Date women from United States / Alabama / Semmes, 57 year old

Date someone special from Semmes, United States. Looking for my best friend, lover, confidant and the type of love that is rare and hard to find, one to treasure when found. I'm very laid back, easy going, slow to anger. loving, honest to a fault, no games, no pretending. Romantic fool, still believe in fairy tale endings, love at first sight, full moon nights and romance. I am very independent, own my own home, have a job I like. I do miss love and the great things it brings to your life and I miss sharing my life with someone. I'm very creative from sewing to power tools. My outside love is horses, riding and the beach. I believe in live and let live, I don't play with people's minds. I am what I am, nothing more, nothing less. I am not a high society lady nor the extreme flirt at a bar but if you are looking for down to earth, honest and tons of passion then I could be your lady. I'm told I clean up pretty well, formal occasions doesn't put me in a frenzy but neither does digging in the mud with my hands. I can even put you a new faucet on your sink or a new light fixture in your ceiling. I work hard at my business but would love to have someone introduce me to the art of fun again. By the way did I mention I'm short, sexy, been told I have great legs and fill out a pair of jeans as well as any 30 year old?I'm a small woman with decent figure and I like a guy with either no or very few extra inches. Yes I know looks aren't everything but let's face it if the attraction isn't there right off the bat you are out of luck from the beginning. No, all the men I'm attracted to are not Brad Pitt types, don't think that either. I usually date men who are anywhere from 5 to 15 years younger than me. Mainly because those are the ones who ask me out and the ones I have more in common with. You must have a job, doesn't matter what as long as you're not on welfare and have something to show for your time on this earth. I don't impress easily, cars and possessions are nice but not impressive. Honesty, kindness and the ability to love and be loved are impressive. You can tell alot about someone in the time it takes for one drink, such as you like or you don't. Are you game to find out?