Date women from United States / Alabama, 59 year old

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a little overweight and trying to lose, I love to talk and to listen. I don't mind if my soulmate wants to read while I watch tv or vica versa. I would love to meet someone who would like to go to the beach and the mountains and I will go places that he would like also.
Since I hurt my back at work I can't do as much as I would like to do but I do what I can do.
My closest friends say I am easy going and very nice maybe too nice sometimes and also thoughtful.
Some of the things that make me laugh are watching animals play, watching my grandchildren play, telling jokes and tongue in cheek humor. I don't care for a lot of the silly humor very much. I love shows on tv like The Closer, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Office. I loved Friends and CSI Criminal Intent, CSI Miami and Three and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen.
I am very grateful for my family and for most of the things in my life. I have to take a lot of meds right now but if asked I might tell someone that I am healthy because I can walk, see, talk and laugh.
My favorite holiday is Christmas followed by Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. I love the food, gifts, lights and the Bible story of Christmas.
I would like someone who likes to laugh, talk or just sit quietly with me. Someone who would like to listen to music and dance with me right in the living room or kitchen. Someone who wouldn't mind if I want to visit my family as I wouldn't mind if he wants to see his family. It would be great to walk hand in hand on the beach, in the store or just on a hiking trail. Someone who is understanding and caring. My husband passed away a few months ago and I never thought to want another relationship but I am very lonely even when I am with family and or friends.
I love animals, children, movies and cooking. I would rather spend time in an inexpensive house on the beach or in the mountains and be able to take my dog then to stay somewhere expensive and not be able to take my dog or not be able to go.
I am proud of my family and I am glad that I went to college and started a new career after my divorce even though I was in my late twenties.
I used to be very good at drawing and I am trying to get back into it now and I want to take classes in different paint mediums also. Fishing esp. in the ocean is fun plus I love the fresh fish. I love seafood and a good steak.
Right now I am reading a historical novel and I just finished a Bird Talk magazine. I like most books, magazines and love to read recipes.
My laptop is something that I like to spend some times with everyday, emailing, looking things up and reading the news.
Laughing is important too. I love comedies and watching comediens and just telling funny stories. Doing things for fun is great also.
I don't get in the kitchen and do a whole lot of cooking now, but I like to help cook and try new things. My d-n-l is cooking from a diabetic cookbook and I have enjoyed a lot of the dishes that she has prepared. Also, a fresh tomato from someones garden or grown in a pot in my yard is a favorite food also. I love tomatoes, peas, edemame, seafood, bbq, cherries, peaches, watermelons, oranges and many more. I hope that I haven't sounded confusing, sometimes I start on one thing and think of something else and start on the new thing.
I am passionate about taking care of children, animals and the elderly. I would be passionate about a good relationship.
I wouldn't mind moving from Alabama but I would want to be able to visit with my family as much as possible. I don't want to give up my dog or my bird.
Sunsets, sunrises, ocean views, mountain views, snow but not too much, car rides, trips, history, smiles, laughs and giggles these are a few of my favorite things.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I love many of my habits and behaviors and I also love to change them, just because I can. I am self-sufficient most of the time but know how to ask for help and love to share what I have or experience. I came from a large family, grew up in the countryside of Colorado, the daughter of a veterinarian. My two grown sons make me smile when I think of them far away and keeping up with my siblings, nieces and nephews is fun and impossible. Our family has two mottos: “we learn by doing” and “leave it better than you found it”. I am hard-working and have a hard time sitting still. I would rather be fixing something, cooking, walking, building- but then, I can sit at an intense task for hours. And I can be a total slug, but not for long.
I would like to find someone that is still amazed at their selves and others and that ability has to be accompanied by a great sense of humor, the drier the better. Nobody is the perfect person they would like to be and I think we all have room for some self-improvement but I want to find someone who understands the process and is kindly. Someone who will reach out with a hand or give a push when needed. My search for a great partner includes someone who enjoys reaching out to those that need help and has his eyes open.
I guess my friends would say I am fun, green, natural, active, and 'not from around here'.
Having started my 3rd career, I am intent to master new skills and will need to do my living while being in the 'work' mode and I am okay with that. There is plenty of room for traveling- I moved to Alabama from Berlin, Germany so international friends call me to visit and there are many places I haven't been locally and world-wide. Everything is better shared with a good friend.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. My children say I am old fashioned but I tell them I was raised a certain way. I believe in morals and respect in others and in myself. I love life even when it doesn't love me back. My family means the world to me my children and grandchildren. In a partner I am looking for someone I can talk too. I love intelligent conversation.

