Date women from United States / Alabama / Auburn, 57 year old

Date a woman from United States. Recently divorced, nervous about dating Again!
Love my family! Love being around my family and friends! Adore my children and grandchildren!! Like movies and baseball! I Have 2 dogs! Looking for a companion who is understanding.

Meet someone special from United States. I have a four year degree. looking for a man with a college degree also. Like to ride bikes. paint. Have traveled around the U.S. My friends say that I'm very outgoing and love life it self.Come from a very large family and a lot of hard work on the farm.

Date a soulmate from United States. I'm down-to-Earth with a sense of humor. I don't like to take things too seriously - life's too short for that; although I can be serious if the situation warrants it. I guess I'm pretty easy-going...not much bothers me except injustice and I hate gossip. I enjoy movies, long walks in the neighborhood, on the beach, or day hiking in the mountains. I love horses and horseback riding but no longer own any so don't get many opportunities to do this anymore. I'm willing to try just about anything new except jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I really would like to zip line sometime (but not over alligators - my brother tried to get me to do this last week in St. Augustine at the Alligator Farm -I'm envisioning more of a tropical terrain), and sing karaoke (Warning: I can't sing), so this might best be done in a far off land where no one knows my name. I'd also love to go to a Rennaissance Festival.
I like to keep fit by "trying" to go to the gym regularly. I'm 57 but don't think I look my age and don't feel my age. I just hope my brain never finds out. I'm not big on football and sports but wouldn't mind at all going to these events if my partner was into that. I can be a Gator fan (grew up near Gainesville, FL) or an Auburn fan (where I live now) or maybe even another team if my partner can convince me. (*smiles) I do enjoy watching extreme sports and also the TV shows MXC and Wipeout, Lost and Dr. Who series. My taste in music is varied. I like most anything to some degree except opera, hard rock and heavy metal.
I'm looking for a kind, easy-going, trustworthy and loyal gentleman who has a bit of a wild and playful side and who enjoys being with me either at home or out, who is willing to try new things together. I'm hoping to find my soulmate...someone to grow old with, someone who makes me feel loved and wanted and who makes my heart beat faster when I think of him; someone I can't wait to get home to and throw my arms around and consume his lips; someone who brings out the passion in me that has been dormant for so long.
I'm newly divorced in Nov. 2011 but was separated for a year and a half before that. I have 2 boys, ages 22 (just graduated from Auburn Univ.) and 19 (in his 2nd year at AU). I'm taking it slow this time around and would like to find someone who could be my best friend first (A MUST HAVE), then possibly develop into something long-term.
Photos on here are recent, as in no older than 2 years ago, unless otherwise noted.
NOTE: I do NOT respond to emails or IM's without a photo.

Meet a woman from Auburn, United States. Trials, circumstances and blessings have made me ready to live life full of love and laughter with respect and appreciation for an honorable man. I can have as much fun and enjoyment eating a hotdog or a filet. I love meeting new people and having a house full of guest, but I do like some private time to balance it. I enjoy men's conversations about almost anything. In the fall, I love attending college football games. In the summer, I will ride a boat up and down the beach all day. Water makes me happy. I love to travel and at least once or twice a year I want to be around live music and dancing. I enjoy a good political conversation as long as it is non confrontational. I have many friends that are like family. Three grown children who have never given me problems and I am so thankful for that. We are a normal well rounded family. After dating for a year, "normal " has become an important descriptive word to me. I was a former art teacher and love to oil paint. I teach a few students during the year and my work is on sale in downtown Auburn. I am also a facilitator for a divorce support group. I am looking for a well mannered, kind independent man to spend time with. I do not mind being a "first mate" to a "captain" and participating in someone elses interest. I am attracted to strong men with big hearts. I love a man who loves the Lord. I like confidence with a good dose of humility thrown in. I am not a needy person. It is my personality to laugh and make people laugh, but I am a sincere person and loyal to a fault. I love to laugh till I cry. I try to surround myself with kind, caring and supportive friends. Hope and faith are essential in my life and I try to be an example of that. I have high morals, but I am not judgemental. I moved to Auburn to start a new life after divorce, but I have no ties to stay here if the right person came along. Life is short and good women in the world are hard to find and good men are about exstinct. I have hope that this good woman will meet a good man. I am open to many possibilities. PS... needs to be a good kisser!

