Date women from United States / Alabama / McCalla, 58 year old

Date a woman from United States. Profiles are liking writing resumes. It's a hit or miss whether anyone reads it or not. I have graduated from the school of hard knocks and survived. Trying to tell someone your wants and needs is a little hard to do. I am relatively healthy, fun, lovable, carin and honest. I can dress up or down, whatever the occasion calls for. I am a friendly, itelligent and unselfish person.
I have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren, who I dearly love and they are my passion. I know attraction is for the eyes of the beholder, and I know I'm not the prettiest rose on the bush, but I am not the ugliest either. I have been told by many have beautiful eyes and a great smile.
I'm looking for someone who is strong and a kind man who can enjoy my company, but enjoys his own company as well. I am not perfect thank heavens. Life is about learning who we are. I am not high maintence. I am a simple person who just requires someone to love.
There is not much I have not tackled in my life, I have gone hog hunting, deer hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, tiled bathrooms, plumbing, building structures, helped rebuild engines and transmissions, can change my own oil if need be. I am a very diverse person.
The most important thing about me is I like people and like being around them. I truly feel we learn from others. I love my sons and their families. I want a someone who has a sense of humor, and who knows how to laugh at himself, also who has a keen intellect and an open mind.
I want someone who is honest about himself, does not want to play minds games. I don't need a controlling person. I don't want to have to monitor my time and whereabouts every minute. I don't cheat, (had that done to me I know what it feels like). I have to be myself, I don't pretend and will be honest and open.
I want someone who can look into my eyes smile because they like what they see. I am openly affectionate, I love to hug and kiss for no reason.
I love going for walks, exploring new places. I like riding horses, driving through neighborhoods looking at landscapes. I have a lot of love to give for the right person. I'm beginning to think love is only for fairy tales.
I have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh and make other people laugh. I can even laugh at myself.
It is so hard to write about oneself, there is always so much about a person that can't be said. You have to mmet the person and really see what they are like, what they feel and they they express themselves. We can all make ourselves look good in word, but it's action and deeds that make a person.
If you think you can handle someone who is self-reliant, loving and fun, please feel free to wink email and let's see where this might lead.