Date women from United States / Alabama / Carbon Hill, 57 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. My husband passed away unexpectedly 1/1/11. I thought I'ld never want another man in my life, now I hear special songs and I want to dance so bad. Pain and grief turn into loneliness. We had a wonderful circle of friends that I pushed away because I was the only one without a spouse, I felt out of place even in my own home. I work in a very busy doctors office, long hours, but I love my job. I'm off weekends and holidays, that's when I feel the need for a friend, someone to go out with,or someone to just hang out with. I use to be the one that gathered everyone together to play cards, or cook out, or go to the lake,or river, I bought the 1st Wii game and got all the crew hooked on bowling, I miss having a Best Friend to laugh with, to get up and dance with, even to just disagree with. I can take care of myself, I'm not desperate, I just want a partner to enjoy life with again. I don't plan to ever re-marry, I would have too much to lose, but that does't mean I want to be by myself all of the time either.If there's anyone just looking for a friend/buddy, let's talk.