Date women from United States / Alabama / Madison, 57 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. To be or not to be ...
Enjoying simple moments, embracing grace and a firmness of peace is where I am. And then, there is my other side who seeks adventure, exploring nature, travel, laughter, healthiness, friends and family. At times I desire to eat dessert before the main meal, sleep late on Saturdays, sing without notice and always dance like no one is watching ... it feels so good to break away from the norm as I work hard and value my time away from work.
Sparks ignite when I'm with a man who has it together about life yet humble, intelligent and smart enough to listen when making the right choices in life for himself and others as God is his compass. He's a gentleman and shows it no matter who is near. A little boy at heart with a strong man's foundation.
If you love your Mom and your children I'm sure we'll get along just fine.
Being flexible, easy going, kind, witty, fun, intelligent, a true gentleman with an adventurers spirit will turn my head. If you love to explore nature, enjoy cooking, appreciate all family / friend time ... and enjoy dancing (or would like to learn) ... you just may have a hard time making me leave.
Truth, loyalty, respect for mankind, stability and intelligence are more appealing to me than eye candy on the beach, although I am a visual lady who appreciates viewing the results of a regular fitness routine and general overall caring for oneself. I desire that special chemistry felt between 2 people ... intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally! Nothing less.
You are a man who is in touch with his heart, knows his relationship intentions and is respectful of a lady with spirit. I prefer to live my life peacefully and balanced. Drama is an unknown word in my world and I like it that way. Even though life's crooked roads have taught me to be an independent lady, I certainly do appreciate a strong shoulder to rest on and a man who appreciates the art of love in a solid relationship. For me, I have a very active and healthy lifestyle ... I am open to you who honors the same values.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I hope to hear from you if you think we may be a match.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I love nature. I love to experience new places,meeting people,construction of buildings,homes,structures,farming,animals,zoo,tra
veling,music,dance,laughter,being home in the quiet,dining out,helping others.
I am grateful for My Father in Heaven Jesus Christ,My Family,Friends,Job,Life,Health,Hope.
I do not want to be involved with people that hate different race or faith. I do not want to be associated with closed minded people that do not like a variety of music,food,or friends. I want someone in my life that is full of discovery in their hearts. Someone that has a since of humor and laughter. A happy natured person

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. I want to dance like no one is watching...are you interested?? I love to travel alot and read for my pleasure. I have several children and grandchildren all over the country and find it enjoyable to visit them and the area they live. I love to explore history and all aspects of where they live. I love going to museums about history.

Meet a soulmate from Madison, United States. Yep, I am checking out to see what happens. I enjoy living the best way that I can each day and want to meet someone who understands and appreciates life. I like to treat people well and with respect, I want to be treated the same way.
I like to surround myself with people that bring happiness to my life and have a positive outlook. I take care of myself and would like you to take care of yourself too because you want to.
I like to meet a man that has learned from his mistakes, accepts responsibility for his actions, and the choices he has made in his life that has brought him to where he is now. Actually, I find that very sexy in a man. There is no need to complain all the time, just keep going, learn from it, and do it better next time. Do not want people that continue to repeat the same mistakes and then complain about it.
After my divorce a few years, I’ve met people along the way that were good people, but something was missing. I look back, maybe we were not ready, and that was what was missing. I have grown and learned from my mistakes, although I am still learning each day. I am a warm and loving woman and I love to be hugged and kissed. I am a romantic. I really like to dance and can do it very well. I like to dance “salsa”. It is the kind of music that gets in your blood and when you hear it, you have to move. e. I love to laugh out loud and meeting someone that makes me laugh naturally would be ideal. I have a good sense of humor. I am patient and understanding. I am working on becoming a better a listener. Oh, before I forget, I do come with a mild Spanish accent mixed in with a little Southern too, just so you know.
I am happy with money and have a high regard for a man that is secured economically. It is important to me that you have a good relationship with your family and stay in touch with them because you want to. Family is always there no matter what. Faith, love and friends…one of my favorite things.
If you have read this far, I thank you. It would be lovely to have a simple dinner in or out so we can start the conversation slowly and gently without expectations other than to get to know each other. And find out if another date is a possibility, if not, respectfully wish each other good luck searching and realized that maybe a new friendship can come out of it. Well, there is so much more to me and when we meet, you will see. Waiting to meet you soon….

Date someone special from Madison, United States. I used to be an actress and a dancer but that was several careers ago. I am very attractive, slim and curvy; highly intelligent and funny. I adore traveling, anywhere! Even though I love to go out, my favorite romantic evening is staying home and cooking together with a nice bottle of wine. I would like my match to feel comfortable in jeans or a tux . There must be mental and physical chemistry. I am looking for a best friend and a lover. Communication, honesty and trust are a must! Compassion, kindness, being unpretentious, that too. A taste for the beautiful and fine things in life without being a show-off. So if you think we would be good together, bring it on!

Meet a woman from Madison, United States. I am outgoing and never meet a stranger. Family is very sacred to me and I support them always. I am honest and can be a little sarcastic but not to the point of being cruel. Looking for someone who is ready to love unconditionally and be faithful and honest. Marriage is not on my mind at this time but you never know what can happen if the chemistry is right!