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Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. My ideal match is no mystery. He will be a good afriend, a confidant, a strength when I need strength, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, someone to share intimate moments. I wll be the same for him. Someone to walk with, talk to, watch movies, dine out, eat in. Someone who is good to be around, someone I look forward to seeing with a little skip in my heart when he enters the room. A friend, doesnt matter the height, weight, or looks, just a friend. I am not looking to marry, just a long time relationship for as long as it lasts. Someone who enjoys laughing, I laugh alot. I am very independant and can hold my own, I am looking for a match for that. I have worked my whole life, and since I enjoy it dont plan on retiring any time soon. But I would love to have someone to share my life. I am tired of being alone. Looking for a good friend, companion, someone special.........I am a nice person, in pretty good shape, love to laugh and have fun,looking for someone who wants the same.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I'm looking for someone that wants a longterm relationship. I believe you can have a long term committed realtioship without marriage, but if it turns into marriage that OK. Someone that loves going out and doing things together or just staying home and doing nothing. Some one that puts me at the top of ther list and treats me like a queen and wants to be my King. I don't like lying or cheating. I want to be someones number one. I want my best friend and soul mate.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I love a challenge and would love to meet someone who is self motivated with a passion for love, the desire to keep it fresh and real.
I think it's important to look on the bright side of life. Family is very important to me and I would want it to be as important to whoever I share my life with.
I like to be treated special (what girl doesn't) and I enjoy small gifts for no particular reason. Doesn't have to be expensive, flowers, a four leaf clover you found in the yard. However, I have no problem accepting diamonds, cars, expensive clothes etc. LOL I am also a giver that will reciprocate with gusto!
I enjoy a good sense of humor although mine is a bit dry at times. Most people take me too seriously. A good laugh is healthy and never hurts.
I would like someone who is flexible and enjoys meeting new people. Long walks, drives and good conversation are simple but very important. Although just staying home and enjoying each others company is always a lovely way to spend time with each other.
Honesty, a good personality, kindness to others, and a generous nature is very important to me. I believe what goes around comes around.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a homebody even though I love to travel I like to travel with someone who likes to see the scenery, also like to just spend quiet times at home. Like to cook especially if someone enjoys what is cooked.

Date a woman from United States. 51 years old with a 9 year old son. Not the usual I know but suits me just fine. He's a great kid, we have a great time and I think he keeps me young. I've been divorced for six years and have not chosen to date during this time. Am fortunate to have a lot of good friends but lately feel that I would enjoy spending time with a caring man. My son is with his dad three nights a week so I do have some free time. Would like to get to know someone to share dinner and a movie, books, a good laugh.

Meet someone special from United States. Loves God. Touchy/feely type - hugs, hand holding, likes to talk and listen, trustworthy, enjoy just being together, likes to try adventures, easy going, enjoy hanging out with my friends, loyal, laid back, be myself and be accepted as I am, ejoys going out but also likes staying in to watch movies, tv. I chose full figure because they didn't have the words listed that I see myself as. I'm pretty on the outside and beautiful on the inside, which I consider to be one of my best assets. Outside beauty is only skin deep. I'm looking for someone that can be their self without having to feel they have to impress me. Because I enjoy laughter, I sometimes do funny things so people will laugh at me and with me. Laughter is a great way to break down awkwardness, relieves stress & to show people your true personality because it's hard to be serious when you're laughing. But I can also be serious when I need to be.

. Love Alabama football! ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!!! I am finally happy with myself and just need someone to share my life. I love to laugh and cut up. I can laugh at anything, even myself. I am a romantic optimist and just about always find some good in most encounters in life. The glass is always half full. I believe from the depths of my being this journey is meant to be shared. I am trustworthy, loyal, quiet, quick witted, ready in a second, and open to suggestions. I attend church regularly. My children are very important to me, but are grown and gone, and my grandchildren melt my heart. I love to go fishing, and take them with me. I like tall men for some reason. He needs to be confident, assertive, decisive, stand up to me, defend me, and love me for who I am. Someone who can take life in stride and make lemonade when life hands out lemons and ride the crest when we are blessed. He can speak to me with his eyes. Someone who can make my heart race with anticipation of his arrival, and his presence is felt even when we are apart. He should be old enough now to know what he wants and not be afraid to go for it. For the life of me, I don't know why hearing a man whistle tunes always turns my head. And crooning his favorite love song to me makes me swoon. I have a great job and I am happy with myself so don't try to change me. Candlelight, fireplace, good music, good movies, great food, and the holidays are no fun when you are alone. I have everything a woman could ever want in life, just need someone to share it with. If you are a player, then play somewhere else. All of my pics were made recently (except the one with the fish).