Date women from United States / Alabama / Athens, 57 year old

Date a woman from United States. My personality is rather lively, sometimes impulsive. I like to have fun and have an outgoing personality. I love to laugh at myself and life. I am pretty direct in my speech, but a pushover for sincere flattery. I work as hard as I play. If there is a job to be done, I am there. I love a challenge and I love to see a project finished. I hate to be bored and I choose not to hang around lazy people very long. Pesemistic people are the worst. I am not afraid to take a chance or make a mistake. I just hope it's not too painful or a biggie and I learn something from it. I always try to be optimistic even when things are not going well because I know that God is in control.
I work out daily and I always try to look my best. I have two great children and 2 grand girls who I love very much. I have a job that I love most days, and my home is my favorite place to land at the end of the day.
Here are a few not so positive things about me. I hate details. I just like to get to the final results as fast as I can, which ties right in to the second thing, patience. Slow people and slow things drive me crazy. The last thing, which some say is not a bad thing, is that I don't hold a grudge. Not to say that I don't get angry, but I don't stay that way long. Life is way too short to carry that weight on your shoulders. Besides the other person probably has no clue or doesn't care that something is not right.
What kind of guy am I looking for? Looks are important to me. Plus, I like to look up to my guy, literally. Then the magic of chemistry has to be there. I want to date a guy that I can't wait to see him the next time. A guy to add some extra spice to my life. If it goes beyond friendship, wonderful. If we are only meant to be good friends, that is great too because who can have too many friends. I like meeting new people and seeing what makes them tick. Let thegingerlybold1 know what makes you tick at y a h o o!

Meet someone special from United States. I am a very young 57 yr. old lady- recently moved back to Alabama to be closer to family - very happy, petite and well adjusted person. Fun and adventuresome as well as loving and giving all is important to me. I am very easy going, understanding and flexible about most things. Family and friends are a big part of my life. I like social gatherings /events and entertaining. Being healthy and staying healthy - mentally, emotionally and physically are strong in my life. Sharing and communicating in all ways - are a must for me. I think and study before I speak and also am a good listener. I am a very appreciative person and show it. I love to travel (especially to beach locations) and go to new places as well as old familiar places. Singing and dancing are very enjoyable to me. Music /songs mean a lot. I am not a big TV person, but love a good movie and world news. I am a person who loves their home & maintaining it well. I am a staying home person as well as a going out person.
I have 2 grown, beautiful and successful daughters that are also my best friends. I also have 3 precious grandchildren. My parents are 78 years old - married 61 years, healthy and still madly in love. I was raised in a very happy and stable home.
I am self employed in the insurance industry.
You can say that I am a "strong willed, but tender" lady that is looking for the same in a "gentleman" where hopefully after much sharing and communications, we could become lifetime partners and be each others "rock". When the time is right, I would like to have my best friend, lover and life partner to be my all and all one special person, as I would also be his. Tough, but tender. Forever sweetness!
I may view your profile, but the lady in me says that I am not to make the first please don't be offended if I don't wink or email first. But I will respond to yours and thank you for understanding.
I am a real true optimistic lady that believes that "true love" IS still "real" and "still" out there for anyone that truly wants it and willing to "give all" to find it. I believe also that the best chapter of my life is yet to be written and just waiting for the right person to help me write it and live it!! As I want to help "him" live and write his best chapter also... Where are you... What are we waiting on? That chapter begins now... (smiling sweetly)

Date a soulmate from United States. I am just me ! I don't play games and I dispise liars. So if you are one who thinks nothing of a lie then leave me alone please (-:
I am in No hurry for anything I am Happy with Life and myself, it would be nice to have a Male friend first and from there only God knows what is ahead.

Meet a woman from Athens, United States. just looking for a friend right now......someone that loves Jesus more than his self... out door type person. I'm grateful for my family and having Jesus in my life....enjoy the simple things in life...