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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. Not looking for the ordinary. The saying "Every womans crazy about a sharp dressed man" it's true. I also love jeans. What's important to me is to be comfortable with someone. Don't need to put on airs. Smart, well traveled. Be able to converse from the bottom to CEOs. Open to learning new things. Tight family bond. Animals. Jesus. Not a partygoer but social. Very grounded with home life. Last and very important. MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. Having someone to talk to and spend time with. My social life has been limited since my divorce. I am a caring person that enjoys cooking and spending the day working in the yard.i recently retired and have alot of time that I am not sure how to fill. I love to watch movies and to laugh and be myself without worry about always being what someone else thinks I am suppose to be.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I always say...If you dont like what you are getting out of life....check what you are giving out?
When I know I have given my best, it is so easy to expect that in return! You will know if you havent sent enough of you to that person, for they may either pull away, or show no interest, or perhaps think you are too shallow! Love must be given to also be taken...there are 2 sides to a road, each being just as important, depending which way you are going in life! I want to attract the type person who will open to me in Truth, even if it hurts...and it sometimes does! I want a relationship where 2 people are happy and considerate, an in love!
What I am looking for is a partner for life! One more to nurture and care for! I miss having that special man beside me in life! I love to cook , clean, and take care of a man! I also enjoy them caring for is a two way street!
Even tho we are older in life , doesnt mean we must finish alone, we just are finished with all the duties and time to enjoy each other...meaning our family is grown! Now it is my time!
I am so anxious to find my Man and get on with the remainder of our lives! Are you my man? If so let's get it together and see how happy we can be ...time is wasting!

Meet someone special from United States. I love to laugh and have fun .Love to talk and take long walk .i am grateful for my family and friend.i like to go on long drive. i like to make the person happy that i am with.I enjoy doing about anything that nice clean fun , love dog and cat.i love childen.
I looking for someone that love some of the thing that i like to do I. not looking for marry Just a. nice man and someone to spend time with.

Date a woman from United States. Hoping to meet someone who is interested in a friendship, companionship relationship. Someone to share the little things that happen to us each day. I am very independent, have my own home and I am not looking for anyone that needs a 24/7 relationship.
I love gardening and working outdoors.I am a Master Gardener but due to life's stumbling blocks, I have not been active in the program for a couple of years.
My only child is an eleven year old Shih Tzu named Scooter, he is my"lil man."

Meet a soulmate from United States. The simple things in life I think are the best . I don't have to have material items but a rainbow/ a sunset / a field of flowers or the sound of a creek flowing all can make me smile. Children's laughter , a good dinner with friends and a phone call from an old friend all evoke pleasure in my life.
I feel the opportunity to meet others and share my ideals, ideas and desires are imperative. In trying to connect on this level with another, honesty as to where they are will be absolutely esssential as will my sharing of myself.
Life is a two way street.

. Country girl at heart. Love anything having to do with the outdoors. Enjoy yard sales..antique shopping.Enjoy the beach and the mountains. Working in my yards and spending time with family.Would love to find someone with same intrests.

. I am outgoing witty and enjoy life. I have accomplished going to college, I like a year being out of college, with an associates degree in radiology. I am grateful that I have 2 loving and caring boys, I wish the best for them in their life's journey. I hope to find a person I can spend time with and share all our hopes and dreams together. I like honesty, trustworthy, caring and compassionate person to go thru life with. Nothing makes me smile morre than looking over and seeing that special someone looking at me. Sometimes I laugh out loud when something I think about that happened was funny or comical. I have respect for people and expect the same. Dont have very much of a social life while attending college, but would enjoy some happy times doing things like walking on the beach, watching the sun go down at a camp site or just talking and enjoying each others company.

. I love to laugh !!!. I have always said that "Laughter is the Best Medicine!"Love to go to antique shops and "out of the way" places to look for interesting "stuff".. I am a tall redhead and even though I am 58 there is still alot of fire...I will be honest.. there are a few extra pounds...not many.. and mother nature and gravity have taken their toll, but it is very minimal.. !! I love to throw on shorts and a t-shirt but I also like to dress up for my man so he is proud to be with me..I want a man who is a gentleman and knows how to respect a woman. A man who has manners. But on the flip side, a man who loves to be spoiled and taken care ! I enjoy yard work and take pride in the work that I do. I like to be outside more than in. But after a day in the yard its great to come in and shower and then make a great dinner and enjoy the fruits of my labor, especially when there is someone there to enjoy it with.. I am a very passionate woman and feel that life is meant to be lived to the fullest with laughter and love ! I love to cook and bake. Holidays are always special for me. Especially when my grandaughter is around.So, if any of this sounds good........let me know.

. I love spending time with family and friends. enjoy staying home with someone and watching movies or just talking getting to know each other . I love music all kinds but my favorite is country music. I wqould love to meet someone who enjoys some of these same things

. Iam most proud of my 3 wonderful children I have rear. Ialways prayed and asked God to help me raised them up the way they should be. I have never been to the jail nad they are good children. I am looking for some one who is trustworthly and nice because that what I am.I want them to love God and have Him in their life.

. Thank you for viewing my profile. I'm 57, 5'7", 120 lbs., resourceful, intelligent, kind, honest, and easy to get to know. I was married 20 years, and have five grown children, for which I am more thankful every day. They are a blessing in every way, and yet here I am, wondering about the possibility of meeting someone compatible.
I believe that it's possible to know in two dates or so if someone is worth pursuing. (I also like to meet for coffee rather than dinner) (flavored coffee is my favorite). I'm a Christian, and faith in God is very important to me, although I'm not involved in a particular church at this time. I love being around other believers who are the real deal, and seeing how God works in their lives. And I like to give thanks to the Lord in my own life, although I'm not judgmental or pushy with other people, since we all need mercy. And truth. One of my goals is to learn to trust Him completely.
I have taught math, Spanish, and was a high school media specialist. (OK, librarian). I've lived in Costa Rica and Guatemala, and like the simple things in life, like the beauty of nature, etc. It doesn't take much to make me happy. I'm not addicted to TV, food, or anything else, although I like to have the radio on. I'm not materialistic, but do enjoy life and the things I have, that is to say, I don't have an aversion to nice things. I'm very spontaneous and imaginative, willing to take risks to achieve things that are important to me (for example, this match site). I'm trusting and affectionate, but not looking for a fling or anything that resembles that. I enjoy conversation about things that really matter, and am very open and trusting.
I hope to find someone with good character and interesting personality, who loves the Lord, is affectionate and loving, with similar beliefs and life-goals. I believe that I could add something very significant and gratifying to his life, and viceversa, bringing out the best in both of us. Several of my photos are from this summer, and are current.
I wish you the best in your search, and hope that you find just the right person for you.