Date women from United States / Alabama / Alma, 58 year old

Date a woman from United States. I'm independent and self-assured. I was raised in larger cities mostly, but I prefer living in the country with nature and animals.
I enjoy fine dining, dancing, the theater, and museums, but require a close contact with nature because it recharges and revitalizes me.
I am a fairly private person, and because of that, I'm quite reserved in public and at initial encounters. Others often view me as "unsocial" because of this reserve. Actually, I'm fairly intelligent and have a somewhat dry sense of humor.
I do not give my friendship quickly or easily. But once given, it takes a major breach of trust for me to take it back. That is why I grow my relationships slowly. But I will do just about anything for a true friend.
I'm looking for someone who can converse intelligently as well as enjoy the silent moments. Someone who can enjoy the quiet country life as well as the activity of dining out and dancing. Someone who is comfortable in jeans but would also enjoy occassionally getting dressed up for a nice dinner in town. Someone who is not afraid of hard work or thoroughly relaxing after the physical exertion. I'm looking for someone who is independent and self-assured, but not self-centered; who takes care of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, but not to the exclusion of caring for those close to them. Someone who views life as half full, not half empty.