Date women from United States / Alabama / Birmingham, 57 year old

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. I am an Alabama resident that enjoys the finer things in life like savoring the satisfaction of a fine grilled meal, comedy and riddles.
Partnering with someone with sensitivity, compassion, and listening skills that can just appreciate the joy of companionship.

Meet a soulmate from Birmingham, United States. 'Glass half full' are my favorite people! When life is hard, and it definitely is sometimes, it's how you get past the hard times that is important. My friends, family and I are very loyal to one another.
Give and take should not mean that I give, you take! Selfish people are a BIG turn-off, as are mean people, alcoholics and any addicts in general (unless you're addicted to chocolate, then I totally get it!) If your kids don't like you and animals steer away from you, then I probably won't like or love you either!
Emotional, psychological, financial stability and laughter are a must. I love to be with others and I sometimes love to be alone and chill out with just myself and my animals. I am independent, own my own home, don't 'need' someone, but would love to 'want' to be with someone again. A relationship to me doesn't have to mean doing everything together. Give each other space to be independent, a little time to miss each other. I would love to find a friend and then see if it leads to more.
My friends, who are prejudice for me, say I'm put here to make them laugh and to love them. They also say that I'm too trusting and a sap for a sad story! Oh well! I've learned that I can't save someone else (although I wish I could!) because most who need saving won't try to save themselves. People who stand up for their beliefs are great. I enjoy people who actually care about strangers and happenings outside of their own realm of reality.....passionate people!
Dressing up on occasion is great, but I'm probably more content to be casual. Fall and winter are jeans and boots time for me, roaring fire going, friends over, and a football game on TV is a great saturday! You need to be able to laugh til it hurts, cry if you need to, and be there for someone else whether they need to laugh or cry! I feel that I am a great Mom, daughter, friend and partner, because those qualities are so important to me. Being a great partner is a must for me.

Date a woman from Birmingham, United States. About me, well, let's see... I'm a very easygoing, free-spirited, young-at-heart woman who enjoys living life to the fullest. I've been told I'm sexy, fun to be with, funny, eclectic and that I have a good heart and an open mind. I try to impact someone's life in a positive way every day. I know I'm intelligent, creative and have a good sense of humor. I'm always up for challenges and adventures and eager to learn and experience new things. I was married for 24 years and have a grown son who is awesome. I don't have much baggage (everybody has some) and definitely don't do the drama thing. I'm happy with myself and where I am at this stage of my life, just need someone to share it with.
I want to meet someone who is energetic, fun and funny, easygoing, and who has a young heart and a young spirit. He should be understanding, compassionate, passionate, confident, intelligent, financially stable, open-minded and happy with himself and where he is in life. Oh, and he should be easy on the eyes. While I know looks don't make a person, they are part of the total package.
While I'm not looking to get married any time soon, I would like to be in a monogamous relationship where there is mutual respect, open-mindedness and an appreciation for life and what it offers each of us. I'm looking for companionship that encompasses every area of a relationship... the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the physical. I want to meet someone where there's a zing of chemistry. I want to meet someone who has energy to do things and go places, whether a planned trip or a spur-of-the-moment anything!
I like romance and courtship. I like hanging out with friends, sharing good refreshments and listening to good music. I like getting all dressed up in sparkles and 5'' heels and going out for a night on the town. I like having indoor and outdoor projects to work on and I don't mind getting dirty doing them. My tool box would make some of you jealous! lol. Of course, I will wow you in my little black dress and will be very sexy in my jeans or tank top and shorts.
I don't sit around the house and watch TV every day. It has its time, but not all day, every day. There are times when I don't watch at all for a day or two. Don't you want to be up doing something or going somewhere??
if you are intrigued by what you've read and would like to delve a little deeper, shoot me an email and let's see what happens. You never know...

