Date women from United States / Alabama / Cottonwood, 58 year old

Date someone special from Cottonwood, United States. I'm a happy, energetic, loving and loyal woman looking for a man's man kind of guy for quality friendship and more, if we hit it off. Of course some dating and friendships have to be in place first, but lets be adults and admit we all want intimacy at some point. If you don't I'm not the one for you. I'm a perfectly normal and healthy adult woman who loves to explore and enjoy all life has to offer. Indoors and out.
My friends say that I'm cute and funny. Have good proportions and feminine charms, but still have a little tomboy in me to keep things adventurous. Love my independence and where I live, for now. Not looking to change any of that. Just want a fun partner to share it all with.
Not looking for real specifics in a man other than I do prefer a tasty body and a sexy attitude.. A good mind is a huge turn on and a big plus.
One who is generous of heart and mind. A man with a strong but gentle hand, someone I can respect and trust to help balance out my strong and fiery (Irish/French) nature. Takes the right man to bring out my soft and submissive interior. A good sense of humor is definitely needed.
He needs to be a fun-loving adventuresome man who enjoys nature and exploring the great outdoors as much I do, yet never forgets his woman's need for affection and pampering at the right times. I do love to fish, but if you don't hope you're willing to join me and just enjoy the day together.
I'm happy with doing simple things together too, go for a ride anywhere- love motorcycles - and have lunch somewhere new, explore our beautiful southwest, BBQ/cook at home, movies, campfires.
Respect and affection are greatly appreciated anywhere. There are very few things I don't like or wouldn't do in the right company.
In return he'll find a loyal partner at his side giving back as good as she gets.
If I find the right partner a full, healthy sexual relationship is wanted and is very important to me - it must be for you too. Not looking for just any common sex either. That's boring and easy enough to find.
Want the hot, sensuous and passionate sex - the kind only found between two like minded adults who care for each other. Want to explore there too but only with a trusted partner..
Other than a minor lung weakness from a little COPD I'm fit, have a pretty hot body and can handle just about anything I used to. To talk about that and other things please contact me for private email.
If you're over 45 you've got issues if you're serious about meeting a good woman and want to have fun together - let's move on.
If the sparks are there and we click at some point, am totally open to a long term relationship. Long distance is ok only if we can connect at least a few times a week.

Meet a soulmate from Cottonwood, United States. The themes that are the result of my work would be that behavioral health organizations could benefit from implementing servant leadership. . . .that it would be easy to implement if one leader from each organization, in a position of administrative power, led by example, and that it would benefit the entire organization by changing those who work for the organization allowing them to be kinder and more concerned with the work they do. It seems to be a popular idea to feel overworked and complain about the work that is being done as if it is overwhelming when this student has worked in two different community organization and rarely saw anyone work a full day. servant leadership would change the quality of care that clients receive. case managers vary greatly in how they wield their perceived power and many feel they need to take control of situations that are really not to be controlled. Servant leadership would help those in power stop trying to force situations and allow them to happen in a more organic fashion.

Date a woman from Cottonwood, United States. Life is good, and I have enjoyed mine. I have good friends and special people who have enriched my life over the years. I feel blessed to have talents and abilities that have added so much to my enjoyment of life, and to what I have been able to share with others.
I love to be with people who are spontaneous and kindhearted, willing to laugh and cry when it's right to do so. Sharing common beliefs and goals is important to me, as well as a delight in anticipating the future.
I love to lavish affection and praise on the people in my life, and I need it returned to me in good measure. I believe we thrive in an atmosphere of appreciation and respect.
I believe in love, and loving and being loved.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I'm just your average 50 woman. I have some miles, but the engine is still in tip top shape. I've never been arrested nor served any time, been employed for over 20 years. I can swear with the best of them, but I try not to in public. I like to keep a clean and comfy home. I want to meet a man who is ready to have some fun, and not be bogged down with drama from ex's or messed up children.
Cheaters, liars and ultra conservatives(you know who you are) need not apply