Date someone special from Auburn, United States. Hey all you guys out there. I am just a normal Southern Girl looking for a normal Southern Guy (the gentlemanly kind)! I work a 7-on, 7-off schedule which is a little different, but is great fun on the "off" week! I am an SEC football fanatic...yes, really. My house is within walking distance of Jordan-Hare Stadium. War Eagle! I enjoy the Braves, travel, reading, walking, hanging out with friends, ANY BEACH, grilling out (you do the grilling and I will handle everything else including clean up if you are sweet), fine dining out, cheap dining out, pool (I suck), bowling(don't suck quite as much), and watching any sporting event. I exercise 4-5 times a week. It makes me feel better (and hopefully look better!) and also enables me to eat what I want (within reason)! Love meeting new people and renewing contacts with old acquaintances. Like playing cards (I am a great blackjack player) and party games. My reading tastes include John Grisham, Jodi Picoult, David Baldacci, John Sanford,Robert Ludlum and Chuck Palahniuk. I also enjoy historical books...either loosely based or historically correct. Especially Civil War, WW2, and English Tudor History. I grew up with Rock and Roll and Motown and that is still what I listen to...but do enjoy some new music genres as well...Eric Hutchinson, Bell X1, Jack Johnson,Chris Isaak, Wilco, Counting Crows. The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Beatles, Boston and Bob Dylan are staples.
I love to DANCE. Any guys out there with me on this?
Your level of education is not important to me, but your intelligence is.
I enjoy EVERY day..if you have a good sense of humor and can laugh at yourself and with others, let's get to know each other.
I don't ride motorcycles and won't ride your Harley with you. Really. If this is an important part of your life that you want to share then I am not your girl.
This profile message is a good representation of me and my personalilty. I like to laugh and have fun. But my presence on this website is not a joke! I am not here just to date, but am interested in finding someone for the long haul. Dating is a means to that end and I am willing to go through a lot of frogs to find my prince (okay I couldn't resist).
I must respectfully request that Drama Kings not apply! I cannot and will not date any more men who are bipolar, unipolar depressed, unipolar manic, have borderline personality disorder or any other psychological conditions listed in medical textbooks! You know who you are! I have experienced all the drama I care to and want to just RELAX AND ENJOY!
Please do not contact me unless you are SINGLE AND UNENCUMBERED. I will not respond if you aren't.

Meet a soulmate from Auburn, United States. If I see your smiling face in my 'Who's Viewed Me' section and you passed me by without a hello, I will assume you are not interested. BUT, if you hear that little small voice inside you whispering, 'what if' - follow your instincts - because what you might find here can absolutely change your life!
I am open to meeting and getting to know you. Ultimately, growing together and creating a lifetime love relationship is my greatest desire. Usually positive, upbeat, playful, affectionate and finding humor in most things; I can have fun almost anywhere because it's all in the attitude!
Tending to wear little make-up, I prefer a more natural appearance while feeling very feminine. Keeping myself fit, trim and attractive with exercise and healthy eating (mostly vegetarian) while loving to indulge in a great meal with dessert. Know any good restaurants?
Let's go on hikes, trips to mountains, coast, Tahoe, San Francisco, plant a garden, explore a street fair, farmers market, flea market, art gallery, cultural event, concert, try a new recipe together, learn a dance, massage, take a class much to enjoy! For me, every weekend is a 3-day weekend, so lots of time for getaways.
Are you are man with a ready smile, liking the outdoors and ready to enjoy it? Do you have good humor, affection, sensuality, integrity and have an open heart while living a balanced life in the way that makes you happy? Well then, I am likely to be attracted to you! Chemistry is felt beyond the written word and various snapshots on this site. While shared interests are important, it's in the values we share, how we communicate, and the way we embrace life together that can create a most wonderful connection!

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. Hi. Do you like spontaneity? Adventure? Travel? Want to livel life to its fullest? Me too! I'm easy-going, fun loving, love to travel, hike, kayak, play tennis, yoga/Pilates, try new hobbies, play cards/games. I value being reliable, faithful, loving and compassionate. Somewhere out there is a guy who would love to share some of my interests as well as introduce me to theirs. Always willing to try new adventures and learn new hobbies.
Looking for someone who is fit and energetic, caring/compassionate with a positive attitude, reasonably social, possibly artistic/ handy, ready and willing to travel the world on the back roads.
I'm ready to play and explore, are you? I know you're out there....