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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. My perfect match would have to be romantic in his own way. He would need to know the right time to be that way and be full of surprises. He needs to love family and doing things together as a family. I am a simple person who loves the simple things in life and he needs to be that way. He does not have to have alot of money just know how to enjoy the God given things in life. So, many people take those things for granted.
I love to dance and I would like for my mate to know how to at least slow dance a little. I am not a drinker but love the way music makes me feel(alive and sexy) My granddaughter tells me all the time I am a sexy grandma and she is proud of me. It makes me feel good when my kids let me know they are proud of me.
I I love to ride motorcycles and would love to buy one soon. It makes you feel free to ride on one. so, you should like these things also.
I have learned that life is to short to not enjoy every min. living like you want to. You owe your life to no one but God and yourself so do not waste time pleasing everyone else. I had to learn this the hard way. But, now I am a happy go lucky person and I want to meet someone the same way.
I like to help old people and anyone who just has alot of bad luck and my match should have a heart full of love and concern for others as well as himself.
I ama real romantic and I love to be romanced just have not met the right person. i raised my boys to be that way and their wives have thanked me alot. To me that time between two people is the most preasous time you can spend together being one person. I love to be loved and want to be loved by the right person and I love making love. I may be getting older but I am not dead yet!!!!
So, I hope this lets you know a little about me and it is simple. I am a simple country girl who wants to meet a simple guy.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am a very honest & open person & would appreciate the same - no games please. I want the same as everyone else - my best friend, the love of my life, my companion. I'm very unpretentious & not easily impressed. What DOES impress me is how I'm treated. I want someone that I can talk to, have fun together & be comfortable with. I need honesty, respect, appreciation & above all - love. You will get the same in return. I want someone mature enough to realize that if you truly love someone & care about them, you will put effort into the relationship - that it's not always easy & it's not all about fun & games sometimes. Surely with the right person it's not that difficult.
I have 2 beautiful daughters & 2 granddaughters & we're very close. I want someone that understands that & wants to be a part of it..
Although I live here, I am an Arkansas transport and I'll apologize in advance that I'm still a Razorback fan. Although college football is my favorite sport, I like others & you won't have to explain the games to me. I enjoy a wide variety of things especially travelling. I love the water - beach or lake. I like to dance & enjoy live music. I'm even a "dork" & like to play Wii or Xbox Kinect. I like to go but also like quiet time at home. I like taking care of my home - improvements, decorating, etc. & am a neat freak. I still want to believe that happy endings don't just exist in fairy tales.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I consider myself to be an an attractive and loyal woman. Looking for that special man to spend time with. I enjoy going to the mountains and beach. I have 2 grown wonderful kids and 6 precious grandbabies.

Meet someone special from United States. Those who know me say that I am given to kindness; but, have a tendancy toward reclusiveness. I have to admit this is perhaps true, at times. No excuses, it's just my way and I am comfortable with it.
I love animals, especially dogs...and I'm delighted by a sweet little (or big) canine pal.
They usually provide enough comic relief.
I enjoy being creative, artistically speaking.
Loud, aggressive personalities ruffle my sensibilities.
I am fairly content in life, but I'm not finished achieving yet.

Date a woman from United States. I tend to be quiet and observant until I get to know someone. I have devoted the last 6 years of my life to my son, whose father died when he was 6. I miss adult companionship and conversation. I love getting to know people and particularly love someone with a great sense of humor.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a very lovely, nice looking woman who is interested in meeting a sweet, kind gentleman who shares similar interests. Most guys love to fish, I enjoy fishing as long as you bait my hook. Will relocate for the right person and LTR.
Not interested in one night stands or casual sex.
I have lived in New Orleans, LA and Panama City Bch., FL. Both have similarities in that each city has alot of tourists. PCB is full of spring breakers who love to jump off of hotel balconies and New Orleans has alot of drunks who just love to party. But I miss the gorgeous beaches in PCB and I miss the food in New Orleans and all of the Saints hoopla.
People in Mobile don't seem to be big Saints fans but they love Alabama and Auburn.
I'm still undecided who to cheer for during the games. Maybe you can help me make up my mind.
I am old-fashioned when it comes to dating and
respect a guy who opens the door for me and
calls when he says he's going to. I don't play games or practice any other deceptive behavoir and would apprciate the same from someone I'm dating. I also like a man who is neat in his appearnce and dresses well. Hopefully he would feel comfortable in a tux/suit or blue jeans.
I would love to meet the right guy so we could travel and do things together. My favorite place is Europe and my favorite country was Switzerland. I hope to go back again to explore everything that I missed. I would love to go back to Germany, France and Italy. There is still so much of this country that I have not seen. I hope my next advnture here is to Alaska or/and The Grand Canyon.
I also enjoy the simple things in life like watching a good movie or television show and I love to watch all of the NFL football games. My favorite television shows are CSI, Law and Order and The Travel Channel.
Thank's for reading my profile and wish you the best in your search for Ms. Right.