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a very outgoing active person. I have a strong independence streak but love for someone else to take charge for a change. I'm very honest and say what I'm feeling. You always know where you stand with me. I had a wonderful 37 year marriage that Cancer ended. Looking for someone who is spontaneous, fun loving, outdoorsey (is that a word) and intelligent. Don't need financial support. I can take care of myself. I love to exercise and spend most of my free time in the gym. I love to jump on a bicycle and just ride. I've been in the professional world for 38 years. Can dress the part but truthfully more comfortable in my jeans and boots or sandals. Would luv to hear from you.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Yes I am single. If you aren't, let's not go there. Life is good and I am so very blessed, much more so than I deserve. My health is excellent and I enjoy going places and doing things. New places, activities, adventures and people keep me young. Exercise and healthy eating are important but I don't always like it.....
There are things I want to do that I don't even know about yet. To me, the anticipation is just the beginning. Now I'm ready for a new chapter in this fabulous book of Life that I'm living.
Are you the one that will be the exciting new character to complete the remaining chapters???

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I'm a kind, loving and honest widow. I'm easy going and have a good sense of humor. I enjoy watching football, golf and game shows. I like to hunt and love to fish. I can be quiet while you look at guns and hunting equipment and not nag. Hopefully, you won't mind me antiquing and going to thrift stores. I like to garden. I'm looking for a genuine family man who has morals, character, stable, patient, kind, loving, smart and a good sense of humor. I'm not interested in any drama. I have traveled and lived in several major cities though small hometown living is what I enjoy now. I travel some but also content to stay home, read, and dine out on occasion. I have always loved the lake, fishing from piers. I am a newbie camper. I am a uncomplicated person looking for the same to enjoy life. I'm not looking for instant relationship but someone who I am compatible with and can be friends first.

Date someone special from United States. I am a Christian and want a Christian person to date. I enjoy discussing different topics. I like to go out to eat, movies, waking at park for exercise, bowling, must like to play cards, board games, etc. I try to show others respect and expect the same in return. Would like to go out dancing even though it has been a long time. I love country music, blues and folk art.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a very passionate person about everything I do, I am disciplined in every aspect of my life, I love helping others and making a positive difference in peoples lives. The most important things in my life are God, my children,myt friends and my business. What is not important to me is how much money you have,what brand of clothes you wear or what kind of car you drive. In a man I like intelligence, honesty,patience and a good work ethic. My best match wouyld be a strong Christian who could inspire me to be an even better Christian than I am today.My match must love children.My match must be fun loving, flexible, and passionate

Date a woman from United States. Iam loving person ,I like to go to the park ,and do puzzle book ,and read .help other if I can ,go to movie,or say at home watch TV .I also like my mate do some of thing I do ,But If he dont I would love the thing he do.

. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, and sitting around the fire. Museums, concerts, movies, and nice dinners are good, too. I love to travel and explore new places. I have two great kids that are grown and independent now. Looking for someone to share good times with.

. People describe me as a kind hearted soul. I am not a fancy person and do not need to go out a lot to enjoy life. I am friendly and outgoing and I just want to be happy and find someone who feels the same way.

. People who know me say I am patient and considerate and extremely kind. I am at church most Sundays and would like to be on Wednesday nights more. I enjoy active Bible studies and discussing the spiritual issues of life. I used to sing in the choir and was active with summer missions trips and hope to do this again. I believe God is ultimately in control and when bad things happen believe he can use everything, including divorce. I was raised Baptist and was raised to believe God expects us to think and use the gifts he has given us. I would be characterized as moderate, not fundamental. I ultimately hope to be active in church together with my spouse as this is the central part of my life.
I like to get outside and explore the countryside on road trips, see historic homes, look at flea markets and antique shops and like to stay home and just enjoy cooking, reading, some tv, good movies, watching sunsets and birds, wild birds. I love to hike and enjoy the beautiful sights God blessed us with and also enjoy meeting others who hike; enjoy hiking with groups in the southeast when I can, but family and work come first. My son is a really good son, is in college and is pretty much on his own. I teach school and sometimes grade papers or prepare lessons at home. I am easy going and enthusiastic about life. I hope to meet a special guy with similar interests.