Date women from United States / Alabama / Concord, 58 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. In my life, I have raised two wonderful sons, traveled and worked internationally, taught music for 32 years, had the great fortune to traveled to amazing places, have volunteered in third world countries, and continue to enjoy good health and a great career. I revel in life, love to laugh, and am looking for a partner who has a spirit of adventure, but enjoys the simple things in life as well. I love good food, a long walk, exploring a new place, or a road trip anywhere. While I can enjoy relaxing, I love doing, whether that means exploring new places, digging in my garden, teaching music to children, or sitting on a patio enjoying a glass of wine on a beautiful evening. I just want to share my enjoyment of life and would love to meet someone. He just needs to be kind, caring, and overall, a good guy. I am most passionate about life, realizing how lucky I am to still be here, and would hope to find someone who feels the same. I think it's all about having a good attitude and seeing the beauty in every day. I think it is important to say that my American address is in Concord, California, but I am going to be teaching music in Nassau, Bahamas beginning in August. I am pursuing online dating because I have lots of holidays with which to connect with someone in the U.S. and am ready to begin to meet someone new. I also know that I will be staying in a great location and would welcome a new friend to the Bahamas. I love Northern California and plan to live there in a year or two.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. NO WINKS PLEASE!
Hello and thanks for reading my profile and taking the time to ponder on it.
I am a woman of substance, passion, drive. I see the big picture in life, am diverse, open, communicative and approachable.
I seek a man who has been wanting a great relationship in his life, a man who is willing invest in a relationship which enhance his life and not take away from it. Someone who is read, likes his life, is in a great place...but would ike to have someone like me :) in his life!
I'd like to get to know you and you me. I see past all the artificial and want a man not only of substance, but a presence of heart and mind. He does not have to take himself so seriously that he cannot relax, be spontaneous at times, heartily laugh at jokes and is a great host when company comes over.
About me: moderately extroverted,witty, sensual,diverse in culture and languages, not easily persuaded by pop psychology. I have lived a good life and have work which keeps me focused and grounded. What I desire is the company of a man who has his mind made up to maintain a positive outlook in life and mentally make room for a woman in his life.
I do like going to sporting events, but a really nice day can be a morning drive up the coast, with sandwiches and fruit en tote.
Music is important to me. I was introduced to jazz at an early life and.listen to cannonball, Coltrane, and Miles. I like to dance salsa so if you like dancing or are game, we can have enjoyable evenings dancing.
I like fine things, and seek a man who is both cultured and giving of himself.
I have a funny bone and like to laugh, even if it is on my account.
If you are emotionally intelligent and have a cerebral mind...........oh my goodness! There is just something so attractive about this...perhaps it's the idea that you can fully grasp and yield to both which opens so many opportunties in a relationship......
I love sports and if you are a football fan, baseball, track and field, I'm your kind of woman!
If you can enjoy a destination whether it be in the caribbean or the park in San Francisco, and make the most of it....then, I am your counterpart.
We don't have to be the same, just be able to come in and out of our orbits to mutually create our own harmony.
I am in a great place in life and travel to the East Coast frequently. I love the San Francisco bay area, and just returned from doing work in Colombia and in Cuba.
Well, enough for now, thanks for reading my profile. Happy holidays and for those who are interested, drop me a line.

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. I like interesting conversation with interesting people. I am looking for fun and maybe much more. I am always searching for authenticity and richness in life and try and bring these qualities to all of my relationships. Life is short - make the most of it.

Meet a soulmate from Concord, United States. I don't think this needs to be too wordy at this time but I do have some Must Haves - Honesty, trusting, sense of humor (sarcasm is great but if you can dish it out, you have to be able to receive it back) financially independent, close to family, discretionary, good moral/value system. I'm a Midwest girl but been in CA 39 years..but kept my Midwest moral/value system.
I'm just so ready to have great adventures with a guy that has my same interests, moral/value system, and traits as stated above.
Please be able to screw in a lightbulb (you'd be surprised...) Any trade skills beyond that is a Plus.
Please refer to interests etc. below in Profile.
Yes, there's isn't a photo steps.
Darn, I had all the fields filled in below and did something wrong and it didn't save...I'll redo later.
For now....let's consider what I do have here a "teaser"
Really quickly since my save didn't work-Things I'm looking for from you - I like to Golf at least once a month, (you either already play or be very interested in taking it up), Travel, BBQ'g, Great Food and Restaurants, occasional gambling (if you don't gamble, I have others to go with if you don't mind-you can always partake of other things if I'm getting lucky), movies...
More to follow.