Meet someone special from United States. First and foremost....I am not looking for a pen-pal or just a casual dating situation. What I am looking for is a respectable man that knows how to date and treat a real woman - me- that might lead us to start a wonderful journey and have a mutual goal in mind with the possibility of developing into a long term monogamous relationship. Starting with getting to know each other and having fun, no pressure, and just see where the journey might take us. I am a fun loving person that enjoys a variety of things to do and hopefully will find someone special that enjoys a variety as well. Someone with a great sense of humor because laughing daily is important as well as being able to communicate - without conflict. I love traveling, even simple weekend trips to the beach, Disney, ect. Going to casino's ( fun gambling,-not serious!) , concerts, comedy clubs and the theatre are some fun things to do also. Really enjoy having romantic dinners out at quaint candle-lit type places, piano bar/music atmosphere restaurants and even low-keyed- on the beach oyster bar places. And then.... the romantic times at home cooking together, eating out on the deck and watching the sunset with a glass of wine can be so special too! I do not like camping or riding on motorcycles, but don't mind if my partner likes to do those things as his "man needed- space thing". We all need time for our own individual interests, guess you could call it "room to breath"! I am a kind, caring, honest and loving person and would want the same in my match. I volunteer for Hospice and that means I stay with patients to comfort them as they are in the dying stages, that should say a lot about my personality; a truly caring person that gives much of myself! I am ready to find that special person to be with and enjoy the rest of my life with! I am willing to relocate for the right person. Gentlemen, please have a photo available (some without the sunglasses would be nice so I can see what you look like without them too!) with you're profile if you expect me to respond to you're emails/winks. Thank you!

Date a woman from United States. Every woman deserves a man who calls her "baby". Kisses like he means it. Holds her like he never wants to let go. Doesn't cheat or lie. Wipes her tears when she cries. Doesn't make her jealous of other women and instead makes other other women jealous of her. Isn't afraid to let his friends know how he really feels about her, and lets her know how much her really loves her.
This is what I want to receive and to give in a relationship.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I was born and raised in Alabama and after living in Denver, Colorado for twenty-five years I have recently decided to move back to the South. My two children are grown and both attend fabuous schools. My son, Christopher, has graduated from SMU and is currently at Dartmouth for grad school. My daughter is currently at the University of Alabama- Roll Tide Roll- I'm an alumni. Right now my social life consists of playing tennis, lunch and dinner with friends and that's about it! I love to laugh, have a wicked wit, and would enjoy laughing out loud much more. I have a great job with some wonderful people which is a blessing. I would like to expand those circles with someone who gets it. I Love my girlfriends and I would like to share the laughter and fun times with someone new!

. Three years on the coast- life is great! Semi-retirement gives me plenty of time to play and explore. I have kayaked, fished,walked and eaten in many great places. My shooting star wishes bring someone to life to enjoy those things with.
The gentleman of my dreams is just that He doesn't have to be beautiful to the world- just beautiful to me. Kindness to old folks, to children, to servers in restaurants, and to sales clerks, along with a warm smile for me all rank high on my list of 'gentleman qualities". He loves his family, his friends, his hobbies, and maybe even his job, but still has a place in his life and his day for me. He is a person of integrity, of joy, and of faith. He loves life, and is ready to live it fully.
My family reminds me that I do live in South Alabama, and they remind me that they would like for me to stay here. Given that for most of my life I have moved from place to place, I am unlikely to pack my bags for a long distance move. Travel though, is a gift!
Seeing the Grands a couple of times a month has become one my great pleasures, and getting to watch them grow is particularly sweet when I remember that someone else takes care of the rough spots all kids go through. I guess that means that I am finally 'Home".
My latest discovery is social dance- not Dancing with the Stars, just a little simple dance floor magic. Dance is exercise with the addition of great friends, great music, and relaxation. Being a perfect, or even a good dancer is not a requirement-just spin me around a bit, hold me close, and laugh when we mess up. I am just beginning to learn, have a song in my heart, and hope to someday get a few wings on my feet. If you don't dance-we will find something else to do.

