fun and enjoying the life our God has provided for us. We will enjoy worshiping Him and being involved in church and with other christians regularly. Many times we will find ourselves laughing together about some silly thing or crying over a trial or mishap life presented; but we will do it together. We will grow strong in life and the admonition of the Lord.
Looks are important and attraction pertinent. However, the beauty of a person comes from within. You can be gorgeous to the eye
and be bitter inside; this will eventually come to light and make you very unattractive.
If you are tired of lies, and cheating, dating and games that people play....then we feel the same. If you want to take a walk with me, I promise to be all that you need and want...if you will only let me know. I am confident you won't be disappointed.

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. My friends would describe me as honest and caring, loyal, compassionate and trustworthy. I like a humorous side to life and seek it out. I try not to dwell on the trials in life but overcome and continue in the path ahead. I hope to attract someone who believes in God and acts like it, who believes in the values and morals this country was founded on and not the ones it stands for today. Someone who is monogamous and likes it. Someone who is hard working or retired and knows how to enjoy life but wants someone to share. Someone who doesn't mind showing the gentle side but can bear up when I need strong shoulders. Someone who is patient and kind. Some things I am passionate about is God, family, relationships, trust and honesty.

Meet a soulmate from Sylacauga, United States. sweet, intelligent, logical, tidy
open to change
attractive i've been told and sexy
sort of old school...but not old fashion
need that special person to spend some precious time with that we have left on this beautiful place we call earth!!
this has been a very rough year for me...we, my sisters and I had to put our Mother in a Nuring Home...I had no choice...but everytime I go over there I want to bring her home with me...but I can' is so difficult...especially when you have just don't doesn't seem to bother my two sisters the way it does of then hardly ever go see her and she's on disability...younger than I...she raised up my niece and she hardly go to see her grand mom...
I have a big heart...for kids, seniors and animals...but guess what...i don't want any kids...i'm a senior myself now and i want animals but between work and checking on my Mom i don't think i can care for then properly but i think I'm going to get a dog soon...
i'm looking for the same in a mate...
New pictures coming soon!