Date women from United States / Alabama / Riverside, 58 year old

Date someone special from Riverside, United States. About Me-
Letting grass grow under my feet is not something I'm prone to. IРІР‚в„ўm a farm girl who transformed herself into a woman who, so far, has been on a wonderful journey. I have traveled extensively, ran a chase car in the Baja 500 (a long time ago), snorkeled in the Aegean Sea off of Croatia and raised some wonderful children who are all off on their own adventures.
Switching from the worldly stylish woman you are proud to have at your side to the easygoing gal who comes home and instantly slides off her high heels...that's natural for me. I'll slip on my jeans and we can go for a ride (car, bike, horse?) or just wind down on the patio enjoying a nice glass of red wine, each other, and maybe just silence.
I’m a traditional lady with a bit of wild streak, and I’m not shy about letting either out to play. Live music – especially jazz or rock – is a must. I also love flying down an open road in a fast car, eating hearty and healthy, watching sports on the big screen or better yet going to the game, and sinful, gooey desserts.

Whether itРІР‚в„ўs just the two of us or 50, I love entertaining. LetРІР‚в„ўs build a fire, spark up the BBQ and open our doors to family and those in our lives we care about.
In my ideal partnership we help each other become who we aspire to be. We bring out each other's best. We have our own interests but make a great team. We laugh a lot and enjoy life together.
About You
You know how to make a women feel special and safe. You have created some security and success in your life, but that doesn't define know there is so much more. You value your personal commitments and connections, and I deeply respect and admire that about you. And maybe you haven't traveled the world, but you're open to starting as soon as you find the right woman to do it with.
Your greatest strength shows in your gentleness, whether itРІР‚в„ўs with animals, playing with kids or sneaking hugs and smooches with me. You appreciate that I am always on your side, and you tell me so. No pushing, no pulling. I know and love that you are a real man and won't try to fit you into any fantasy.
When it comes to Us, I’d never consider our relationship as a one-way street. Although I look forward to a strong man being my physical and emotional safety net, I also relish the days (and more so the nights) when I can be his strength…maybe with my strength or maybe with my sweet softness.
Let's talk. Drop a note…say "hi!"

Meet a soulmate from Riverside, United States. I am a true homebody, I like to go out to dinner but after that I want to stay home. I do like to entertain at home though. I am looking for someone with a great sense of humor , someone who likes dogs and likes to cook.

Date a woman from Riverside, United States. My close friends know that being independent and not "leaning" on others makes me proud. Knowing that God loves me through all my faults makes me smile and sometimes shed a "happy" tear! Being on this earth for more than fifty years without giving in to any by far my greatest accomplishment. I am greatful for each and every day that I am blessed with. I am searching for a "one woman" man who respects, admires, and pays attention to the woman he dates. He must believe in and love our Creator and himself. Watching "Monk" makes me laugh out loud.Loyalty is extremely important in a relationship.