Date women from United States / Alabama / Florence, 58 year old

Date someone special from Florence, United States. I am quite talented, God has blessed me with many skills and talents. I am a very happy person on a daily basis, I am positive, well spoken. I have been described as a very intriguing, unique person. There is no one like me. I am a terrific caring and compassionate woman, very easy going, laid back, not into head games, domination, control, jealousy or anything like that. Life is complicated enough without having that in it, I simply won't make time for it in my life. I think that makes me pretty descent and a great companion. I am very fair minded, and open minded, and never blame another for the deeds of others. Each person is graded on their own merits or lack there of. Happy Hunting to us one and all. If I do not meet your qualifications, please don't waste time, find the one that is better suited to you. Life is too short to be miserable with the wrong person as I always say. Have a great Day and may all your days be good ones.

Meet a soulmate from Florence, United States. Looking for someone compatiable. Loves life!
Enjoys travel and just being with one another! Lifes sports and outdoor activities. Cooking and dining out. I like someone who can make me smile. Cares for people and is there when you need them. I proud of my family. I have a great family. Need someone interested in being happy and loving life.

Date a woman from Florence, United States. I need someone who can support me and care for me. I cannot drive. I have had seisures. I currently live with my daughter and would like to live away from her and her boyfriend. Dogs and cats do not come with me.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. My friend will tell you that I am very independ, I like to stay possitive , I like to talk and have fun. I am very easy to get alone with. I am looking for a christian man with a possitive attitude. who likes to sit and talk. and enjoy life.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I 'm looking for for someone that likes to laugh,but can also have a serious side.Not always a giver,or a taker,but an equal.I love my family and friends to no fault.Work ethics are very important to me.I love traveling,going for walks. Need someone that is proud to be with me and not afraid to show it ! Don't like drama,mistrust.And no man that puts down his ex.if you do it to one lady you will do it to another.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am an independent woman who desires companionship with a man who enjoys life, even the quiet moments. I love watching the sun set. I enjoy travel but also like just hanging out at home,cooking a meal or playing with my dogs.

Date someone special from United States. Captivating, classy, complex female seeks imperfect, discerning mate
who desires companion to share all the sunshine and shadows of life
(ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound not required, but desire to do so appreciated).
I am pretty eclectic and flexible and enjoy most shared activities. I am not particular relative as to what activities and enjoy quiet walks as well as traveling. My home is very important to me and I like to relax and entertain there.
Propinquity is definitely not a factor for me-I'll go the miles.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Im a happy person with a great personality. Been told I am pretty and have a great figure.
I would like someone who is fun loving and laid back.Someone who enjoys talking as well as listening.I am looking for a happy, good looking guy with great personality. Someone to enjoy my company and see where that takes us.
Enjoy a good meal either home cooked or a good reaturant.I enjoy outdoors activities, as well as movies and long walks.

Date a woman from United States. Real deal woman, looking for a real deal man. Love having a good time, but know the power of faithfulness and growing as a partnership. Love family, friends and God. Love a good conversation, and high adventure. I have good friends, a good church, a great job so I keep busy, but there is so much room in my heart for a special love interest. Love to laugh, and someone who is real, transparent, and can laugh at themselves and with me will be magic. Looks alone are not enough. There has to be a spark, but you have to start somewhere right? Looking forward to the spark - the all too elusive chemistry spark that occurs between a man and woman when for reasons we really cannot put our finger on it ... we cannot be apart from the other.
I have loved deeply and look forward to experiencing that once again.
Are you playful and serious too?
Will you let me be your cheerleader while you are my champion?
Can you help me to be a better me? Can you inspire me to be all that I can be?
Will you allow me to reciprocate and will you share yourself intimately - not just physically...not that that isn't glue, but it is not the first thing, or the last that will cement a relationship.
Its like seeing your love at work ... and then wow! You respect them endlessly because of how proud of them you are.
If you're proud of yourself and what you do, you will know what I mean and will desire sharing that part of yourself.
Can you enjoy long dreamy rides on fair weather days, daily walks together to remain physically fit and clear our brains of clutter?
Can you face your problems with grace and calm?
Are you tall, strong and talented in some creative way? You may not think its creative - but as long as I do - I will be totally enamored.
I would love to learn how to dance - country western dance preferably. It seems laid back, fun and happy. Just never got around to it. Now I want to.
I would love to be with a man who rides a motorcycle. This one is kind of hard to put my finger on. My heart is into freedom, and on occasion crave that feeling of the air in my face, the speed, you name it ... so, an accomplished man who can ride - sexy.