. I would like to meet someone who is mature but still is young at heart and still likes to have fun. I would like to have someone to experience new things with and share some favorite things.
I'm pretty independent but I like being a lady and being treated like one. I am understanding and loyal and expect the same in return. My daughters are grown with families of their own now. I am still employed but find time on my hands. I would like to
find someone and start as friends, become best friends and then see where that takes us.
I enjoy outdoors, basketball,love family and friends get togethers, music, eating out, dancing, concerts. gospel singings. animals.
I am very flattered at the emails from younger men but I prefer someone in their fifties or sixtes and would like someone within 50 to 60 miles of my home.

. my friends say i am fun to be with. babbys make me smile. My accomplishments are my kids. I am greatful for my health and my kids .Iam looking to find some one that eants to have some fun and someone that nos that you can have fun just watching a movie or a sport game. i love to cook.As for my social life i have not had one in so long i realy do not no lol

I know this sounds crazy but i haven't wanted to be in a serious relationship since moving back to Al. due to my mom's failing health. She's gone from this world now. Those bittersweet years cost me a marriage, friendships etc., but the 5 years with my mom were priceless. During that time, i unexpectedly wrote a 90k word novel... among other things.
I guess an idea man for me would be one who first and foremost loves God, falls smack dab crazy over me and loves or at least likes horses. Liking/caring about people, especially children/teens is a must have since i'm passionate about mentoring kids when given the opportunity. Not to sound like a "ME PERSON" (cause one of them, I'm not) honestly, I do need a man that's willing to support me in full-filling my life purpose, and allow me the honor of spoiling him in the process. He'd need a sense of humor to get who i am, be adventuresome, plus be smart enough to keep me interested in what he has to say and what he's up to, whether it be for a business relationship or a lifetime partnership. He must have a positive outlook on life... and be able to at least 'sometimes' beat me in chinese checkers or ping-pong. I'm taking tennis lessons, the paddles getting bigger. LOL

. Im grafteful still alive. Dont have a social life just yet. Looking foward to having 1. I would like to have a friend and may lead to romance. I like tthe outdoors. Would love to go horseback riding again. Havent done that since i was in my 30's. LOL.

. It is so hard to write one of these without it reading like a resume, but such is the nature of the internet.
I am a happy, intelligent, person.
I consider my most valuable assets my friends and family. I hope you do too.
Not to sound too cliche'... but, I really do enjoy many of the same things as most people...laughing, spending time with family and friends, traveling, learning new things, and meeting new people.
Swimming, reading, art, exploring historic areas, and listening to music, are a few of the things I enjoy as well.
I believe in paying it forward. I enjoy volunteering, and have volunteered in some capacity most of my life.
Honesty and loyalty, are very important to me.
I am financially stable. I hope to meet someone equally stable.
I'm not clingy, jealous, or possessive, so hope you aren't either.
One of my favorite quotes is, "The most important things in life aren't things."
I consider myself a Southern lady with good manners. I once read that good manners will carry a person a long way in life. I believe this to be true. I hope you find this true as well.
I have led a very busy, successful life. I don't have a college degree, however, I was a business owner for many, many years. I feel I have earned the equivalency of a business and accounting degree in the" real world."
Chemistry is important to me, as I'm sure it is to you. However, we will never find out unless we talk...
I really hate to add this, but I'm doing so, as to not waste anyone's time...If you are a heavy drinker, God bless you, but we wouldn't be a match.
E-mailing is a good start, but I think phone conversations and meetings in person, are the best ways to get to know someone.
I wish everyone the best of luck on their journey finding that special someone!