Date women from United States / Alabama / Huntsville, 58 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I love to make people happy and to do thoughtful little things to make your day better. I enjoy talking to someone that has a various knowledge of many topics and has experienced things to share with me. Communication is key, openess and honosty unlock the door to my heart, ha, sounded so corny, but true. Would love to talk and be friends with someone special. Just want real. Experience has taught me that passive-agressive individuals and myself do not make a good match. Sometimes you can't shut me up and other times I am quiet and reflective. I love comfortable silence and interesting conversations. Fun and new things to experience. When one teaches someone something they had no idea how to do it is very gratifying. Even if you are not for me, I wish you peace and happiness with someone special to you.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. I am looking for someone to be honest with me as I can he with them. Need him to be smart and funny and also good looking. No posers wanted!!! I want someone who has a goal in life for sure and takes life seriously but also likes to have fun too

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. If you're reading this, you're searching like me and I hope that you find what you've been looking for (whatever that may be!). I'm retired after (too)many years of working and am now exploring what life after work has to offer (meaning, following up on the several hobbies I have all the equipment and numerous books telling me how to do, but never had time to do, and other preoccupations). I'm missing companionship, though, and perhaps it's time to look for it in places like this.

Meet a soulmate from Huntsville, United States. I am a warm and caring gal (nurse by profession so caring is second nature) who passionately loves family and friends. I have two wonderful boys, my oldest has graduated college and in the Air Force and my youngest is in college (he's the one in the picture). I enjoy travel, outdoors activity including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and camping but also enjoy movies, eating out, wine tasting, and dancing. I would love to find that special someone who I could enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa by the fire or sit under the stars, have a deep or funny conversation, and travel. I believe life is rich and full of adventure...a wonderful gift from a loving Father and is to be lived fully. My relationship with God and church is an important part of my life (altho not religious...please understand the difference) therefore is important for any special relationship . I am committed to the special people in my life and I feel trust,jintegrity, and honesty are necessary for a relationship to grow and thrive. Some of my dreams include traveling (especially to Alaska, National Parks, Europe including the Dolomite Mtns and Como Lake in Italy) and sharing life, love, and laughter with that special someone. I'm in good health, fit, enjoy physical activities, and my friends say I"m attractive and young for my age". My social life has been on hold recently while I finished my Master's degree but am looking forward to getting involved in and exploring new activities. I love and am attracted to humor and a good laugh. I like animals (but do not pamper them or treat them like humans) and have a dog and cat. In the past I have enjoyed woodworking (had a business in architectural antiques home decor designs) and love decorating and making my home a warm, inviting place for friends and family to gather. I am looking for someone who is committed, warm and caring, who shares my values, to share this wonderful life...and ride off into the sunset with (on bike, in RV, on plane, train, or auto)!

Date someone special from Huntsville, United States. I am retired and looking to share dinner, wine, conversation with a special person. I am not experienced in the dating world but willing to try it. I love walks, music, rain, the beach, my dog.
I am ready to be the integral person in someone's life. Life has been really good to me mostly, but I have had some sorrow along the way. I like to fly, travel, stay home and curl up, cook. My friends are important to me. Orange Beach is one of my favorite vacation spots. I love flowers.

Meet a woman from Huntsville, United States. Seeking a kind man with a sense of humor. I would like to get to know him on a truly inner level: knowing what he's thinking and how he perceives others. I love dining out and funny movies. Let's don't forgt a "guy movie." Love those action flicks, just like you fellows do! Seeking a long-term relationship with someone who is down-to-earth (like me!) and who gives his all to someone else (like me!)

Date a soulmate from United States. I am interesting, fun, witty, charming, intelligent,
focused and confident. My faith, family and friends
are very important to me. Interested in someone
who is equally identified. Just want a friendship
for occasional outings to include sightseeing,
dancing, dining with friends, walks in the park,
drives in the country, etc.

Meet someone special from United States. I'm very family oriented. Have a large. wonderful family and we love to get together for laughter and fun. Enjoy spending time with friends sitting around the pool or just sitting around having a few drinks and enjoying time together.
I'm kinda shy at first, have to get use to someone before I completely open up about myself. I would like to meet someone that would like to travel and explore what the world has to offer. Could it be you?

Date a woman from United States. I like to love,laugh,dance and sing out loud! I am looking for a true kind hearted loving man. One that loves God. I am adventurous and fun loving. I have two daughters that are awesome. One in college and one out. I am grateful for all the blessings I have. I am blessed by great friends and am looking for someone to share my life with. I have a great deal to offer inside and out! Communication is of the utmost importance in a relationship.

. Not looking for the ordinary. The saying "Every womans crazy about a sharp dressed man" it's true. I also love jeans. What's important to me is to be comfortable with someone. Don't need to put on airs. Smart, well traveled. Be able to converse from the bottom to CEOs. Open to learning new things. Tight family bond. Animals. Jesus. Not a partygoer but social. Very grounded with home life. Last and very important. MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

. I always say...If you dont like what you are getting out of life....check what you are giving out?
When I know I have given my best, it is so easy to expect that in return! You will know if you havent sent enough of you to that person, for they may either pull away, or show no interest, or perhaps think you are too shallow! Love must be given to also be taken...there are 2 sides to a road, each being just as important, depending which way you are going in life! I want to attract the type person who will open to me in Truth, even if it hurts...and it sometimes does! I want a relationship where 2 people are happy and considerate, an in love!
What I am looking for is a partner for life! One more to nurture and care for! I miss having that special man beside me in life! I love to cook , clean, and take care of a man! I also enjoy them caring for is a two way street!
Even tho we are older in life , doesnt mean we must finish alone, we just are finished with all the duties and time to enjoy each other...meaning our family is grown! Now it is my time!
I am so anxious to find my Man and get on with the remainder of our lives! Are you my man? If so let's get it together and see how happy we can be ...time is wasting!

. I m grateful for life and the people who make that life happy and worth living. God, My children and my grandson, my good friends they all make life worth living. Going to church makes me very happy and being able to witness for the Lord makes it even better. I enjoy good clean conversation and good clean fun. I m passionate about being a Christian and serving the Lord every chance I get. I enjoy my job where I engage in helping people to get well physically and mentally. A good clean funny joke will definitely make me laugh out loud.