. Looking for someone to share life. Spend time with doing things we both enjoy yet be separate too. I am a nurse work nights enjoy travel, fishing and camping. Want someone to do things with dinner, movies or just conversation. Looking for someone with a sense of humor. Someone able to take care of himself.

I'm not sure what my ideal match would be , if he's out there and we meet, I'll know it. Life is to short and seems to be flying by. You don't have to look like a movie star, keep me laughing, have a good and kind heart, grown-up and not looking for a girl your daughters age and you might be able to capture my heart. I'm honest, kind, and hate drama.
I Love the outdoors and college football
I have 3 great kids, two successful married daughters and my son is about to graduate from Auburn and start grad school. I have five grandbabies (4 and under) that I cherish and love.
I teach swimming in the summer and would like to start competeing, I love to Play tennis, snow ski, scuba dive, camp, hike, anything outdoors, sew,
DIY projects, and playing with my grandbabies.

. Trials, circumstances and blessings have made me ready to live life full of love and laughter with respect and appreciation for an honorable man. I can have as much fun and enjoyment eating a hotdog or a filet. I love meeting new people and having a house full of guest, but I do like some private time to balance it. I enjoy men's conversations about almost anything. In the fall, I love attending college football games. In the summer, I will ride a boat up and down the beach all day. Water makes me happy. I love to travel and at least once or twice a year I want to be around live music and dancing. I enjoy a good political conversation as long as it is non confrontational. I have many friends that are like family. Three grown children who have never given me problems and I am so thankful for that. We are a normal well rounded family. After dating for a year, "normal " has become an important descriptive word to me. I was a former art teacher and love to oil paint. I teach a few students during the year and my work is on sale in downtown Auburn. I am also a facilitator for a divorce support group. I am looking for a well mannered, kind independent man to spend time with. I do not mind being a "first mate" to a "captain" and participating in someone elses interest. I am attracted to strong men with big hearts. I love a man who loves the Lord. I like confidence with a good dose of humility thrown in. I am not a needy person. It is my personality to laugh and make people laugh, but I am a sincere person and loyal to a fault. I love to laugh till I cry. I try to surround myself with kind, caring and supportive friends. Hope and faith are essential in my life and I try to be an example of that. I have high morals, but I am not judgemental. I moved to Auburn to start a new life after divorce, but I have no ties to stay here if the right person came along. Life is short and good women in the world are hard to find and good men are about exstinct. I have hope that this good woman will meet a good man. I am open to many possibilities. PS... needs to be a good kisser!

. I am always the one that can get a conversation going and enjoy everyone's company. I am easy to be with and like to keep the drama to a minimum. I have a kind heart, open mind, giving spirit, great sense of humor, a "chatty kathy" at times, and not too bad on the eyes( that's what my friends say).. I am looking for someone that would enjoy social gatherings, nice dining experiences, and if the chemistry is there maybe a little romance. However, I'm just as happy in jeans and a sweatshirt at the neighborhood burger place. Friends first and lovers second. Looking for someone to spend time having fun, hanging out, visiting with my host of friends and family, and romantic evenings! Who's not looking for that.... maybe a deeper and more lasting relationship would not be such a bad idea either.

. I am a very sentimental, open, determined, pet lover who likes flowers in the yard and in the house. I like to cook, go to flea markets and antique stores. I like quality things though they can be found at yard sales and thrift stores. I try to put my match first and expect the same in return. I never forget birthdays or holidays and give cards or gifts just because. It would be nice to meet someone who feels the same way. I am a truth and honesty fanatic and will settle for nothing less in a match! I am a romantic old lady who just wants to be appreciated and respected in a relationship.