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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. thethings that i am most passionate about would be my children ,grandchildren, and my greatgrand. i am greatful for family friends and thealmighty GOD my all and all the one and only that i truly caan count on.

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Adventurest but cannot spell worth beans.....I am a cute mess with a peculiar personailty, if I were a book you would not be able to predict the ending. I believe the glass is half full rather then half empty even if someone knocks it over.
My social life is in transition. I am in a new state and across the country so to speak, A native Californian in the most southern part of Alabama.
I enjoy stimulating conversations even if we agree to disagree. My friends would best describe me as a Avacado,,,think about it.

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. Seeking a kind man with a sense of humor. I would like to get to know him on a truly inner level: knowing what he's thinking and how he perceives others. I love dining out and funny movies. Let's don't forgt a "guy movie." Love those action flicks, just like you fellows do! Seeking a long-term relationship with someone who is down-to-earth (like me!) and who gives his all to someone else (like me!)

Meet someone special from United States. nothing special according to him but everyone else thinks i'm beautiful and very intelligent hello He's is very stupid if he thinks that I do not know what he is doing. I need to know if my ole man is on this site so I know where I stand. I cannot understand why this man would want to do this to me but if he is on here I will do what I need to do. We have been together for over 9 years and been through thin and I thought we would be together forever but if this is what he's doing I will find out and take care of it....

Date a soulmate from United States. good hearted person thoughtful in every way gotta love kids which mine are grown lookig for respect as i will return back my grand kids are my pride and joy dont mind if u have some to im a horrow movie junkie lol my friends say i have a heart of gold im just myself country girl

Meet a woman from United States. I love a good sense of humor and someone who loves to travel. I'm looking to have fun and meet new people. I enjoy spending time with my family and especially my children. Im originally from Indiana and I am open to living in new places.

. I love a good laugh, one that is not at another's expense. Simple joy sort of. I am passionate about life, the people I love and living to the fullest. I am grateful that I wake each day and have new adventures to look forward to. I love the beach and the sound of the ocean. I also love the sounds of silence, just sitting still and enjoying peace and quiet with a good book and a hot cup of java.

. Hi,
Thanks for your time, the most valuable thing we have, especially now.
I am a mother, grandmother and my family is very important to me, but they do not run my life. I let them live their lives without my interference. We have a great relationship and no drama.
I grew up in Cullman county and attended Cullman High School where I was a cheerleader. I am told I still have a cheerleader attitude and you can find me pulling for my favorite team, Bama every Saturday in the fall.
I am a very outgoing person who loves to have fun, laugh, and am very comfortable in my own skin. Hoping to find someone who just wants to have fun and see what happens. Don't take things too serious and don't feel pressured, in other words, just be themselves.
I love to travel to new places, just weekend getaways are great, being within driving distance to the mountains and beach is a good thing. Like my jeans,shorts in the summer, but can also go out in a little back dress.
I like to think I am a well rounded person and am attracted to the same. Should you be looking for a high maintenance, show girl on your arm, you may as well pass me by.
Just want to ad that I lived in Vegas for more than two years, so I am adventurous. Moved back in September, 2010.

. Looking for someone honest, dependable and ready for someone who is the same. No games. Had the cheater before and then a true love. Know what both are like. Don't want the cheater again but willing to look for another love.

. Intelligence blended with kindness describes what I am and who I want to meet. Knowing how to be around all kinds of people is important to me. I would like to meet someone who is self-sufficient and able to travel to new places while still maintaining home connections. Family is my most important priority so my children and grand-children are in my life but do not live with me. I would expect someone to want to take care of their family obligations. Fun-loving personality is very important to making a good friendship work.

. I am an independant, fun and loving retiree with a passion for family, friends and life. I am looking for a person with an honest and kind heart who enjoys living life to its fullest (and sometimes that means just sitting on the couch watching a movie and eating popcorn)! :-)

. I'm a very laid back tall "platinum blonde". I have a positive and unique attitude towards life and I don't feel life or anyone "owes" me anything. I am psychologically, physically and spiritually healthy and I'm not looking for anyone to "rescue" me. I'm an avid gardener, love flowers and planting plants for butterflies as I am a "butterfly freak". I've owned antique shops at various times of my life and I still like to look at junk. There's a fine line between junk and antiques sometimes. I lived in Costa Rica for almost three years and returned a year ago. I DO NOT DRINK.
There are no perfect people with perfect qualifcations, so I won't waste time listing "what I'm looking for". It sounds like we are shopping for a car, for goodness sake. I like people who are kind, honest, generous to a fault and don't expect recognition if they do something nice for someone. I like people who do NOT have control or manipulation issues. I prefer people who are kind to other people no matter what their station in life may be. You can tell a lot about person by the way they treat another who cannot help them in any way,
I tend to be a free spirit and a free thinker. I march to a different drummer. (He sounds a lot like Charlie Watts.) ;-)
I like water, the ocean, rivers, ponds, creeks, swimming pools...floating is an art..while looking at the sky or the stars! I love art, music,(anything from Bach to ZZTop) flowers, butterflies, birds, laughing and I love eating beautiful food. I like sweets, salads, nuts ,vegetables and all fruits except cantaloupe. (yuk) I'm not a vegetarian, but I limit my meat consumption. I DON'T DRINK. AT ALL. I like reading, the movies, magazines, book stores and concerts. I don't watch much TV. I don't have cable. I like swimming, surfing, boating and walking on beaches. I like traveling and seeing things I've never seen before. I like to get off the beaten path. I like animals, but I don't have any pets.